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Amazon seller profile: looking down at two pairs of shoes and a saying on a sidewalk; by Ian Schneider

Amazon Seller Demographics in 2020

Amazon’s third-party sellers made up more than half of the company’s $280 billion revenue in 2019. So just who are these people?

The team at Jungle Scout surveyed thousands of Amazon sellers to learn more about them, their business strategies, sales, and more. Male or female, college grads or retired seniors, working a full-time job or earning income from their Amazon business alone — Amazon sellers are about as diverse as the products they offer.

We take a closer look a Amazon seller demographics, particularly:

  1. Gender: Are more Amazon sellers men or women?
  2. Age: How old are most Amazon sellers?
  3. Location: Where do most Amazon sellers live?
  4. Education: How educated are Amazon sellers?
  5. Employment: Are Amazon sellers employed?

Let’s dive into the data.


1 – Gender: Are more Amazon sellers men or women?

In 2020, more than two-thirds of Amazon sellers (~69%) are men, compared to just a quarter (26%) who are women.

  • Men: 69%
  • Women: 26%
  • All others: 5%



2 – Age: How old are most Amazon sellers?

While the majority of Amazon sellers (57%) are between 25 and 44 years old, more than a third of sellers (35%) are over age 45. The most common age for an Amazon seller is 35.

  • 18-24: 8%
  • 25-34: 30%
  • 35-44: 27%
  • 45-54: 18%
  • 55-64: 12%
  • 65-80: 5%
  • 80+: <1%

Amazon seller profile: graphic representation of the breakdown of sellers' ages


3 – Location: Where do most Amazon sellers live?

The vast majority of Amazon sellers surveyed live in the United States, followed by China (8%), the UK (7%), Canada (5%), and India (4%) .

The remaining 25% of sellers are located in both English-speaking and non-English-speaking countries throughout the world.

  1. United States: 52%
  2. China: 8%
  3. United Kingdom: 7%
  4. Canada: 5%
  5. India: 4%

All other countries: 25%


Where do sellers in the United States live?

In the U.S., 18% of sellers surveyed are based in California, 11% in Florida, 8% in Texas, 6% in New York, and 5% in New Jersey. 

The four states with the largest percentage of Amazon sellers are both coastal and highly populated, but land-locked Arizona and Utah are close behind. 

  1. California: 18%
  2. Florida: 11%
  3. Texas: 8%
  4. New York: 6%
  5. New Jersey: 5%

All other states: 52%



4 – Education: How educated are Amazon sellers?

Amazon sellers are largely educated. The majority (68%) have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 26% have master’s or higher. 

On the other hand, 14% have a high school diploma/GED, and 3% have no high school or higher education.

  • No high school/GED/secondary education: 3%
  • High school diploma/GED/secondary education: 14%
  • Associate’s degree/some post-secondary education: 13%
  • Bachelor or equivalent: 43%
  • Master or equivalent: 23%
  • Doctoral or equivalent: 3%
  • Trade/technical/vocational or other: 2%



5 – Employment: Are Amazon sellers employed?

Most Amazon sellers (54%) have other work outside their Amazon businesses. In fact, 37% have full-time jobs of 40 or more hours per week, and more than a third earn income from their Amazon sales alone.

  • Student: 3%
  • Not employed; looking for work: 3%
  • Employed, working 1-39 hours per week: 18%
  • Employed, working 40+ hours per week: 37%
  • Earn income only from Amazon business: 21%
  • Not currently working (including maternity/paternity leave and stay-at-home parents): 4%
  • Disabled, not able to work: 1%
  • Retired: 5%
  • Other: 9%


Amazon seller profile: graphic representation of Amazon sellers' employment status





Between November 14 and December 10, 2019, Jungle Scout surveyed 1,046 experienced Amazon sellers. All have more than a year of selling experience and at least one active product listing.

Respondents represent 93 countries, all 14 Amazon marketplaces, and all relevant Amazon product categories. Their ages range from 18 to 80+, and represent all genders and levels of education.

Due to rounding, some data may amount to greater or less than 100%.


To see the full results of this survey, check out Jungle Scout’s
2020 State of the Amazon Seller Report.


2 comments on “Amazon Seller Demographics in 2020

  1. Hi Dave – interesting analysis. Is there any info on the breakdown of Amazon sellers by race / ethnicity / Household income? Working on a report about equity and inclusion in eCommerce platforms and was curious if this data existed. Thanks. Aaron

    1. Hey Aaron! Glad you reached out about this as we do have some of the information you’re looking for. Though we don’t have data by ethnicity/race, we do have it by household income. You can read the post here. Hope this helps!

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