How To Get Reviews On The Jungle Scout Market

So you’re just starting off on the Jungle Scout Market and you’re wanting to learn how to get reviews.

Sound’s pretty familiar to a site called… you might have heard of it.

That’s because the core of all marketplaces is the same!

The Core Of Every Marketplace:

Step 1: Create a listing.

Step 2: Deliver an incredible product or service.

Step 3: Get top reviews from happy customers.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3.

All marketplaces work the same way, so if you’ve ever sold on Amazon and had to hustle to get early reviews for your product then you’ll need to apply that exact same strategy to getting early reviews on the Jungle Scout Market.

The main target market of customers on the Jungle Scout Market is Amazon Sellers. That is the customer base the site was built for. Amazon Sellers are incredibly use to using Amazon on a day to day basis and positive reviews are what drive them to make there purchasing decisions.

The same thing goes for the Jungle Scout Market. Amazon Sellers are wanting to make purchasing decisions based on positive reviews from customers that have had a great experience ordering your service.

Jungle Market Reviews

If you don’t have any reviews, Amazon Sellers will take that as a sign that your service isn’t that popular and will move on to another freelancer.

In this post, we will be covering five easy, fast, ethical ways on how to get reviews on the Jungle Scout Market.

Ready to learn how to get reviews on the Jungle Scout Market? Let’s get started!


Note: If you haven’t created an account on the Jungle Scout Market or completed the verified freelancer application you will need to do this first.


How to get reviews on the Jungle Market

How Reviews Work On The Jungle Scout Market

All reviews all the Jungle Scout Market are created by verified purchases. You are not able to receive reviews until a customer has placed an order and you have successfully delivered the work.

Reviews on Amazon are based on each product listing. Meaning if someone purchases a product they will get the opportunity to review only the product they purchased.

Whereas reviews on the Jungle Scout Market are based off the freelancer’s entire profile. Meaning if someone purchased a service from you and it was successfully delivered they will be able to leave you a review on your profile which will be visible on all your listings.

Jungle Market Reviews


Tip #1: Launch a Sale

Find me, one person, you know that doesn’t love a good sale. We’ve been accustomed to the word our whole lives. When you walk down the street and there’s a big red sale sign in the window it’s hard not to check out what it is.

A good sale is fueled by urgency. You might have heard of the term F.O.M.O (Fear of missing out) before. Customers fear that if they walk by that big red sale sign in the window it won’t be there the next time they walk by. So they rush on in before the sale ends to snag a great deal.

You can apply these exact same sales tactics to your Jungle Scout Market listing in order to get early reviews for your services.

Two types of sales you can offer are the percentage discounts and the “xx dollars off” discount.

Percentage Off Sale:

The percentage off sale (e.g. “20% off” or “60% off”) is one of the most popular and effective types of promotions you can use to get early sales from your listings.

We found that this sales tactic works so well for Amazon Sellers that we even created a product launch tool called JumpSend to help Amazon Seller’s get early reviews for their products.

If this strategy works great for Amazon Sellers, why wouldn’t it work great for freelancers too?

Here are some examples of percentage off sales you can apply to your listing to get early reviews:

  • 20% Off Amazon Listing Description Until April 1, 2018.
  • Save 30% Off Amazon Product Photography This Week!
  • 5 Hours of Amazon Consulting (25% Off Sale).
  • Get 50% Off Amazon Keyword Research Now.

% off sale


“xx Dollars Off” Sale:

An alternative to “percent-off” deals, this promotion involves discounting items by a flat dollar amount (e.g., $5 off or $20 off).

This type of sale works best with high priced items when the shopper can see the exact amount they will be saving instead of having to calculate the savings with the percentage discount.

Let’s say you’re selling a big consulting package of 10 hours. Normally you charge $100 per hour for your time, so you’ve decided to create a listing at “$1000 for 10 Hours of Amazon Consulting.” Since your listing is priced at a premium it will look better to change your title to:

Save $200 off 10 Hours of Pro Amazon Consulting.

Rather then,

Save 20% off 10 Hours of Pro Amazon Consulting.

To get you started here are some examples of “xx dollars off” sales you can apply to your listing to get early reviews:

  • Get $100 off Amazon Product Photos This Week Only.
  • Save $200 On The Ultimate Amazon Launch Package.
  • Lifestyle Photos For Your Amazon Products – Save $300 Now.
  • Amazon Logo & Branding Package ($150 Off This Week).

It is difficult to tell whether the percentage off sale works the best or the “xx dollars off” sale. For that reason, we suggest testing both of them to discover which sale works best for your listing.

$200 off sale


Tip #2: Create A Basic Listing

If you’re not into putting your product on sale you can instead offer an affordable version of your service. This listing would be very basic compared to your other listings but is meant to draw in customers because of its affordable price.

For example, let’s say you’re a brand new freelancer on the Jungle Scout Market and want to offer “The Complete Amazon Launch Package” that includes everything you could ever need to launch your Amazon product. You priced it at a premium for $2500 because of the number of hours that will go into completing the project. But you’re not getting any inquires from Amazon Sellers because they don’t feel comfortable paying $2500 for a service that nobody has every purchased.

To solve this problem and get early traction on the marketplace you can offer a basic version of the same package for an affordable price. Think of it as a lead magnet that will draw in Amazon Sellers and get you early reviews so you can sell them on your premium package next time.

You want to price this listing somewhere between the $40 – $80 mark where it still provides lots of value, but isn’t overly expensive.


basic listing


Here are some examples of affordable services you can offer Amazon Seller to quickly get reviews:

  • A basic audit of there listing.
  • One (1) product photo on a white background for there main Amazon image.
  • Copywriting for only there bullet benefits on their listing.
  • A simple minimalist logo.
  • One (1) hour of Amazon consulting.

Since the Jungle Scout Market review system is based on the freelancer’s entire profile and not each individual listing you will receive reviews on all your listings, not just the listing the customer purchased on.


Tip #3: Bonus Free Service

Shoppers love it when they purchase a service with a lot of value. It makes them feel like their money is being well spent. A great way to give your listing that extra boost in value is offering a bonus free service with every purchase.

This will make your listing stand out from all the competitors that are offering the same or similar services as you and allow the customer to easily pick the service with the most value added.

For example, every Amazon Seller will need their product to be packaged at some point. So offering product packaging design can get you a ton of customers on the Jungle Scout Market. But many of the users looking for services on the marketplace are brand new to selling on Amazon and don’t yet have an established business. So offering an Amazon product packaging design service with a FREE basic logo would be incredibly attractive to new sellers.

Designing a quick logo won’t take you much longer and will provide a lot more value to your listing than offering just product packaging design alone.

When coming up with a free bonus service try to get creative with it.


Free Item


You want to be thinking:

  • What is something incredibly valuable I can provide an Amazon Seller that won’t take me much longer to do?
  • What is something that can separate me from my competitor’s listings?
  • What can I do to make more users click on my listing?

Here are some examples of quick free bonuses you can offer your customers to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Offer a couple free lifestyle images or hand model images with every product photo package.
  • Offer a free infographic with every photo editing package.
  • Offer a free audit of there FBA account with every consulting package.
  • Offer to write free instructions for use with every listing description package.
  • Offer a free designed packaging insert card with every logo package.

Tip #4: Buy One, Get One Free

The word “FREE” can be incredibly powerful when trying to attract customers. Instead of offering your service at 50% off your regular price you can instead charge your regular price and offer an additional service for free.

This type of offer again shows lots of value to the customer because you’re offering twice the amount of services as your customers for the same price tag.

This type of offer works great with time-based listings like consulting where you don’t have to do twice as much work and can just double your hours.

For example, offering two (2) hours of consulting for the price of (1).


Tip #5: Holiday Pricing

If you’ve ever heard of Black Friday, you’ll know how well offering a holiday price for your listing can be. There are three (3) golden dates that all Amazon Sellers wait all year for:

  • Black Friday – The biggest shopping event in American history (End of November)
  • Cyber Monday – The biggest online / e-commerce shopping event of the year (End of November)
  • Prime Day – Amazon’s own 1-day sales event that targets members with a Prime Account (Sometime in July)

These are the dates Amazon Sellers prepare for all year, so if you can offer an exclusive discount during one or more of these dates you can be sure to attract a lot more sellers that need help on there Amazon businesses.



Final Thoughts

If you made it all the way to the end you now know 5 top tips on how to get reviews on the Jungle Scout Market. Great job!

The more positive reviews you obtain, the more Amazon Sellers will be attracted to your listings, the more money you will make on the platform. It’s really that simple.

I hope these 5 sales tips have given you some inspiration on what you can offer your customers in order to start getting early reviews on the Jungle Scout Market and becoming a top freelancer.

If you’re ready to start selling on the Jungle Scout Market but haven’t created an account you can sign up for a free account now and go through the application process to become a verified freelancer.

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