Extension update: new and improved

Extension Update: It’s New and Improved!

Many of you are Jungle Scout originals. You started your product research and Amazon FBA selling journey when Jungle Scout was only a Chrome extension.

Well, folks, times have changed. Our suite of products has expanded into supplier research, automated accounting, inventory, listing testing and optimization, and plenty more.

Still, Jungle Scout’s powerful Chrome extension is a small-but-mighty tool that has changed the game for Amazon FBA sellers for years.

And today, we’re kicking off a series of awesome updates to the extension that will make your life easier.

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What is Extension?

Extension helps you search for products to sell on Amazon while you’re on Amazon.

Click into the Chrome extension while browsing Amazon to get real-time competitive product data, historical Best Sellers Rank, Google trend analysis, sales estimates and profit projections, and more.

You can also use Extension to validate your product ideas. Our AccuSales™ data analysis engine provides monthly and historical sales estimates, plus pricing data, to remove the guesswork out of your product research.

Extension also features an Opportunity Score–a calculation based on product demand, competition, and listing quality data–to help determine the product’s potential.

How does the Extension update work?

This new version works the same as the original! We’ve just redesigned some things to make product search, visibility, and experience the easiest and most actionable for you.

So it might look different, but all the functionality still exists to help you find and validate your Amazon FBA product ideas. Extension’s update includes:

  • Customized display of product info
  • Filtered search results in the menu
  • Easy access to our 24/7 support team
  • Other tweaks to simplify your experience and get you up and running smoothly!

Check it out!

Here’s what the newly redesigned Extension looks like:


Product preview pop-ups no longer block the listings’ key data:


Plus, we have an easier-to-understand ‘Menu’ (still accessible by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of Extension’s window):

New & improved Jungle Scout Extension: New Menu


In ‘Customize View’, you can still choose which columns you want to see. With this redesign, though, toggling off Sponsored Ad products means permanently blocking them from being displayed:

New & improved Jungle Scout Extension: Customize View


How is the Chrome extension different from Jungle Scout’s web-based solution?

Extension is taken to a new (web-based!) level with Jungle Scout and its accompanying features. (In case you were wondering, Jungle Scout started as the Chrome extension only — hence the name — but we kept coming up with other tools for Amazon sellers and wanted to bake them into an easily accessible, web-based product.)

Just like Extension, you can use Jungle Scout — an all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon — to take your product research to the next level. Then, you can find global suppliers, optimize listings, and scale and manage your Amazon FBA business. See more!


82 comments on “Extension Update: It’s New and Improved!

  1. Hi, the opportunity score seems to be different than the older version. I am getting a high-demand with low competition but the score is 6 and yellow, while it used to show a green color and the score was between 7 and 9 in the earlier version when there’s a low comp and high demand. Am I missing something here?

    1. Hey Muhanned,

      Great question. I believe when they did the reskin, they made it so the numbers are a little more conservative to protect you and your spending on product. It’s always better to be a little under than over. 🙂

  2. You should add a column that shows the date the product was added to Amazon. That would help in determining if it is an established niche or if it’s at the beginning of a gold rush.

  3. Hi
    with a new extension i am not able to see more then 10 products ! Nothing works as i tried . Only if add and # is in orange color i can modify to see first 10 products or last 10 even if i download more results . I am not able to see products between .
    Please help.

    Thank you

  4. I have an account with you but buy mistake I didn’t take the bundle with the extension. I sent you an email a few weeks ago about my wish to upgrade to the 69$ bundle but no reply till now

    1. Hi Eddie, our product team is working on some of the bugs with this new release. Updates should be in effect now, so try to log out and log back in to test out the export function again.

      If you still have issues, you can reach out to [email protected] at anytime!

  5. Hello, it seems to have a ugly bug: It skips many items when you press “load more result”. The items skipped are random.
    The old version wasn’t affected.. if you had 24 items per page it retrieved 120 items when you clicked 4 times “load more result” (24 + 4 X 24). Now the new versions sometimes load 115 items, sometimes 118, sometimes 109. It’s random but it skips some items

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Simona. Our product team is working through some bugs on the new release. You might need to log out and log back in to check on those improvements, so please bear with us!

      You can also reach out to [email protected] if you need further assistance.

  6. When you click on “download CSV” option, it downloads but when you click on it, it asks what i want to open it up with an excel is not an option! I then have to find another option in my c: (excel) and it then opens up. I am not sure if this is a local issue but it is very frustrating to go through this process each time. Can you advise?

  7. Super buggy update – anyone else have incorrect results (missing items, wrong SP tags)? Also the CSV export requires you to enter the .csv extension manually. I was living with the frequent crashes and phantom requests to log in repeatedly already but this is not usable anymore. I’m hoping it’s just me and easily fixed but I’ve had to reach out a number of times about incorrect results in the past and I’m not sure why it seems to be a persistent problem here.

    1. Would also note that it looks like the CSV export format has changed? All the headline data is now in the first column and then the data starts to the right after that (vs below it previously).

  8. Hello,

    Is it possible for a next update to give the choice to organize the columns in the order we want or to put the column “number of monthly sales” next to the column “review”?

  9. I signed up to pay for the extension, but I am not seeing the icon on my Amazon sellers account. How do I get the icon to appear on the top right of my Amazon page?

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Log in to your Jungle Scout account and go to the Extension icon on the left side. Then, add the extension to Chrome.

      If you’re using an internet browser other than Chrome it won’t work.

      Hope that’s helpful!

  10. Hi, I’m looking for the estimated number of sales per month by The BAR or ASIN . Could you please tell me where to find it in your program? is it on the web ap?

    1. Hi Araceli,

      The best way to do it is to take the ASIN you’re interested in looking up, then going to that page. Once you’re at that page, open your Extension and it’ll give you the estimated sales number.

    1. Hey Liz – in the bottom right corner of the extension there is a cloud icon you click to open up the word cloud. Next to that is the Google Trends feature.

      If you still can’t see it, make sure your browser window is fully expanded so you can see the entire extension!

    1. Hi Prakash,

      We have an entire data science team that created our unique in-house algorithm – and unfortunately, we can’t share our proprietary information. We appreciate you considering our data for your college project!


  11. How often is the sales data updated? We ran some #’s on Friday and then looked at them again today and they are VERY different. That shouldn’t be the case, should it?


    1. Hey Owen,

      Sales data is updated monthly. Also, it should be noted that we’ve recently turned on Accusales™ which may show some big differences in numbers. However, Accusales™ is far more accurate than the previous iteration of Jungle Scout, thanks to the billions of points of data we collect to get our sales estimates versus the old “999 trick” method of data collection used by nearly all of our competitors.

      You can earn more about how it works here: https://www.junglescout.com/accusales

      1. Here’s some more info from our developers: “The frequency of the updates will depend on when the system detects a significant variance in the data, a variance that could affect the efficacy of the algorithms. So there will be times when estimates are updated daily, but other times it might happen weekly or biweekly.”

  12. Under the Product Database, dividing Categories into Gated and Ungated would be welcoming feature, for beginners. Did you think about that?

  13. What does the web app advanced integration feature do? If i go with Jungle Scout Pro, will i be able to use Web app as well or do i have to get the web app plan separately.

  14. Hello,
    If I buy this jungle scout pro, is it possible that different person uses it from different computer than me at the same time?
    Sorry my english…

  15. Hi,

    A few questions and grateful for any answers.

    Does this also exist for the EU as a whole or EU markets individually?Where to get?

    Is there a way to find out immediately where the opportunities are based on score without simply looking for things in no particular order and only getting an opportunity score like that?

    I order of top 3 what are best opportunity scores? Which is high demand and low competition and how to find such products?

    Thank you kindly!

  16. Some of the Seller’s Estimated Revenue is not showing including the type of Seller. Also, lot’s of Blank price unlike the previous extension.

    1. Hi Elmer,

      There were a few issues early on which should now have been resolved. If you haven’t already, try clearing your cache and removing the extension and installing it again.

      If you still see issues, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be able to help you out!

  17. When I try to pull a listing for a search result I get no results now. It just spins. If I go into a single listing it pulls. Worked fine up until Sunday.

  18. HI,

    What is the range of the Opportunity score and what is considered a good score, in other words this is hot got get it?

    1. Hey Randy,

      The opportunity score is out of 10, so 1-3 is quite low, 8-10 is a great opportunity score and everything in between shows medium opportunity. If you hover on the score it will explain this too 🙂

      The scores will also provide an explanation, for example “high demand, high competition”.

      Hope this helps,

  19. Does it work on my chrome book is pro does but new functions are not there ??
    Or do I need to reinstall

    Thanks Alec

    1. Hey Alec,

      It should update automatically. You can try erasing your browser history and cache, or reinstalling the extension, if it has not updated for you yet. If you run into any issues please contact us at [email protected] – the team will be happy to help.


  20. Hi

    In the Price column I get a lot of items without a price.
    the Hover message says “This listing does not have a buyer who controls the Buy Box.”
    because of this a lot of information is missing. How can we get around this.

    1. Hey Phil,

      Sometimes we cannot display the price and this is because of Amazon / the product itself. However, we have had a few small teething issues with the new extension so this might actually be an issue with your history and cache.

      Can you clear both your history and cache and reinstall the extension? If this does not help, please contact us at [email protected].

      Many thanks,

  21. Heads up, I had to delete the old extension (Chrome->More Tools->Extensions->Remove) then install the new one for the Jungle Scout site.

  22. Not seeing the update. I tried manually “Update Extensions” in Chrome but I’m not seeing the update. Still the old version.

    1. Hey Casey,

      FBA fees are still there if you have the Pro extension, plus, you no longer need to enter your API keys from Amazon to access this data.

      To see the FBA fees you can click on an individual product in the extension to get a full breakdown. You can also add the Fees column to your extension filters permanently by clicking the hamburger icon top left, and then the cog icon in that menu (top right), then check the ‘Fees’ tickbox and hit save.

      Hope this helps!

  23. I’m not seeing anything new. Do I need to reinstall?
    Also in my web app the top of the report is cut off and I’m not getting very many of the scores

  24. Hi

    If you already bought JS extension pro do you qualify upgrade for the new version or you have to buy again the new version of JS Pro?

    1. Same! Unfortunately, google doesn’t allow extensions on mobile devices 🙁 If they ever support them in the future, we’ll definitely add it right away!

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