March 15, 2022

Walmart Connect Now Available on Downstream by Jungle Scout

New partnership gives advertisers control over Walmart Sponsored Products ad spend and campaign optimization at scale on the Downstream advertising automation platform

Austin, TX – March 15, 2022: Downstream by Jungle Scout, the ecommerce advertising technology leader, today announced a new partnership and integration with Walmart Connect, allowing brands and agencies to create and optimize Walmart search campaigns using Downstream’s powerful automation tools. 

Downstream Dashboard
Downstream Dashboard

Downstream’s new capabilities come at a time of growth for Walmart, which reported $2.1 billion in global advertising revenue and more than 130% growth in active advertisers. 

Downstream’s integration with Walmart Connect’s Sponsored Product API will empower suppliers and sellers with capabilities including:

  • Campaign Management: Sellers can easily create and launch campaigns with the level of control and visibility that they need. Downstream offers high volumes of data, robust filtering, and bulk editing capabilities.
  • Automation & Optimization: Rulebooks, a powerful rules-based automation and optimization tool, gives suppliers and sellers control over campaigns by creating precise rules for how Downstream updates bids.
  • Unified Platform for Analytics & Insights: Sellers can obtain a unified view of ecommerce businesses, leverage insights to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and identify new opportunities with access to real-time KPIs.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Walmart Connect to help advertisers of all sizes, from suppliers and sellers, unlock new growth on Walmart. As more ecommerce suppliers adopt omnichannel strategies, it’s essential they are equipped with the best intelligence and technology to make informed decisions and effectively manage their businesses,” said Connor Folley, Jungle Scout’s VP of Enterprise and co-founder of Downstream. “Downstream’s Walmart Connect integration helps suppliers reach new audiences on Walmart’s growing ecommerce platform and more efficiently invest their ad dollars at scale with powerful machine learning automation.”

Downstream was acquired by Jungle Scout in March 2021.