How to Contact Amazon Seller Support in 2023

That inevitable time comes in every Amazon seller’s business when an issue can’t be resolved in Seller Central, or a solution can’t be found for a tricky product situation.

For this, Amazon created Amazon Seller Support, a dedicated team with a system designed to help sellers with their queries and issues regarding every aspect of their business. 

While not every Amazon seller can place their full confidence in Seller Support, there will be times when you need their help. Consider Amazon Seller Support as a resource available to you, that can help shed more light on your situation. 

Keep reading to learn more about what Seller Support can do for you, how to contact them, and some practical expert tips that can help you quickly resolve your seller issues.

What can Amazon Seller Support help you with?

Whether you are a brand new seller or an experienced entrepreneur, there will be times when you need to contact Seller Support for an issue you’re having with some aspect of your Amazon business. 

Amazon Seller Support is equipped to handle and troubleshoot a multitude of seller situations and problems. Here are just some of the things they can help you with:

  • Product page changes to your title, description, and brand name 
  • Adding a new product properly
  • Completing a GTIN exemption application
  • Missing FBA inventory or stranded inventory 
  • Customer order problems or A-Z claims 
  • Reinstatement of a suspended seller account 
  • A suppressed or inactive listing
  • Failed or delayed disbursements

When you go to the help section in Seller Central, you can view a menu that lists various support categories. Choose the most specific item that reflects your support request, so it can be processed efficiently.


When you click on each category, you’ll see a drop-down menu with more specific options to choose from.

Depending on the category you choose in the menu, Amazon may offer a solution for you without actually having to open up a case with Seller Support — which would be the best-case scenario. 

For example, if your listing was inactive but you were unsure why, you would choose Products, Listings, or Inventory, then click on Listing Not Active and enter the ASIN or FNSKU of the product.


For this particular product, the reason it is inactive is that the sale end date for this listing has elapsed. Whatever the reason is, Amazon will list it here with a solution, without the need to open a case or engage with a Seller Support representative. 

If you have more questions, you can click on “Contact Us” below to open up a support case.

How to contact Amazon Seller Support

Should you decide to, it is fairly easy to open up a support case with Amazon. In Seller Central, go to the top right corner of the page and click on “Help.”

When you first get to the help page, you may see some support solutions recommended for you. This page is also where you can view your current case log.

If none of these solutions work for your current issue, scroll down and you will see “Need more help?” Click on “Get Support.”

You will see two options:

Choose the one that fits your needs the most. Commonly, sellers choose “Selling on Amazon.”

After clicking on one of the options, you will be brought to a field marked “Describe Your Issue” where you can describe your situation in writing. Based on the information you provide, Amazon will offer you several solutions to help resolve your particular issue. The objective here is to come to a resolution without having to open up a support case. 

Here is an example of what that looks like:

You can open up a case or request to talk to someone on the phone this way. If you aren’t completely sure what your issue might even be, you can browse for your issue in the menu as mentioned in the previous section. 

To do that, click on “Or, browse for your issue in the menu” at the bottom of the form. From here, you can read through each issue until you find the one that most appropriately describes yours.

Is there an Amazon Seller Support phone number?

No, there is no specific phone number that you can call to get in contact with Seller Support. You will need to go through the process of opening a support case and choosing the Phone contact method. You must enter your phone number and click “Call me now.” Within a few minutes, someone from the Amazon support team will call you, typically from a number with a 206 area code (Seattle).

Is there an Amazon Seller Support email address?

No, there is no email address you can contact directly when you have an issue. You will need to open up a case in Seller Central and choose the Email contact method. Here, you can communicate with the support agents in your Seller Central case log.

Is there an Amazon Seller Support chat?

No, there is no chat option when contacting Seller Support.

Is it better to talk to a Seller Support agent on the phone, or open an email case?

This depends on how urgent your issue is. If you have a pressing matter that needs to be resolved ASAP, such as a suppressed listing that’s costing you sales by the minute, I suggest talking to a support agent on the phone. 

Most of the time, you can resolve your issue quickly with a call. Some agents may need to take the time to understand your particular situation. When you request a phone call, make sure you are ready with all the details a representative will need,  be patient, and be as clear as possible when you speak.

If the agent or another support team representative resolves your issue immediately on the phone, they will open a case for you and state that they will get back to you through email. The case will then be recorded in your case log. 

This can be frustrating but again, be patient and wait for them to get back to you.

The proper way to contact Seller Support

To make communication with Seller Support as easy and efficient as possible, prepare all the relevant information regarding your issue. This goes for both opening up a case and speaking to an agent on the phone.

When you request a call from the support team, they will typically ask you for the email address associated with your seller account, as well as the last four digits of the credit card on file. Have this information handy.

When opening an email case, use clear language, and include as much detail as you can. This makes it easier on the support team so there is less back and forth, and no gray areas. It can be frustrating — for both parties — when a support agent has to go back to you for more information. 

If you are facing multiple issues with your account or products, open one case per issue. Don’t try to inquire about 2-3 issues within one support case — this will cause more confusion.

When you open a case, you can label it with a title for easy reference. Choose a specific title that offers more detail so you know exactly what the case is about when looking at your records. This is especially helpful if you have multiple cases open at the same time.


What to do if support sends you an automated response

It happens: you open a case, explain the situation in detail, but they get back to you with an automated response. If you’ve opened a case before, this has probably happened to you. 

Be patient and try to figure out what information is missing from your case. If, for some reason, the agent missed something in your description, explain to them where they can find the information or include screenshots and attachments to help complete the information needed for your issue.

If you continue to receive automated responses that don’t resolve your problem, I suggest you request a call from them and speak to someone on the phone. This is usually a much better way to fix the problem versus a continuation of back and forth messages via email.

Tips for dealing with Amazon Seller Support

Here are some helpful expert tips to use when dealing with Amazon Seller Support. 

1. If your case is urgent, speak to someone on the phone.

Not everyone loves the prospect of waiting and talking on the phone but it is the fastest way to resolve the seller issues you may have. Opening a case through email can be very slow at times and may take days, or even weeks to resolve.

There may be times when you will have no choice but to wait for an email response but if it can be resolved over the phone, it’s worth pursuing. 

2. Be cool, calm, and collected 

Dealing with Seller Support can be frustrating. My best advice is to remain calm, and clearly state your case so it can be resolved as quickly as possible. If you are not getting the resolution you’re looking for, you can always ask to speak to a different team or to speak with a manager.

3. Escalate your case to a different team 

If you’re having problems getting your issue resolved after working with Seller Support, you can escalate your case to a higher-level support team. 

Ask to speak with the Captive Team. The Captive Team is comprised of highly trained seller support agents that have access to more advanced tools and knowledge to resolve complicated issues facing Amazon sellers.

When you request a phone call from Amazon, ask to speak to the Captive Team once you’re connected to a support agent. They will transfer you to a Captive Team member to whom you can explain the issue at hand. 

4. Ask for help from other sellers

If the support team has not been able to help you, ask other Amazon sellers if they can offer ideas to help resolve the issue you’re facing. For example, Jungle Scout has a free Facebook group called Amazon FBA Competitive Edge, made up of thousands of sellers that are willing to help out other group members. Ask your question and someone is sure to respond supportively with a solution. 

You can also ask a question in the Amazon Seller Forums in Seller Central. You’ll meet all kinds of personalities here, and some members are friendlier than others. 

If you are a Jungle Scout customer, you also have access to our expert customer support team. Our customer support representatives are knowledgeable about selling on Amazon and can help answer any questions you have.

Get the support you need

Every Amazon seller has experienced some kind of issue that they couldn’t figure out without contacting Amazon Seller Support. It’s just a part of being an Amazon seller!

We hope this guide helps you contact the support team the right way and helps resolve your issue. Do you have any more questions about Amazon Seller Support? Let us know in the comments! 

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46 comments on “How to Contact Amazon Seller Support in 2023

    1. Yes, we did. There is a section titled “How to contact Amazon Seller Support” that outlines the only way to contact seller support. If you continue reading, you will see that there is no number to call and no email to contact. You must contact seller support through Seller Central and request a call or email.

  1. I am shiv nath from flb fashion , my new account resister in Amazon sellers panel and 5 listing are activate but buy button not show in amazon buyers panel.

    so my problems is buy button not show in amazon buyers panel.

    1. Hi Shiv,

      Do you have an individual account or a professional one? If individual, your products are not eligible for the Buy Box.

  2. hi there, i am new to amazon, i wanted to create an individual account, but when i visited the seller center amazon page, there i clicked on “Signup” button, this leads to creating a professional account for me. however i wanted to create individual, and now i am stucked at payment method attachement. I dont have a credit card, and dont wanted to have one. what should i do? please guide me.

    1. You can create an individual account by going to the selling plan page. Though you will still need a credit card to create an account.

  3. What if I’m having trouble opening a seller account on Amazon? There’s a technical glitch. So I cannot get any help via the help button on the seller website

  4. hello\
    I am an American citizen and I am in the UAE. What documents do I need to open a sales account? Do I need to print an account for 6 months?

  5. I need help. I am just starting the process and was accidentally enrolled as a professional. That was never my intent. I have been charged and I cannot proceed with my individual seller account due to the mix-up. I started the downgrade process, but the charge remains. My question is why was I charged? Even if you thought I was a professional, I never sold anything. I would like a refund please. I cannot afford to waste this money. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      If you sign up with a professional account, you are charged each month regardless if you sell anything or not. Contact Amazon seller support in your Seller Account and they will give you a refund.

  6. Hello, I am not with Amazon as a seller but I would like to know what it cost to put an item on Amazon. I do many products all positive in nature. It says an item cost .99 to sell.
    please tell me the fees and advertising fees. I’m 80 years old and I trying to make a positive difference. My phone # is 828-321-2222


  7. Hey Brian,

    I have recently moved to NYC, US and i want to start selling shoes in Amazon as we are manufacturer of shoes in my native place. Before starting i have few questions pertaining to Inventory management. For example, will it be made to order shoes that amazon can buy from us or we have to deal with the left over which is unsold. There are are few more questions i have that i prefer to discuss in person with anybody who can help me with

    1. Hi Saahil,

      Not exactly sure what you are asking. If you are an Amazon Vendor, you will sell your inventory to Amazon, and they will then sell it as the retailer. Or you can create a Seller account and sell the items yourself as a third-party seller.

      We have lots of articles and videos to help you get started. What other questions do you have?


  8. Last year August I created seller account behalf of my friend business.
    Registration not Completed due to GSTN not available .
    Before Three months I created another seller account for my business with using same mobile number, Seller Account was successful open but after two days deactivated by Amazon because they found two accounts connected with same number…
    They suggested first activate old account then Request for Activate second account….
    But I don’t know how can activate first account because that business don’t have GSTN….

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      Amazon does not want sellers to have more than one account. How were you able to open the second one but not the first one? If you need a GSTN for that account then you will need to get one. That’s the only way to activate if that’s what Amazon is looking for.

  9. My account is deactivated in last 3 months and I try to contact with Amazon seller support but no contact with Amazon seller support because my account is not login so how can contact with Amazon seller support.?

  10. Hello Jungle scout team, My issue is quite different but not complicated. I am unable to sign into my account since the OTP mobile number is changed long time ago but, some how it was their in amazon record. i tried to update the bank details and amazon starts sending the OTP to the number which i do have access to. I have tried everything but cannot reach seller support and use our other seller account to discuss this matter but they cannot help. I need to reach amazon seller support any how since they can only resolve the issue and i even tried with my buyer’s account does not work. When submitted forms they sent the links to reset password which i do not need. I think i need to submit my government issued ID’s to get access to my account but their links ask to confirm the notifications sent to mobile number which i do not have an access.

    please suggest me something that i can do activate my account.

    Thanking you
    Syed Ali

    1. Hi Syed,

      I am sorry you are having trouble accessing your account. If you do not have access to the old phone number, then I am not sure what else you can do here. You can attempt to contact seller performance at this email: [email protected]

      – Brian

  11. Amazon support for their sellers is absolutely abysmal! Since January I have been trying to register my trademark which is correctly registered with the Spanish trademarks office and every time I apply I either get a reply from brand registry that they can’t find my trademark or on the previous occasion they declined it saying I applied for a design trademark and my trademark is a word trademark. I have tried applying both as a design and as a word trademark but either way they decline it.

    I have tried everything you have mentioned here i.e ask to speak to the Captive Team or message brand registry asking for a call back. I have also sent them links to the Spanish government website which shows my registered trademark and even sent them a screen shot of that page but they continue to do nothing.

    The problem can be solved if only someone from the team responsible would speak to me on the phone to explain what their issue is and how I can resolve but no 3 months later I am nowhere!

    How on earth is this company so big when they can’t get the basics right i.e. look after your customer. If I am not selling on Amazon (because I can’t get my brand registered) then Amazon aren’t earning either.

    Amazon seller support is totally pathetic!

  12. There are two email addresses I used

    Please read my emails properly.

    You have deactivated this account with mt mobile number.

    You do not allow me to.access this account as it has been terminated so why are you still.holding my number to this account????








    I have stated my problems on this email

    Address 4 times now.pleasw someone then sending me the same automates messages and not reading my messages.

    I.xan not log in

    I can not log in!!!!

    Please log me.a formal complaint if you can not understand or read my issues

    1. Hello Zishaan,

      Are you having issues logging into your Amazon account or Jungle Scout account? If Amazon, unfortunately, we cannot help you with that. If Jungle Scout, please go to our website and send us a message with your concerns and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

  13. hey, i am new about the amazon seller. can you help me out here. i am very new and not sure what i need to do. email me would be great if you can shoot me an email. thank you.

  14. Since October 2020, we have been suspended from selling on Amazon because of their claims of copyright & trademark infringement. Yet all 159,000 of our listings still appear on the site with the statement “Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” We have tried to get Amazon to take all of our listings down, but they are inaccessible by telephone or email. Is there any way to resolve this and get our products removed permanently? The reasons for suspension involved such things as using product names such as Chanel, Boston Red Sox, Nicole Kidman, Evel Knievel, etc in the titles of our descriptions. What we were selling were magazines like TIME or SPORT, which contained content about the team or the famous person. We also sell magazine tear-sheets [ads] for consumer products and many were blocked because we named the product being advertised. It seems Amazon does not recognize the legality of Right of First Sale, which states that if I buy a program at Fenway Park, The Boston Red Sox cease to have any control over what I do with it. That is true of about every other suspended item they blocked. And further items were blocked because of the occurrence in the description of certain words: mothball [used to describe US Navy postal covers for ships being put in the Mothball Fleet following WW2], an advertising matchcover from the 1940s advertising Aripest Insecticides, magazine ads for Greyhound bus, a General Electric Germicidal Protection & Disinfection brochure 1947, an empty tin for Rexall Cold Tablets Special EMPTY metal tin 1938, and so on. We were successful selling on Amazon for seven years before being banned. And we haven;t been able to get anyone on the telephone to assist us in getting off permanently. To see the types of things we sell, go to our website. Any help you could offer would be welcomed.

  15. All suggestions here assume you can access your accoiunt and thus get to the links and portals for help. IF you cannot get into the account, then none of this applies. If the message is No Authorization. No Vendor account recognized, even though you’ve had an account for twelve years and get meesages with orders and others asking why you haven’t confirmed the orders. you are stuck. I’ve been locked out for several months so imagine what has happened to my sales.

    1. Hi Jennie,

      Have you contacted Amazon seller performance regarding your account suspension? Why was your account suspended?

  16. There is a flaw in Amazon’s VTR (Valid Customer Tracking Rate)— if you sell a lot of books in Europe—as I have for 15 yrs—, there is no USPS tracking number for international orders. I’d been entering the Customs number. Now, ALL my listing have been suspended by Amazon because my VTR is below 95%. I’ve tried and tried through Seller Support but no one has the authority to re-I state listings—although they understand the problem. I’ve even emailed Amazons CTO and no reply.
    I can’t get a return phone call.
    Does anyone have this problem?
    A phone number?
    Thank you!

  17. Brian, I think you made seller life easy with this explanation of how to contact Amazon seller support. Excellent Job, Brian Keep it up!

  18. Where can I drop a question at Junglescout support about a suspended Amazon account? Within the contact categories there isn’t that department.

    1. Hi Dion,

      I suggest contacting Amazon seller support or the Amazon seller performance team to see what they need from you.

  19. You have saved a lot of time brian. I had faced many issues with amazon. Every Amazon seller has experienced some kind of issue that they couldn’t figure out without contacting Amazon Seller Support. this post will really help people.

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