Jungle Scout shows you the exact products that will make you money on Amazon.



Jungle Scout’s Extension will help you make decisions based on actual data, not intuition. With the click of a button, see a product’s estimated monthly sales, Best Seller Rank, revenue, or other criteria that is critical in identifying profitable opportunities. Filter, organize, and export to CSV to aggregate and organize key data points to accelerate and inform your Amazon product research.

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Jungle Scout’s Product Database found inside the Web App will help you find profitable products in seconds. Stop wasting time browsing a site built for consumers. We’ve rebuilt Amazon’s catalog specifically to help sellers find profitable products: filter by Monthly Sales, product size, number of reviews and more to find thousands of product opportunities with one click.

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Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker found inside the Web App will monitor your competitors’ pricing, inventory, profit margins, and more. In the competitive Amazon marketplace, knowing what your competitors are doing is the difference between success and failure. The Product Tracker shows you the data you need to ensure a profitable product opportunity.

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The Niche Hunter feature of the Web App is the easiest way to find niches of opportunity on Amazon. Filter results by level of demand, competition, even use a proprietary “Opportunity Score” setting to uncover your next private label brand. The Niche Hunter is the only way to uncover the riches in the niches in an efficient and scalable way!

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Chrome Extension
Lite Pro
$87 $147
  • Monthly Sales & Revenue Estimates
  • Industry Leading Sales Accuracy
  • Average Rating and # of Reviews
  • Category & Best Seller Ranks
  • Updates and Support for 1 Year
  • Dimensions & Weight
  • Oversize Indicator
  • Monthly Item Trends
  • FBA Fees
  • Profit Calculator
  • Web App
    Startup Standard Business
    $39 $69 $99
  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Amazon Catalog Built for Sellers
  • Endless Product Ideas
  • Spy on Competitors' Sales
  • Find What's Selling
  • Find Low Competition Items
  • Cloud Based
  • Niche Hunter
  • Track 40 Products
  • Track 80 Products
  • Track 150 Products
  • Scott Voelker
    Scott Voelker
    The Amazing Seller

    Jungle Scout is the ONE tool I can not live without. There’s ways to use it that simply blow you away once you realize the power of what they can do for your business. A must-have tool for any Amazon seller!

    Steve Chou
    Steve Chou

    Jungle Scout is my go-to resource for finding new product ideas on Amazon. I recommend it to all my students, and have seen a huge impact in finding and validating great products. I'm not sure how I ever used to find products without it.

    Jordan Malik
    Jordan Malik

    Jungle Scout is the software you don't want your competing merchants to have. It is really that good. Greg and his team put a lot of heart, science and soul into creating it, and it shows. In a world of half-baked "get-rich-quick" Amazon seller solutions, Jungle Scout comes out on top.

    Ry Rice
    Ry Rice

    Usually I'm a critic but I really can't do anything but PRAISE this software. Within minutes, and I kid you not, minutes, I found a product possibly selling 20+ daily, with only 6 reviews....6 freakin' reviews. My mind is spinning at the thought of the power of this software. It's look is clean, it's uber user-friendly and the speed is more than reliable.


    • Which Extension is right for me?

      The Lite Extension is good for new potential sellers who are tight on budget and curious about the sales potential for various products on Amazon. The Pro Extension is perfect for people who are serious about selling on Amazon, and want to invest in knowing all the necessary details to find a profitable product: monthly sales, FBA fees, monthly trends, and more.

    • Will I need the web app?

      We recommend the Web App for sellers looking to find more product opportunities with greater ease and certainty. Those who want to supercharge their sales on Amazon will want to pair the Web App with the Pro Extension to maximize their research capabilities. The Web App is also fantastic for examining products under a magnifying glass.

    • How accurate is the estimated sales and revenue?

      Jungle Scout’s sales and revenue estimates are the best we have found. Sales numbers are not published by Amazon, therefore Jungle Scout estimates sales volumes through the best sellers rank. Although Jungle Scout is packed with industry leading technology, no warranty is made to the accuracy of these numbers and we recommend you use them as base estimates.

    • How does Jungle Scout get estimated sales data?

      Using an in-house data collection system, we’re able to gather over 1.2 million data points from Amazon sales each month. Jungle Scout’s data scientist creates models based off this data on a monthly basis to ensure users always have up to date, accurate algorithms. Using our method, we can estimate sales for any product, even those with over 999 in stock.

    • Does it work for Amazon US and UK?

      Jungle Scout currently offers full support for both the US and UK Amazon stores for the extensions. The web app only offers US support. In the future, we would like to add support for all of the Amazon stores. Would you like to be notified when we release support for your marketplace? Enter your email here.

    • Do I need a professional sellers account?

      To be able to use the full functionality of the Pro extension, you are required to enter your API Keys which are only available to people with professional seller accounts on Amazon. Most Amazon sellers already have a professional account and if not, you can get it for free for the first month. Without API Keys, you will not be able to display data from the product dimensions and weight columns, number of sellers, or view FBA fees.