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How To Sell on Amazon U.S. from Anywhere in the World

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We get this question on a daily basis here at Jungle Scout. “Can I sell on Amazon US if I am based in a different country?” or “How do I sell on Amazon US if I live outside of the USA?” So much so in fact, I thought I would put this post together to share the good news, that YES, you can, in fact, sell on Amazon US from ANYWHERE in the world and I’m going to explain exactly how to do so.

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Selling on Amazon US Internationally

You can sell from Amazon US Marketplace from all corners of the globe, given you have a good internet connection! We have Jungle Scouters working for our team (Including myself!) living and traveling across the world who sell on Amazon, so we have all the information you’ll need to get set up in no time!

For the past year and then some, I have been traveling and living outside of the United States, and still selling private label products on Amazon as efficiently as if I were tethered to my desk like the olden days. Let Amazon handle all logistics and inventory storage, give me a good internet connection, and I have just gained my freedom to travel the world!


So I don’t need to be in the USA to sell in the Amazon US Marketplace?

So let’s get things straight, you do NOT need to be living in the USA to be eligible to sell on Amazon’s US store. I’m going to show you all exactly how to accomplish this so that you could be chillin’ on a beach in the Maldives or taking in the Northern Lights in Iceland, all the while selling on Amazon’s US marketplace.


Why Is It Better to Sell on Amazon’s U.S. Store?

First, a little context on Amazon U.S. and other international Amazon stores. Amazon’s largest region is North America (mainly sales from the U.S., but also Canada and Mexico), and the UK, Germany, and Japan make up the lion’s share of revenues.

However, Amazon’s most innovative services, such as Prime are so well utilized in the US, that in order to execute such a logistically intensive operation, Amazon needs to have a dense network of distribution centers and warehouses developed in the States.

Check out potential US Marketplace products using the Product Tracker. 

How Do I Sell on the Amazon US marketplace

I want to preface this first by stating the obvious: I am not a financial advisor, tax lawyer, or otherwise. I just know this from my own experiences, and am sharing it from my time as a seller living outside of the States. So I am not going to delve into the state or federal tax requirements, but I obviously recommend that you do your due diligence and speak to a trusted advisor on that.

When setting up your Amazon store, here are some basic pieces of information you will need to prepare.

  • Provide a credit card that can be charged internationally, Visa or Mastercard.
  • A phone number—if you get a Skype US phone number, that will work in your favor.
  • You will need to provide US bank account information. This may be a hassle as many banks require your presence in the States, but you do want Amazon to have a legit account to send the money, right? One solution that you can use is Amazon’s Currency Converter for Sellers (find that here). Granted, I have not gone through this process myself as I have a US bank account, but I know ACCS basically allows you to sell in foreign Amazon marketplaces without opening a bank account in that country. Instead, you are paid directly in your local bank in your local currency. Pretty sweet, huh? The one small caveat is that you can only receive payment to a bank account in a country and currency supported by ACCS. There is also a list of all the countries and currencies supported by Amazon’s Currency Converter for Disbursement.

There are some steps that you will have to follow in order to streamline the importing process.

  1. Create Your Amazon Listing: You have to create the listing on Amazon first, in order to receive the shipping destination and FBA warehouse that you will be sending the product to.
  2. Choose Your Customs Broker: In order to import your item into the US, you will need a Customs Broker to get your product into the States (unless you ship via Air like UPS, DHL, FedEx, in which case it is included as a service). Your customs broker will guide you through the exact process of clearing your shipment, and the requisite paperwork, documentation, taxes, and more. This is perhaps the least enviable aspect of selling on Amazon’s U.S. store, but something that all importers have to go through!

I went into more detail about the importing and shipping process in this post here. I don’t want to rehash the same information, but definitely take a look at that as well for information about importing from China into the United States.


How to Import and Store your Product Efficiently:

I think this is the trickiest part, and once you find a great partner, it makes all the difference in the world.

I use Flexport. They handle all the customs, freight forwarding, and inventory storage for me. They are injecting the importing game with a much-needed dose of technology, which is so critical in saving time and headaches. I do not necessarily want to recommend or comment on other services that I do not have first-hand experience, but with a  quick Google search you should be able to identify the main service providers, and also other people’s experiences with different companies.


Here are a few types of services that I would recommend if you are selling in the U.S. from abroad:


Check Samples: As you may have seen with the marshmallow sticks that I have launched, there is a range of quality in both the physical product and the supplier themselves. You can be the judge of what the supplier may be like (communication skills, responsiveness, background check, etc), but you can’t necessarily get a great gauge of the quality of product if you don’t handle it yourself. Have the supplier send to you directly, wherever you are in the world, or have them send it to friends/family that can vet the product for you. Don’t just rely on photos or the supplier’s word when examining samples, you want a trusted source on your behalf to evaluate the product!


Quality Assurance: Though you will probably never touch your product if you are abroad, you want to make sure that the quality of the finished product matches the quality of the sample. I have seen and heard cases where there is a noticeable difference between the two. For my marshmallow sticks, I checked the first batch of 100 units, which were up to par, and then I have not touched the product since. Bamboo marshmallow sticks are fairly straightforward to produce, but if there is some nuance to the production or something that is fragile or requires precision, you may want to look into third party inspection services. I would recommend doing this while the product is in China, where it would be easier to rectify than once it has gone through the importing process.


Fulfillment Prep Centers: I have seen more of these services pop up recently, as there is a need to get products from your overseas supplier to Amazon’s warehouses. Normally I am a big advocate of removing any middleman possible (why reduce your profit margin that we work so hard for if at all possible?), however, I definitely see a need for these services. It is similar to an insurance policy that everything from the factory is prepared accurately according to Amazon’s guidelines.  It is even so important for overseas sellers to get all of the packaging and prep requirements to meet Amazon’s standards. You can see their detailed instructions here.  If your products are not received by Amazon ready for fulfillment, you will incur additional fees, and worse yet, Amazon will reject the shipment and return it to you at your own expense.


Storage: Depending on the size of your product, you will want to look into storage options. Depending on how new of a seller you are, and how slowly your inventory moves, you may be subject to Amazon’s Inventory Storage Limits, particularly for items that are classified by Amazon as oversized. This becomes a bit of an inventory management game, as you may want to order 1000 more units from your supplier, but can only house 500 units at a given time. Flexport is great for this, as they store inventory at their warehouses until I decide to send it to Amazon’s warehouse. The fees are very reasonable, but again, you should do some searching on Google or Amazon seller forums to find alternatives.


In Conclusion:

There may be some details and steps that I have not included, as everyone has their own systems and vendors. Are you living outside of the United States and currently selling on Amazon U.S.? If that’s the case, I’d love to hear any tips that you can share so that we can all sell more. The ability to travel the world while still building and launching an ecommerce business has been an amazing experience, and I hope that each of you can take advantage of the location independence that the Fulfillment by Amazon offers us! To our success and travels…

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81 comments on “How To Sell on Amazon U.S. from Anywhere in the World

  1. What should I do although my country Ukraine is listed as approved to sell on Amazon but not listed among the countries approved in the banking section of countries .

  2. Hello and thank you for this article!

    I am American living in France for several years. I want to test the waters with
    drop shipping on Amazon USA while living in France.

    I currently pay taxes in France and not in the USA although I am required to file
    my taxes with the IRS every year.

    My question is, if I am registered as a sole proprietor as a seller in the American market,
    to which country do I pay income taxes on any revenue generated?

    I am not sure at this time about registering as an LLC.


  3. Question,

    EU Seller central account. EU business adres.
    iIt looks like Amazon is charging a VAT on the referral fee. Referral fee is 15% for self fullfilment.
    The Tax that is charged is about 21% on this 15% Referral fee. VAT in my country is 21%.

    How to get rid of this VAT on referral fee? (Can not get reimbursement for this kind of VAT through our EU VAT system)

    I have done some research;
    -File my EU VAT number in settings under VAT information. Would this be a solution?

    – File a USA business address. Would this be a solution?
    (Shipping address is allrady our warehouse in Texas.)

    Thanks Greg for Looking into this.
    Have a nice day.


  4. I have a bank account in the US. I want to sell online directly from another country (not using Amazon) using either PayPal or Stripe. Is it possible to set up these payment gateways using my US bank account, though I am actually doing business from outside the country? I understand payment would be required in US dollars.

  5. Dear JungleScout,

    I admire all the work you do in order to help people start their FBA business.

    I am writing to you because I do not know where else to find the answer for my question, I have been through lots of threads, forums, youtube videos, etc…

    I am a European citizen and with my friend want to start business via Amazon FBA. We formed a legal entity (LLC) in our domestic state and we very much desire to know how we can now start selling.

    I have read so far that I do not need to form a US LLC and it is enough to have one in my domestic state. What I do not know, though, is the way how I can export good from China to US and deliver them to Amazon Warehouse.

    Somewhere in the threads I read about US registered agent which is a must in order to be able to sell as an international company, could you enlighten me about the process, please? Also how I register a seller account as a company (not individual) and bank account details.

    Thank you in advance

    Yours faithfully
    Martin Hvězda

    1. Hi Martin,

      have you found solution? I am in similar situation and wondered if you managed to tackle this – I would be extremely grateful if you could share some insights.

      Thank you!
      Marek Vaculčík

  6. Hi,

    I’m planning on selling gourmet products (mint, sweet basil, etc) on Amazon. I’m from Mexico, as far as I know I have all the requierements ready what I’m missing though is the shipping carrier.

    I have been looking for affordable services but the prices just go skyrocket for the quantity and sizes that I will be selling on Amazon.

    Do you recommend me using a specific carrier that allows me to send my product from Mexico to USA?

  7. To whom it may concer,

    I am writing from a Spanish company and we would like to start selling products in the USA.
    We need a partner in the USA, or maybe and agency, which deals with all the setup of the Seller Account and to start the process. We don’t want a distributor, the idea is to control our own account and the brand.

    Thank you for the information.


    Lorena Bernal

  8. hanks for this invaluable information. I live in Jamaica and would love to sell on Amazon. However, Jamaica is not listed as one of the countries and currencies supported by Amazon’s Currency Converter for Disbursement.

    In Jamaica, our banks issue visa cards that we can use to shop anywhere in the world. I am a frequent shopper on Amazon.

    1. Hi,
      I am the person also that our country is not on the list of currency converter reimbursement. Have you get your answer. If you did, please tell me how can we do the Amazon business?
      thank you

  9. this article is very helpful for people who live in the listed countries but for those of us who live in countries that are not listed the info you are giving us is very misleading. Based on my level of understanding you can only sell on amazon only if your country is listed and based on the information you give us proves my understanding to be factual. so question is can you really sell on amazon from a non listed country or not? if so than I guess you saying you can sell on Amazon from anywhere in the globe is very misleading. Sorry if my comment is too aggressive but its so frustrating reading info like this and discover that you cant actually sell on amazon if your country is not listed

  10. Hello!

    I’d like to know which address should I place in the Business Address field if I’m planning to start as an Amazon FBA seller (sending products directly from China to US buyers)?

    The main part of my issue is that I actually live outside USA (in the Dominican Republic).

    I have freight forwarder address in Miami but I don’t know if it’s ok to use that one…

  11. Hi
    I am from Jordan I want to start FBA business on Amazon using the us platform can I get training in my country to do that? please help me.. I badly need to start this business I know that there are a lot of training courses online but I would prefer one that I can attend here in Jordan
    thank you so much for your help

  12. Hi Kym,
    Thanks for the Article and it is wonderful for newbie like me, But i have a Questions with which i am walking here and there but not getting enough clear information. If i am sending the Product living outside the USA to amazon FBA, on that case Who is the Importer of the Product that getting into USA?
    2. If i am a Non US citizen and i want to Sell on Amazon FBA, if i send my inventory from China to FBA, Will the Forwarder need any types of Documents to get the item cleared from US Custom? I heard on some blogs, it may require EIN, SSN etc. but being a non US citizen i don’t have either of them. In this Situation how would you help me?
    Thanks kym Again.

  13. I have been selling on Amazon FBA in the UK and US from Ireland for two years.
    It is very straight forward to set up but it is also very important that you set up correctly from the start as Amazon doesn’t allow you to change your details easily and they will automatically suspend your seller account if you try to change your details.

    I learned from a UK based seller called James Greaney. He is from Ireland but he has been selling on Amazon UK and USA since 2013. He shares lots of helpful tips on his Youtube channel Internetbizuni and I hired him to teach me the process when I first got started.

    This is how you can sell on Amazon FBA from Ireland:
    Use a UK LTD company.
    Send your products to a prep centre in Northern Ireland and from there to Amazon FBA via low cost delivery service UPS.

    Make sure to give your correct bank and company details from the start as they are hard to change later.

  14. I from and I live in Kuwait if i want to sell in Amazon , can i establish an LLC American company ( set up an LLC and a US bank account) thereafter I can register in amazon fba and i can sell?
    if yes , can i use my amazon account to sell in US from my home in Kuwait ? i mean IP from Kuwait or i must be in USA to use my amazon fba account?

    OR is there a way can I sell products on UK/USA or even in Europe in case i am in Kuwait?

    1. Hey Stephen!

      I’m not sure about that one. You might check with Amazon directly to see the process for selling from Jamaica. But as far as I know, Jamaica is on the list of available countries.

  15. Great article. So if I understand it correctly a European company could offer their stuff on If so, would you know where to find them? I am working for Mturk and only getting a voucher as payment. Since I am based in Ireland I was hoping to find a European company on amazon that I can avoid the crazy fees. Maybe you would have an idea? Thanks in advance

  16. Hi
    i live in Texas and my husband live in Africa, my husband is book writer and he wants to designate me to sell his books on Amazon using my account in USA. Is any there any possibility in this. Please your advice is highly needed. Thanks

    1. Hi Debby,

      I recommend doing digital sales first. You can do that through Kindle Direct Publishing. You can also create made-to-order physical copies of his books through CreateSpace. Hope that’s helpful!

  17. Hello,

    Many great products from the USA are in high demand in Cambodia. There are abundant of sellers are selling online and shipped to Cambodia. The prices are quadruple when it is shipped to Cambodia. My question to you if Amazon can open a warehouse in Cambodia and the cost will a lot less but greater profits for Amazon. Plus it can be also be shipped neighboring Asian countries. This will bring big business for Amazon. If and you decided to move forward with the business I can provide you with security and guaranteed from the Cambodia’s Prime Minister. Please let me know who I can contact. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration. Much blessings!

    Brandon Mam

  18. Hi there
    We live in Georgia so I don’t access a bank account that Amazon approved it. because Amazon doesn’t support my country.
    What should I do??

  19. Hello! Am Gift from Zambia. I want to start selling on amazon but my country is not included in the disbursement list. Is there any other way around this problem apart from opening a bank account in the U.S.?

    1. Hi Gift,

      Unfortunately, we’re not sure. You might seek some legal advice on this matter or contact Amazon directly and speak with one of their reps. They may be able to help.

  20. Hello, I am already selling on Amazon EU market. Now i want to start selling in US market. I have electric products like beamer lights and other sets of lights. In European markets, I have a very good ranking. Can you guide how can I get FCC for electric products? and how can I check which products need FCC? I have CE certificate for all my products.

  21. Hello,

    Myself Laila. I am from Portugal. Also, I am very much interested to sell on Amazon FBA.
    Now I need some information about this business and how can I get into it. Also, can I sell products on UK/USA or even in Europe?
    I will be highly appreciated if I will get some important data to start my next step.


  22. Hello JS team & community,

    I have just purchased a jungle scout web app (which is fantastic) and I am in a process of doing a product research as i would like to start selling on Amazon in US.

    I am based in Europe and struggeling now to understand what is the process of setting up a legal entity in US in order to pay tax there and to create an Amazon seller account.

    I understand that i do not need to set up a company in order to start Amazon FBA, but rather only obtain tax number or something of that sort.

    Could you kindly advise on what is really needed to set up some sort of entity or register myself with local authorities in US in order to start selling and paying taxes. I would appreciate if you reply directly or point me to any potentially usefull source of information.

    Thank you very much for your help.


  23. Hi!
    I’m looking for information about how to sell in USA to Italy; I’m a private, I have not a company; Amazon support told me that it’s possible and I have to ship my products by UPS or DHL etc. Reading the Greg post I see that he uses these services; I wrote to UPS but they told me that they can’t manage my shipping with FBA because I’m a private…I wrote again to Amazon and this is the answer: “you are able to ship units from Italy to Amazon US warehouse by using non Amazon partnered carrier. You have to list Amazon as the Ultimate Consignee and use Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc. for customs clearance services and abide by its guidelines” Ok, but if I use non Amazon partnered carrier it’s impossible to use the FBA services, isn’t it? I feel like I’m in a loop, sorry! Another solution: I have friends in USA, maybe I can send the products to them and they can ship to FBA . What do you think about? Thank you!

    1. Hey Giuliana,

      It’s difficult to diagnose the issue you face from the outside and without any experience of importing from Italy to the US. I would recommend checking in with the residents of our Facebook Group to see if anyone has any similar experience and can help you out.

      Many thanks,

  24. HI!
    I’m linving in Italy and I’d like to sell on , in USA, as private seller ; I wrote email to Amazon, I read a lot on internet, ok, it’ s possible BUT If you have not a company it’s impossible to use the FBA services; I asked UPS if the can manage the shipment for me with FBA but they say it’s impossible for private account. So, I’m thinking to send my products to some friends in USA, they could manage the shipment directly there with FBA; do you think is it possible to use my credit card and bank account for the exspenses? I don’t like to bother my friends. Thanks for any tips!

    1. Hey Giuliana,

      As I understand this, your products are manufactured or already situated in Italy? You want to ship them to Amazon in the US and sell them on

      Ultimately, you can sell your products on Amazon FBA so long as you have a seller central account and are able to ship them to a fulfillment center (and meet all of Amazon’s requirements of course). There may be specific requirements for your particular product, or your location that I am not aware of. You could try asking in our Facebook group, to see if anyone has particular experience with your issue.

      Hope you are able to figure it out soon!

  25. Hi,

    I want to be a seller on from outside the US. From the information provided, I understand that an international credit card is necessary to set up a sellers account. My native country is one among the Amazon sell countries but I have an international debit card with a local bank! Is that acceptable during registration or should it mandatorily be a credit card?

    1. Hi Amy,

      I’m not actually sure on this one. I know that in the US the term “credit card” is often universally used to mean any bank card, so a debit card may also be accepted. It’s very common in other parts of the world not to use credit cards and only debit cards.

      You could always try registering with your debit card to see if it’s accepted.

      Let us know how you get on 🙂


  26. Hay Kym-
    Can I create a selling store in amazon while living in Portugal.

    please tel I want to sell on amazon buti live in portugal

  27. It is actually misleading to say people can “Sell on Amazon U.S. from Anywhere in the World”
    because even if you do setup a Payoneer account, when registering to be a seller on Amazon US you must select your home country.

    Some countries i.e South Africa, Colombia, Nepal are not part of the drop down list.

    Therefore people staying in those countries will not be able to complete their registration on Amazon Seller Central.

    It is not enough to just setup a Payoneer Account.

  28. Hi,

    My Question is…quite same as Omer mentioned above. Can anybody please help ?
    I want to sell on amazon BUT I live in a country that’s not listed in the amazon sell countries.
    Is there any way i can i go around it ( e.g pay some companies or services to help me )
    from the bottom of my heart thank you for the information you have been giving.

    Thanks and Best Regards.

  29. Hello,
    My Question is… I want to sell on amazon BUT I live in a country that’s not listed in the amazon sell countries.
    Is there any way i can i go around it ( e.g pay some companies or services to help me )
    from the bottom of my heart thank you for the information you have been giving.

  30. Thanks for this. I’m curious… does it also work the other way around? Are US sellers allowed to set up a UK Amazon seller’s account? If so, how would you go about getting a UK bank account? Has anyone accomplised this?


    1. Hello janet, i m lucy. one of the seller but in mid level. i would recommend you to visit they are actually good at providing consultancy for managing and opening account on amazon. previously in usa and currently in uk, they are offering services. one of my natives in uk has taken services from them. now they have seen a boost in their sales. feel free to contact anytime.

  31. hey thanks for the blog! it’s super informative and helpful. I just wonder if there’re any companies out there could help out with selling to other counties? So to spare me all the trouble:(

    1. Hi Marina,

      Glad you are enjoying the blog. What exactly are you looking for as far as help? Jungle Scout supports a bunch of marketplaces–UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, Mexico, etc, so if you want to do product research for those markets, you can certainly use Jungle Scout! If you have other questions, please just email [email protected] if that doesn’t answer your question.


  32. Hello,

    I want to know if we can get a bank account in other countries instead of US that Amazon accepts. Such as Switzerland. And then transferring that money to my country Pakistan. Would that work?


  33. Hey Kym,

    That is a great article. I read the whole article. It is great. I would like to ask one thing from you. It would be great if you would be able to help me. Can I use my Payoneer debit card instead of US bank account? It is also mentioned in the article that in most cases what you need is not a bank account per se, but the functions provided by a traditional bank account.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, friend.


  34. Hey, thanks for your blog, I bought JS Pro three days ago, so I’m new to this fabulous tool. JS is inspiring me to enter the world of Amazon FBA or private label, so I am new to this world of Amazon, I only see it as an affiliate of I live in Mexico, so I would appreciate an orientation about basic courses on the use of the Amazon platform, which will tell me to step by step how; Registration, entry of products from China to warehouses, generation of lists, etc.
    Any information is welcome. Thank you

    1. Hey Carlos,

      Great to hear that you’re enjoying the tool & feeling inspired.

      At the moment, my best advice is to follow along with our Million Dollar Case Study. We’re up to Session #13 already, but you can catch up on each session in a detailed recap here. You can also sign up for future updates on that page too.

      We’re giving an over-the-shoulder look at what it takes to find, source and sell a profitable product on Amazon & we have lots of experts joining us along the way. I think you would find it very useful.

      Wishing you every success!

  35. Sure, Kym that helped me a lot. But I would like to ask one more question is it feasible for an LLC to open a bank account in the US if I am not physically available in the US.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


  36. Great blog post!!!

    If I don’t have a bank that is based in one of the countries supported by Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers. Do you have any idea how would I be able to get one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  37. Thanks for the great blog! Quick question, I have a UK account as I’m based in the UK and I sell in the UK. I would like to sell in the US. Is it possible to set up another account (an American account) and sell in America?

    1. Hey Scott,

      Sure thing you can set up an account for and sell in America. We recently just covered some aspects of this in a session as part of our Million Dollar Case Study in terms of tax & legal structure too. In short, you may want to look into setting up an LLC and a US bank account – Read more here!

      Thanks for reading!

  38. Thank you for your great information. I’m already sell on amazon. When I started selling on amazon, I faced the problem of ranking.
    Then I post my all problems share on forums, they give me lot information. One of them told me , he is an Amazon seo expert. He give me skype : seo24hour . I contact them and they rank my product top of the page in a keyword. Now , my question is that harmful for my seller account. Please help me.

    1. Hey Frank,

      It’s hard to say without knowing the techniques the SEO expert will be carrying out.

      It’s certainly not harmful for your seller account to get your products ranking well. But perhaps you are more concerned about giving access to your seller account to third parties? Obviously this does associate an element of risk.

      If you did want to spend a bit of time working on Amazon SEO yourself, we have a bunch of great resources that may help you. I’d advise checking these out: (PPC can help with ranking)

      Thanks for reading,

  39. Thanks to Greg and Gen for the informative videos and Webinars.

    I am a German expat living in Turkey. I never sold anything online but I am definitely willing to invest in international online selling in the USA market.

    Is it possible (or allowed) to open an FBA account on amazon without having been a basic seller before?

    Is a business license required to open an FBA account on

    I believe it must be very difficult to sell internationaly with a basic account. Shipping coast and waiting time will make selling overseas almost impossible I guess.

    Thanks in advance for helping.


  40. Hello,

    Thank you for your blog post, very informative.

    I live in Georgia and my country and currency is not supported by Amazon Currency Converter for Disbursement. Is there any other way I can sell my products on European Amazon? Maybe there are some intermediary companies I can use, we don’t need currency converting, just intermediary bank account supported by Amazon.

  41. I live in Canada and wish to sell imported products (from outside North America) on Amazon in the US. Is that doable at reasonable costs?

    1. Hey Magdy,

      It’s definitely possible, as Greg highlights. The most difficult parts, potentially, are figuring out how to efficiently import and store products, and financials/tax. Individual circumstances will vary so Greg covered some of the top level stuff you need to get started in this article. The benefits are that Amazon U.S. is the biggest marketplace with lots of customers, so if you get it right, there’s lots of opportunity.

      Are you thinking of setting up to sell on Amazon U.S. this year?

      Thanks for reading!

  42. Hi Greg,

    Great blog post!

    I’m still in the research phase of starting with FBA. I’ve learned a lot with your posts and videos so thanks for sharing such helpful info.

    I see you are living in Spain. I am from the US but have been living in Sevilla for about 15 years so your post confirming that it is realistic to sell on Amazon US while living here was inspiring.

    Thanks again,

    p.s. What part of Spain do you live in?

    1. Hi Marcel,

      My name is Rafa. I have been selling on Amazon for a year now, only Europe for now.
      I live in Cordoba and I have found very interesting that someone else so close to me is trying to get set up on Amazon as well.

      You can find me on The Amazing UK Seller fb group. Feel free to drop me any message if you want to.

      All the best with your new journey!

      BTW> Fantastic post Greg! Thanks a lot!

  43. Hi! I Love listing to your episode’s. Would love to be by your webinar but will not be able to make it, will you post it afterwards on your site?

    Thank you,

    T. L.

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