Amazon Sales Trend Analysis: September Updates

I love Amazon data.

If I told you guys the truth of how much time I spend reading, looking at and analyzing Amazon data, you would think I was the biggest nerd alive.

This is probably from my Engineering background, but I just didn’t feel comfortable estimating sales based off hearing that my friends brothers girlfriend had a BSR (best sellers rank) of around 1,000 in Sports and Outdoors and sold 20 units/day.  Hm, so if I have a BSR of around 2,000 in Sports and Outdoors then I should sell 19/day?  15?  10?  How the heck was I suppose to know? (now you can just check the sales estimator)

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About a year ago, I realized there was nobody in the industry collecting or publishing any sorts of real, thorough data from Amazon.  That’s when I set out to build a massive Amazon data collection system that we dubbed “JS Canopy”.  The beast collects around 1.2 – 1.5 million data points each month, and from that I can spend days geeking out over graphs, charts, and tables that tell me how much of what is selling where:-)

We saw some pretty decent changes in sales from July -> August of 2015, mostly increases, especially for the more popular items (low BSR’s).  Just to be clear, when I say low BSR’s, I’m talking about low numerical values which translate to a higher number of sales.

Here’s a little breakdown of how sales changed for different categories:
  • Appliances: higher sales for items ranked lower than 1000, but a decrease in sales for items with higher ranks
  • Baby products: an overall increase in sales, especially for items ranked higher than 1000
  • Beauty products: sales increased, especially for items ranked higher than 2000
  • Cellphone and accessories: sales increases, especially for products ranked higher than 1000
  • Clothing products: for items ranked higher than 5000 we saw increases, about the same for the rest of products
  • Grocery products: especially for items ranked higher than 5000
  • Industrial and Scientific products: for items ranked higher than 1000
  • Office products: small increase across the board
  • Pet supplies: small increase across the board
  • Sports and Outdoors: small increase for all products

Meanwhile, Patio Lawn and Garden products showed a slight sale decrease in August, no surprise there as summer starts to end.

Any category not listed here didn’t see much or any change from July -> August.

We have more good news too!  We’re getting ready to release sales equations for the UK store 🙂  Our friends in the UK have been patiently waiting for this.  We take data integrity very seriously and didn’t want to release anything we weren’t very confident in so I apologize for the wait!

Want more good news?  JS just added another developer to our team to try and help feed my unquenchable thirst for more accurate and larger amounts of data.  Why do I obsess over this data so much?  Because it’s the foundation of what makes our tools so great!

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