Amazon Q4 Holiday Rush

FREE Webinar: How to Get Ready for the Amazon Q4 Holiday Rush!

Hey #freedombuilders! Huge news regarding Amazon’s Q4 holiday rush!

We’ve got a major webinar coming up that you’re going to want to watch if you want to be successful on Amazon in Q4, 2019 (aka the shopping holidays).

If this is your first year selling with Amazon FBA, then you’ll want to check this out.

And even if you’re an experienced seller, you may want to refresh your memory on the best way to have a killer holiday season.


In other words, this webinar is a definite must for sellers!


Here’s what our FREE webinar will cover:

Maximizing your Amazon Q4 holiday rush sales.

In 2018, Amazon’s net sales increased by 20%, reaching $72.4 billion in the fourth quarter. Compared to 2017’s Q4 earnings of $60.5 billion, that’s huge!

And third-party sales are growing even faster than Amazon’s first-party sales.

In fact, nearly 200,000 small and medium-sized businesses had their best holiday season ever on Amazon, each attaining $100,000 or more in sales in 2018.

That means more than 50% of units sold in Amazon’s stores during the 2018 holiday season came from these businesses.

Why should that matter to you? Because, on average, Amazon FBA sales increase by a factor of four in November and by a factor of five in December.

Capitalizing on your increased sales.

So, with more buyers flocking to Amazon to purchase, you need to ensure you’re properly communicating with them after they purchase.

Letting your customers know you’re there for them if they need you increases your odds of getting reviews, which will help raise awareness of your product and move it further up in the sales rankings. 

During the webinar, we’ll show you how to do just that by setting up automatic email responses to provide your shoppers with the best user experience possible.

Monitoring your competition during Amazon Q4 2019.

The fourth quarter isn’t just a great time to make sales and get reviews though. It’s also the perfect moment to start keeping tabs on your biggest competitors.

By joining the webinar, you’ll learn how to use Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker tool to get your competitors’ real sales data.

Making your product stand out on Amazon.

Want to make sure your product stands out? Keyword Scout can help you with that!

A fully optimized listing can improve your chances of making a sale by as much as 15% or more, so this webinar will show you how to make your listing the best listing around.

Learning from the experts.

In addition to all the valuable information I mentioned above, some of our most successful affiliates will be providing expert tips as well.

And that’s not all!

After the webinar is over, all registrants will receive a free eBook on how to make the most of Q4, along with a recording of the tutorial in case you miss the live edition.

So join us!

The webinar may be free, but the insights you’ll get are priceless.


Sign up for our Amazon Q4 holiday rush webinar now:


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