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If creating a successful Amazon FBA business were a sport, it would be a 400 meter sprint. Long enough where it requires a dedicated exertion of effort, yet short enough where it indeed is a sprint. Speed matters. That is the genesis of Jungle Scout: to save time in doing the repetitive tasks and offer better data insights at the same time. So we have some new product features that will help you move through your Amazon product research with greater productivity and decision-making ability.

By using Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension, we can quickly identify products that have low competition and high demand.

Delete Irrelevant Products from the Results Page

Suppose there is an outlier in the results tab. Instead of including that in your CSV output, and including those figures in the overall Averages (at the top of the Jungle Scout screen), you can remove it altogether by simply clicking the numbers in the “#” column to the far left.

View Historical Trends of Price

Insights into the Amazon marketplace have just been upgraded from just a dot to a line. No longer just a snapshot in time, you now have a narrative behind the pricing. By simply clicking on any number in the the Price column:

 price column highlighted


You will get historical pricing data:
Jungle Scout click on Price

Now what does this tell you? You can see historical price fluctuations for the selected product, and how the prices differ for both Amazon and the Marketplace. You will often see a lot of movement for a seasonal product, like this BBQ grill brush. Or it could be a promotion the merchant was running (presumably to drive sales and improve Best Seller Rating). Or maybe the merchant was running low on inventory and preemptively avoiding running out of inventory? These are all possibilities, and part of the competitive analysis that we will dig into in future blog posts.

View Historical Trends of Rank

Looking at the trend line of the Best Seller Rank can reveal some interesting data points as well. Simply click a figure in the Rank column in order to pull up the historical data.

rank column highlighed

Do you see any anomalies in the Jungle Scout results, like a top organic search result with a surprisingly low BSR? In this example of competitive BBQ Grill Brushes, the top ten results have excellent BSR’s, #598 is the highest in the Top 9. If you want a dog fight of an FBA battle, BBQ brushes may be it. The anomaly here is a relatively new entrant, BSR #16,916 and 51 reviews. Bravo to this seller for breaking into the Top 10 out of nowhere like Bieber in ’07. This is where you can use Jungle Scout to dig in to the historical BSR ranking, check the Pricing, and piece together the puzzle of a seemingly successful summer for this merchant.

 grill brush with high bsr
Now to take a closer look at the history of this product’s BSR:
 jungle scout - rank tracker

jungle scout - rank tracker

View Google Trends from within Jungle Scout

Before everyone jumps on Alibaba to purchase BBQ Brushes site-unseen, there’s one more metric you may want to look at. Simply click the “Trend” option on the bottom of the page, and you will automatically pull the Google Trends report for that given search term. No surprise, you are seeing the sharp peak/valley of a classic seasonal product.

google trends

Now go out and gather, slice, dice, and eat up the data that Jungle Scout provides. And let us know what you think of these new features? Are there still issues you encounter in your product research that you think Jungle Scout could address? Let us know in the comments, we love to hear from you! Until then, Happy Scouting.

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