How to Find Trending Products to Sell Using Jungle Scout and Exploding Topics

How to Find Trending Products to Sell Using Jungle Scout and Exploding Topics
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How Exploding Topics works

How does Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder work?

How can we know if Exploding Topics data works on Amazon?

Strategic Integration of Exploding Topics and Jungle Scout

Opportunity Finder extra tip: Get ALL the niches

If you’re reading this, you already know that Jungle Scout’s tools are the best for finding profitable products, niches, and trending keywords on Amazon.

You likely also know about tools for detecting trends, such as TikTok Trends, Google Trends, or Amazon A9’s autocomplete search engine.

In this article, we’ll see how we can combine Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder and one of these trend tools, Exploding Topics, to detect trends before they explode on Amazon.

How Exploding Topics works

Exploding Topics is a platform for detecting internet search trends. It looks for early signs of growing trends by analyzing millions of searches, conversations, and mentions on various channels to identify emerging industries, products, and categories.

For example, right now, we can find these trends on the Exploding Topics home page.

The idea is to discover products like “sea moss gummies” before they explode in popularity.

How does Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder work?

Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder is a product research tool for Amazon sellers who wantdetailed market data such as sales performance, emerging trends, and competitive insights to indicate whether a niche is good or not.

This tool allows sellers to filter Amazon’s extensive database by category, demand, competition, seasonality, and price. With preset filters like high demand, low competition, and trending up, sellers can quickly identify products that are primed for success.

Stick with the “Trending up” filter, which is a filter that analyzes products whose 90-day search trend ratio is between 30% and maximums. In addition to these filters, we can add filters like country, categories, average monthly units sold, average monthly price, monthly search volume, niche score, competition, and seasonality.

Without including any extra filters, this is what the “Trending up” filter shows us:

How can we know if Exploding Topics data works on Amazon?

Well, I do it in three phases.

1. The autocomplete test

Does the search appear on Amazon and have related searches? Yes. Therefore, the niche is already in A9, it already has searches and even searches by variants. Good news: no brands appear in the autocomplete test.

2. Identify peaks in search volume

The keyword has peaked after an uptrend and is going down. The difference between the highest peak of searches and the current one is 3 times less.

But, if we analyze the data that Jungle Scout gives us in terms of comparative data with previous periods, we see that:

  • The average number of weekly searches for “sea moss gummies” has increased over the last 6 months.
  • The average number of weekly searches for “sea moss gummies” has increased over the last 1 month.

Therefore, the keyword still has room to grow. In addition, Jungle Scout indicates that the keyword is “Very difficult” within the “Ease of Rank.” Why? Well, Opportunity Finder just clarified it for us:

This is like the stock market. If you have to get in now, it’s a bad time. You should have gotten in when the price was low. But, beware, if we’re talking about stocks, Stan Weinstein would tell you that this could be a breakout of highs and that, from here, the market will rise. Looking at it with a seller’s eyes, I would tell you that it’s not the time to get in.

3. What does Jungle Scout tell us about the keyword? 

It seems that the keyword is already doing well on Amazon: high demand but high competition.

Time to look for another niche, ladies and gentlemen. Beware! Unless we can bring something different to the market.

Strategic Integration of Exploding Topics and Jungle Scout

Combining the predictive power of Exploding Topics with the detailed analyses of Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder creates a solid framework for finding opportunity products before they gain cruising speed.

This is how sellers can integrate these tools to develop a powerful market strategy:

Needless to say, we will need the paid version of Exploding Topics, which includes current year data such as Full Trends Database, Trending Products, Trend Forecasting, and Meta Trends.

Here I have selected three of the topics:

I’m going to take, for example, “Whole body deodorant” and let’s follow the steps marked above. Will the trend match, for example, Google Trends? Yes, it does.

Market viability validation: Autocomplete

It has searches in the autocomplete, but most are by sex, not brands or product variants. It seems that it hasn’t exploded yet. Why is it different from “Sea moss gummies”? Let’s look at the chart:

“Sea moss gummies” has been on an uptrend for a long time with significant searches. In January 2021, it had 4k per month, 8k in January 2022, 15k in January 2023. Obviously, many brands have been entering for years.

2. What does Keyword Scout tell us?

Compared to “Sea moss gummies,” it is still quite “under the radar.”

Once again, like any good technical stock analyst, let’s compare charts:

“Sea moss gummies” has been in the 6k-12k search range per month for a long time, which has allowed many people to spot the trend and enter the market. On the other hand, “whole body deodorant” has exploded much faster and has been with few searches for a long time, being a very niche product.

3. What does Jungle Scout Extension tell us?

5/10 opportunity score, which means high demand and high competition, but not in red. We could have caught the trend earlier and surely we would be in the green numbers.

Could we find better niches? Yes.

Would this niche be a “definite no”? Not at the moment. 

A very good idea is to look at its derivatives using Keyword Scout where, for example, a more easily attacked sub-niche appears: “whole body deodorant for women.”

Furthermore, we can use exploding topics to get more niche ideas:

Or related products that will show us new niches:

And even to know through which external channels to create advertising to send to our Amazon listing using Amazon Attribution: TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Opportunity Finder extra tip: Get ALL the niches

Also, there is another trick to get all the niches possible directly in Opportunity Finder. What would you think about getting 2,302,684 niche ideas in one click? Well, look, you can do it like this:

Or by selecting all categories and leaving all fields empty. The result? Over 2M niches that you can filter

For example, with a Niche Score of 8 to 10 and demand growth over the last 30 days. What would you think about almost 400 easy-to-attack niche ideas?

Exploding Topics + Jungle scout

The integration of Exploding Topics with Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder provides a comprehensive approach to product discovery and validation, and we can also follow the thread of keywords and niches to find new niches.

By leveraging early trend detection and detailed market data (many coming from Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, and Instagram), Amazon Sellers can not only anticipate consumer needs but also optimize their strategies to effectively meet these demands and be “the first to plant the flag.”

This dual-tool strategy allows Sellers to identify profitable opportunities, reduce market entry risks, and gain a competitive edge in the ultra-competitive Amazon market.

This is one of the methods I use to find niches, but there are many more. Imagination to power! I look forward to reading your methods in the comments.

Grow your Amazon business with Jungle Scout.

Leverage Jungle Scout’s industry-leading Amazon intelligence to find profitable opportunities, expand your product line, and gain market share.

Jordi is an independent eCommerce and Amazon consultant whose list of clients includes Estrella Damm, Intersport, Bella Aurora, Lladró, Textura Interiors, Nice Things Palomas, Castañer, Due-Home and many other clients. He teaches and has been been a speaker at Meet Magento, Prestashop, Prestashop Day, SEMRush, Cambra de Comerç Barcelona, ClinicSEO, Ecommbeers, Ecommbrunch,, Ecommfest, EOI, ESIC-ICEMD, Foxize, Generalitat de Catalunya, Inesdi, Quondos and The Valley. In addition, he has done in-company trainings for brands such as Orange and Adidas. He writes articles for Shopify, SEMRush, La Vanguardia,, Marketing4ecommerce, and more.

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