Unlocking the Power of Amazon Data: An Inside Look at the Jungle Scout API

In this webinar we unveil the Jungle Scout API. See firsthand how this game-changing tool provides industry-leading Amazon intelligence data with infinite flexibility to tailor insights to your specific needs.

Don’t miss out on learning how our API provides a competitive edge by empowering you to build personalized solutions for uncovering trends, monitoring competitors, and maximizing success on Amazon.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Specific use cases for the Jungle Scout API, including gathering competitive intelligence and analyzing historical keyword search volume
  • How to use our API to build apps that help you streamline and customize your data analysis, expand into new markets, and support the FBA community
  • Details on the industry-leading Amazon intelligence data you can access through the Jungle Scout API, including keyword data, sales estimates, share of voice, and product data
  • And more!

Connect with your host

Jake Zarastian

Ecommerce Training Expert at Jungle Scout

Jake Zaratsian joined Jungle Scout in 2021 as an educational content creator, sharing with others what he’s learned working at one of the first Amazon-partnered advertising agencies. He’s since launched his own brand, and currently runs a consulting business helping enterprise brands become more profitable on the Amazon marketplace.

Tools used in this webinar

Jungle Scout API

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