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Amazon Unboxing Episode 8: Plastic Champagne Flutes

This is it! The final episode of our Amazon Unboxing series is here.

The last product on the chopping block? We’re looking at a 24-pack of plastic champagne flutes. With only 14 reviews, this seller still managed to sell 700+ units over the course of one month, and pulled in over $15,000 in revenue.

If you’ve followed this series from the very beginning, you probably know the drill by now. Like the other products we’ve unboxed, the listing for these champagne flutes could use some love, particularly when it comes to their photography, title and post-purchase email campaigns.

Hopefully seeing these three possible improvements repeatedly, over the course of this series, means you won’t make the same mistake with your own listing. But let’s go over these potential improvements together one last time, to drive home the importance of images, keywords and follow-up emails:

Possible Improvement #1: Product Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, we’re not really getting the full story from this listing’s image gallery. And while we appreciate the high quality of the photography (this seller obviously used a professional), the images still fall short.

By failing to show us the 24-pack of flutes (or a useful lifestyle shot), the seller is losing out on additional sales.

We want to see them in action! Show the glasses being used at an outdoor wedding. Or how about a New Year’s Eve party?! The clink photo is good, but setting the scene and adding a little more action would have been better.

Possible Improvement #2: Listing Title

Right off the bat, a few of the keywords in the title struck us as a little odd. We’re pretty sure “toasting glasses” isn’t a term people would normally use to search for this kind of product. And “shatterproof” seems irrelevant because the title states the flutes are plastic.

So, to find searchable keywords for this product, we took its ASIN and did a reverse ASIN lookup in Keyword Scout. Within seconds, we found a replacement keyword for ‘recyclable’. While ‘recyclable’ doesn’t even show up as a search term in the first 200 results, ‘disposable’ shows up in four of the first 11 keyword phrases.

True, several keywords in the listing’s title are working (and working well), but the seller could remove the keywords that aren’t working – like recyclable – and put high-performing keywords in their place.

They could also move the keyword ‘plastic’. Moving it closer to the front of the title would likely lead to more views and, possibly, more sales.

As we’ve mentioned before, a product’s title and featured image draws in customers. That’s a given. So, to give yourself the best chance of netting sales, you need compelling copy and captivating photos. That’s what’s going to get those shoppers to click on your listing.

Once they click, that’s when the rest of your listing comes into play.

Bottom line: don’t cut corners! A buyer’s first impression of your product is based on its title and images, so if you don’t have mad photography and/or copy writing skills, pay experts to do the work for you.

Possible Improvement #3: Email Follow-Up

Follow-up emails have the power to jump-start your business. Yet, more often than not, sellers choose to forgo the follow-up. Don’t make the same mistake!

Creating a follow-up campaign is fairly easy, and Adam can usually crank out a sample email in under 10 minutes, so we know the reason many sellers fail to follow-up isn’t a time issue. Are sellers worried a follow-up email requesting a review is against Amazon’s TOS? Do they think their customer will just ignore it and delete?

Well, you can’t control what a customer does or doesn’t do after their purchase, but it’s always worth asking! And, more importantly, asking for a review AFTER a customer buys your product does not violate Amazon’s rules (Jungle Scout software ensures this).

But, sending an email post-purchase establishes credibility for your brand. Customers are often reassured, knowing the seller is making sure they’re satisfied with the product they bought. It really is as simple as that.

Nailed It! How This Seller Passed the Unboxing!

Nailed It Point #1 – Great Reviews

Granted, the flutes had just 14 reviews when we filmed this episode, but now the listing has 74. Plus, as soon as the seller implements some type of follow-up email campaign, we’re sure that that number will get even bigger.

And from what we can tell, customers are pretty satisfied with this product. A plastic, disposable kitchen product like this isn’t meant to be a “forever item”. It’s unlikely that the buyer is going to hold onto them after they’ve been used. They’re temporary. Therefore, customers probably don’t have super high expectations regarding the quality of the flutes.

Now, this doesn’t mean we should all run out and start selling plastic kitchenware! Instead, we should file this away; another promising attribute to consider in our unending quest to find the perfect product.

Nailed It Point #2 – Product Quality

Could you tell how surprised Adam and Joel were by the quality of the product? These plastic, stemless champagne flutes aren’t your standard disposable cup, and it shows. They are thick and sturdy (the keyword ‘shatterproof’ now makes sense!), and anything but cheap.

The flutes may be disposable, but these glasses can definitely be reused. They won’t crack anytime soon!

As for the packaging, it could have been better. However, thinking about the seller’s target audience, improving the packaging would be an unnecessary cost. When you’re a customer who just needs party supplies, basic packaging is pretty much all you need.

Final Score

We are ending this series on a positive note, since this seller juuuuuust sneaks by with a passing score from our judges!

The fixes we recommended are easily implemented, particularly if you use Jungle Scout Features, where you can find trending keywords, and create automated email campaigns. By using tools like these, you’ll be able to update and optimize your listings at any time, keeping you one step ahead of your competition. And don’t forget, we’ll be with you well beyond the launch phase!

Thanks for joining us for our Amazon Unboxing series, and I hope you’ve learned how to tear apart a listing along the way. Maybe you’ll even execute some of our strategies right away!


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