Advanced Tactics for Boosting Share of Voice on Amazon

Discover proven strategies and practical tips to increase your product’s Share of Voice on Amazon.

Join us for an exclusive webinar, hosted by Jungle Scout’s Brandon Bastin and PickFu’s John Aspinall.

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In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Understand how Amazon’s algorithm determines which products appear at the top of search.
  • Master advanced click-through-rate optimization techniques to drive more traffic to your listings.
  • Unlock the secrets of conversion rate optimization to turn window shoppers into customers
  • Learn from real-world examples, how to outrank your competitors and dominate search results.

Connect with your host

Brandon Bastin

Senior Onboarding & Training Specialist at Jungle Scout Cobalt

An experienced ecommerce seller, Brandon has first-hand knowledge of the ins-and-outs of propelling growth on Amazon. As an onboarding and training specialist, he leverages this knowledge to help brands and retailers build market share, grow sales, optimize advertising, and more through Jungle Scout Cobalt.

John Aspinall

Brand Evangelist at PickFu

John Aspinall is all about helping brands understand their customers better. At PickFu, he runs webinars, podcasts, and masterclasses to show sellers how to use consumer research to make smarter decisions. He also creates fun and useful content, partners with industry pros, and stays active in the e-commerce community. With his skills in Amazon optimization, merchandising, and using AI for e-commerce, John is a go-to guy for boosting your brand’s online game.

Tools used in this webinar

Cobalt Share of Voice

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