New Feature: Niche Hunter, The Easiest Way To Find Opportunities on Amazon

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Jungle Scout has always been focused on making Amazon product research as easy as possible. While the Extension and Product Database have made it 10x easier to find amazing, I think we have cracked the code to make Amazon Product Research 50x easier.   EDIT 3/24/16: Here is a brief overview video of Niche Hunter: It is a new feature in the Web App called Niche Hunter, and it is now the easiest way to identify niche opportunities in Amazon. Here is how it works: determine the type of niche you would be interested, whether Category, monthly demand, price, level of competition, or more. And the database of Niche opportunities updates in real time. This is how the basic layout of the Niche Hunter looks:       Here’s a nifty little GIF with a bit more detail on the features:     There are currently almost 1 million niche opportunities, and we are expanding that list every day. People ask me every day if I think that selling on Amazon is getting too competitive. Considering that there are millions of niches and keywords, and within each of those thousands of potential product ideas, I would say that there is … Read More

New Feature: Add to Product Tracker from Jungle Scout Pro

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  Have you ever found yourself browsing Amazon wondering what the pricing history and sales data actually are for the product? With Jungle Scout Pro, you can click on the Price, and see the high-level pricing changes within the extension.     This would help so that you can see the general trends, like the yoga mat example above, where the seller was maybe lowering the price to boost sales and BSR in anticipation of the Jan 1st sales bump for fitness-related products.   However, there are more data points that are important to take into account to get a more holistic view. This data includes the Best Seller Rank, Price, Units Sold, Inventory in stock, and more. We quietly rolled out a very cool feature a few weeks ago: people who own Jungle Scout Pro and a Web App membership can now add products directly to the Product Tracker from Jungle Scout.   You may have seen the orange “+” on the left columns of JS Pro? Yup, just click that and then the product is automagically added to your Product Tracker. This is how it looks, in real time: How can you leverage this? Now, while browsing Amazon … Read More

(un)Optimized Amazon Listings and New Product Opportunities: Now 10x Easier to Find

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Once you have found your promising private label product to sell on Amazon, you will want to ensure that you have taken every measure to have your product found in organic search results. Well first, let me take a step back: actually finding that private label product is probably THE most important part of the process. Ultimately I started Jungle Scout to help myself find better products in less time, and it is where I spend a bulk of my time as an FBA seller: on product research.   While we’ve done a good job at Jungle Scout to find ways to pull out thousands of “hidden” gems from Amazon, there were a few challenges that still slowed the research process in some ways: How could I quickly certify that this was a private label product, and not a product sold wholesale by several sellers? How could I instantly identify whether a given product was selling well despite having a poor listing (whether product title, images, descriptions, etc, more on this later…).   I’ve worked with our brilliant (btw, I don’t take that term lightly!) development team to figure out how we can make it much easier for sellers to … Read More