June 15, 2021

66% of American consumers expect free shipping on all online orders

Jungle Scout’s Q2 2021 Consumer Trends Report explores changing consumer expectations, behaviors, and priorities, compares Amazon vs. Walmart, and more.

AUSTIN, Texas — June 15, 2021: Today, Jungle Scout, the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon, released its Q2 2021 Consumer Trends Report, a quarterly study of 1,000 U.S. consumers which reveals how consumer expectations and habits have changed over time, whether the pandemic has permanently changed consumer behaviors, and more.

Key insights include:

  • Consumers now consider fast and free shipping essential. 
      • 80% of consumers expect free shipping when ordering a certain dollar amount of products and 66% of consumers expect free shipping for all online orders. 
      • 91% of consumers expect to receive an online order within a week and 9% expect it the same day. 
      • Plus, 70% stated they would be upset if an order didn’t arrive on time.
  • Where does Walmart beat Amazon? Prices and Grocery. 
      • While consumers still favor shopping on Amazon for most products, Walmart edges out Amazon in the Grocery category. 51% of Walmart.com shoppers purchased groceries there in recent months compared to 23% of Amazon.com shoppers who did so. 
      • 50% of consumers shop on Walmart.com because they like the site’s prices and are familiar with its products.
  • Price-sensitive consumers are embracing the online secondhand market — but may be dropping at-home projects.
    • 27% of consumers say they are looking for pre-owned products when they shop online and 44% have bought or sold pre-owned items over the last year. 
    • Yet while they cooked, cleaned, and entertained themselves primarily at home over the past year, consumers say they play to cook at home less (12% drop), clean less (13% drop), and do fewer home improvement projects (8% drop). 

“Expectations around online shopping have shifted as more consumers have embraced online purchasing,” said Greg Mercer, Founder & CEO of Jungle Scout. “As product reviews, low prices, and fast shipping with easy returns become more important for consumers, it’s important that ecommerce businesses are able to adapt to these changes, making marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart even more desirable.”

Q2 2021 Trends:
The Consumer Trends Report publishes new data on consumer preferences and behaviors every quarter: 

  • Consumer spending: 32% of consumers say their overall spending decreased in early 2021, 43% said it stayed the same, and 26% said it increased. But, 39% say their online spending increased (23% expect that to continue), and 37% say their Amazon spending increased (25% expect that to continue).
  • Top retail stores and websites: Amazon leads online shopping, with 71% of consumers saying they’ve shopped there in recent months, followed by 39% shopping on Walmart.com, 20% on Target.com, and 19% on eBay.com. There has been a continued decline when it comes to in-store shopping at certain large retail stores, such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, and Home Depot.
  • In-demand products: 37% of consumers are saying they are buying more groceries and 35% are buying more cleaning supplies. Alternatively, more than 20% of consumers are buying less clothing and fewer electronics and home items.

About the Report
Between April 16-18, 2021, Jungle Scout conducted an anonymous survey among a panel of 1,066 U.S. consumers about their buying preferences and behaviors. Respondents represent every U.S. state, all genders, and ages 18 to 75+, as well as all employment types and varying income levels.