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7 Tips to Find the Best Holiday Deals on Amazon (from Actual Amazon Sellers)

Amazon is without a doubt a go-to holiday shopping destination. With more than 600 million products on its virtual shelves, you can surely find something for even the pickiest person on your list.

To get a piece of that retail pie, more than half of Amazon sellers (53%) will offer deals and discounts during the holiday season. (Woo hoo!) Still, finding the best deal on Amazon takes a little inside knowledge. Fortunately, we sourced expert tips and advice in a survey of hundreds of experienced Amazon sellers.* Check out the top suggestions for finding the best holiday deals on Amazon in 2019.

7 Amazon holiday shopping tips you need to know—straight from the sellers

1. Shop early! Some of the biggest deals happen before Black Friday.
  • 64% of sellers will offer deals and discounts on their products before Black Friday. Another 13% start their deals on Black Friday.
  • 44% of Amazon sellers said they offer the greatest deals before Black Friday. Another 18% offer the greatest deals on Black Friday and 9% on Cyber Monday. 
  • If there’s something you really want, order it soon or risk it being out of stock. Many Amazon sellers (32%) have noted staying in stock as their biggest business challenge around the holiday season.
2. Focus on price — not discount.
  • As long as the price is what you want to pay, don’t get caught up in getting a special “discount” — that’s just marketing. In fact, 32% of Amazon sellers will offer “deals” by reducing their prices, rather than offering a percentage discounts or participating in Amazon’s “lightning deals” or “7-day deals.
3. Set price alerts on Amazon.
  • Overall, holiday deals on Amazon average approximately 10% off the typical product. (Pro tip: You can get price change alerts if you are logged in to your Amazon Prime account.)
4. Shop on your phone! Price check and compare reviews on Amazon while shopping in the store.
  • If you’re in a mall or store and see a gift or product you like, check if it’s available on Amazon for a better price. Almost half (45%) of Amazon sellers have optimized their product listings for mobile, making it easy for you to see the necessary product details at a glance in order to compare prices, check reviews, and ensure the description matches what you’re seeing in the store.
5. Need a last minute gift? Holiday deals come back around in the third week of December.
  • 13% of Amazon sellers said they offered the greatest discounts on products during the third week of December.
  • In fact, 17% of Amazon sellers won’t even start offering deals or discounts until the month of December.
6. Order any last gifts from Amazon by December 22*. 
  • *The last day to get 2-day Prime shipping in time for Christmas is December 22, and 1-day Prime shipping is December 23.
  • If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you’ll need to order it by December 18 in most cases. 
7. You’ll find deals in every category, but you may have to look hard for them.
  • Computers, Electronics, Automotive Parts & Accessories, and Apps & Games categories might offer deals or discounts over 20%.
  • Appliances, Books, and Toys & Games categories will offer fewer deals throughout the holiday season, according to Amazon sellers who sell in those categories.
  • Don’t expect every product or every seller to offer deals or discounts. Nearly half (47%) of Amazon sellers won’t offer any during the holiday season. Why? Most get enough sales without needing to lower their prices!


*Between October 23 and November 4, 2019, Jungle Scout surveyed 194 Amazon sellers with a minimum of one year of selling experience about their preparations and consumer recommendations for the 2019 holiday season. 

For more survey insights, check out the results here.


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