How to Find Suppliers for Your Amazon Business with Jungle Scout Supplier Database

How to Find Suppliers for Your Amazon Business with Jungle Scout Supplier Database
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What is Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database?

How does Jungle Scout Supplier Database work?

How do I access Supplier Database?

Once you find a product you’d like to launch on Amazon, your next step is to find a reputable and reliable supplier. 

You can do it the old-fashioned way by doing a Google search or by scrolling through Alibaba, but efficient Amazon sellers are using the Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Our Supplier Database tool has recently gone through a few updates to make sure your search results are much more accurate — ensuring you find the best supplier for your product. 

What is Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database?

Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database is a powerful supplier search engine that helps you source manufacturers, vendors, suppliers, and trading companies for your Amazon products. 

Search for suppliers by product, company, supplier name, and ASIN. The ASIN search is especially useful if you want to try and find the supplier your competition is using. Users can also see supplier details, including shipments and customer volume. 

When you find a supplier you are interested in using, you can save it to the Supplier Tracker feature to compare quotes and save contact information as you communicate with various suppliers.

How does Jungle Scout Supplier Database work?

The Supplier Database has many useful features to help you find, sort, and track suppliers for your Amazon business. Let’s go over what those features are. 

Inside the Supplier Database, you currently have four ways to search for a supplier :


Search the ASIN of any Amazon product in the Supplier Database, and the tool will tell you the company that manufactured or supplied the product. You can copy and paste the ASIN into the tool or click the “Find supplier for this product” button on the Extension. 

2. Product keyword

Find the suppliers of a certain type of product you are interested in. Supplier Database then returns the best supplier matches for your potential Amazon product. 

3. Company

If you want to discover who your competitors use to source their products, simply type in the name of their company in this field. The database will immediately display the suppliers the company orders from the most.

4. Supplier

If you know the name of the supplier already, you can enter it to see how many products they’re shipping to the U.S.*, the volume of their transactions, and which companies use them.

We also added additional search filters in the tool, such as Country of Origin, Product Category, Supplier Name, Product Description, and HS Code to help narrow down the search results. 

View supplier details

Once the search results load, you can view information about the supplier, such as their total shipments, total imports, top customers, top categories, and their recent shipments. 

Supplier Database also links the supplier’s address to Google Maps and links to Google so you can find the supplier’s contact information. 

Then, you can save the supplier to your Supplier Tracker. 

Track suppliers and quotes

After you save a supplier from Supplier Database, you can access it again through your Supplier Tracker. In addition to keeping the supplier’s contact information and customs data available for you, the Supplier Tracker can save quotes, sample information, purchase orders, and more. 

Supplier Tracker also allows you to group your suppliers based on your different product ideas, the location of the suppliers, or however you prefer. Once you’ve created groups, you can add new suppliers to the tracker using the new “Add Suppliers” feature. This saves you the trouble of having to perform another search in order to expand your supplier lists.

With these features to help you review and sort your supplier data, comparing your supplier options and quotes is quick and seamless.

How is Supplier Database different than Alibaba or other supplier database tools?

What really sets Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database apart from Alibaba or other databases is that it’s specifically created with the Amazon FBA seller in mind. With functions like ASIN and company search, you can see exactly who your competitors are sourcing their products from. 

Plus, the supplier tracker lets you organize, sort, and compare prices of multiple vendors to ensure that you keep costs down.

How do I access Supplier Database?

Supplier Database is part of Jungle Scout’s suite of powerful tools and the Extension. 

To access Supplier Database and Supplier Tracker, log in to your Jungle Scout account and click the Suppliers tab. 

When using the Jungle Scout Extension, as mentioned earlier, users can also click the “Find supplier for this product” button, which will bring you to the Supplier Database. 

Easily find a supplier for your Amazon FBA business

To start finding reputable suppliers for your products, sign up for Jungle Scout and start using Supplier Database! 

Learn more about how you can use Jungle Scout to start, run, and grow your Amazon business.

Brian Connolly is an Amazon seller, ecommerce expert, and writer for Jungle Scout. He lives in the New Jersey Shore area with his wife and cat. When he isn’t writing advice online for aspiring and experienced Amazon sellers for Jungle Scout, he spends his free time boating, fishing, and selling boating-themed items on his Amazon business.

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