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What Happened In the Million Dollar Case Study Season 5?

The Million Dollar Case Study (MDCS) Season 5 wrapped in April 2021 — and it was a big success!  After weeks of research, we successfully launched a top-ranking washable puppy pee pad product on Amazon that sold around 400 units ($11,000) in its first month. 

To get you up to speed, here’s a bit about MDCS:

  • MDCS shows you how to find and launch a product on Amazon in real time, step by step — for free
  • Our mission is to educate aspiring sellers on Amazon while giving back to worthy causes in the process
  • In each episode, we explore how to sell with the private label method and what it takes to succeed on Amazon in 2021 and beyond
  • Season 5 featured special appearances from Amazon experts and our Jungle Scout team

For the past five years, the Million Dollar Case Study has been the go-to resource for sellers who want to learn how to sell on Amazon FBA. Let’s take a look behind the curtain to learn about how MDCS works, its mission, and what happened in Season 5. But first, meet your hosts!


Meet your hosts

Lenny Smith

If you’re familiar with Jungle Scout, you’ve probably seen Lenny in webinars and on our YouTube channel. He knows a lot about selling on Amazon, and he couldn’t wait to co-host Season 5 of the Million Dollar Case Study.  

He’s a Jungle Scouter and entrepreneur who has built a thriving business on Amazon. He enjoys the thrill of launching a new product and learning how to navigate the ever-changing space of ecommerce. More importantly, he loves helping sellers achieve their goals.  

That’s Lenny’s favorite thing about the Million Dollar Case Study: it’s a great way to empower sellers to make the first move for their business.

Greg Mercer

I’m Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle Scout.  

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, from selling candy around the block as a kid, to building my first ecommerce product when I was a teenager. I began selling on Amazon while working as an engineer — I was looking for a career path with more freedom. 

I realized finding a profitable product was a tedious, time-consuming process. So I founded Jungle Scout. 

Today, it’s grown from a company of just myself (and my wife/first business partner Liz) to a diverse, remote-first team of more than 250 people worldwide!


What is The Million Dollar Case Study?

The Million Dollar Case study provides FREE, comprehensive content for sellers on Amazon.

The Jungle Scout team launches a real product on Amazon (with real suppliers, advertising, sales — the works), and documents it all, step by step, in a video series. 

We show our journey in weekly episodes featuring Amazon experts and our team. We share regular updates about each step, including:

  • Product research
  • Sourcing and working with a supplier
  • Branding and promotion
  • Listing and managing a product on Amazon 
  • And more!

What it takes to sell on Amazon is a major theme for all seasons of the MDCS. We focus on how to sell with the private label method, which more than two-thirds of Amazon sellers use. While there are other Amazon business models to choose from, we zero in on what it takes to succeed with your own brand. We share how you can embrace a seller’s mindset, as well as some invaluable tips from our Amazon experts.

How can I watch?

All episodes of the Million Dollar Case Study Season 5 are now available on the Jungle Scout YouTube channel

In each episode, you’ll find recorded expert interviews and demonstrations of how to use Jungle Scout tools to launch a profitable business on Amazon.


What is the mission of The Million Dollar Case Study?

Selling on Amazon is an incredible way for people to become entrepreneurs and start earning money on their own terms. We know sellers need resources to get their businesses started without dropping thousands of dollars on a course. 

That’s where the Million Dollar Case Study comes in.

The Million Dollar Case Study was created to help aspiring sellers succeed on Amazon. In 2015, I introduced a collaborative product launch that walked viewers through how to sell a product step by step to demystify the journey.

But the Million Dollar Case Study mission extends beyond Amazon. 

We donate 100% of our product profits to charity. Since the inception of the Million Dollar Case Study, we’ve raised over $150,000 for Pencils of Promise and Doctors Without Borders by selling more than $1 million in product from our case studies.

We love doing the Million Dollar Case Study. It’s a team-wide effort, and we value every opportunity it gives us to connect with sellers and give back to worthy causes.


What did we accomplish in Season 5?

In a word, tons!

While the Million Dollar Case Study always centers around a private label product on Amazon, in Season 5 we explored how selling has recently shifted and what it takes to succeed on Amazon in 2021 and beyond.

We know the way that finding, launching, and selling products is changing. So we tailored Season 5 of Million Dollar Case Study to the new normal, with applicable ways for how to start your business in today’s climate. 

Here’s an overview of what we accomplished:

  • After 25 hours of research done over 8 weeks, we successfully launched a washable puppy pee pad product on Amazon 
  • In one month, we sold around 400 units ($11,000 in sales) on Amazon 
  • We secured the #1 spot for Hot New Releases for Training Pads on Amazon, and are now ranked in the top 200 in the Dog Training Pads niche

We think that’s a pretty great start — especially since we did it without A+ listing content or professional product images.  

That’s not to say everything went perfectly. As you’ll find when you watch the episodes, we switched course from our original product idea, dealt with pandemic-related shipping delays, and ran into a few other snags along the way. 

This season was a good reminder that to survive on Amazon — as with any new venture— you have to prioritize long-term investments as opposed to short-term gains. If you feel discouraged in the early stages of running your business, keep in mind that building a business from scratch takes time. But it also proved that with the right tools and strategies, you can launch a successful Amazon business — be it a side hustle or primary income replacement — even during a global pandemic. 

How do I get involved?

Be sure to join the Million Dollar Case Study Season 5 Facebook Group to find episode recaps, recommended next steps for your journey, and some “homework” to help you learn as you watch the series. You can take pointers from the questions other viewers asked the Jungle Scout team as they progressed through the season. 

The Facebook group is a great place to connect with other Amazon sellers and share tips and tricks to help launch your Amazon business.

Catch up on every episode of MDCS Season 5!

Find our episode guide here for details and demonstration videos about each step of the Amazon seller journey.


38 comments on “What Happened In the Million Dollar Case Study Season 5?

  1. Really informative,case study.the ways of product hunting kindly ,guide us,and as a beginner which type of product I select.

  2. I’ve been researching Amazon FBA for weeks. Blogs Facebook Instagram YouTube. This site is the First Resource I have found that seems genuine in helping me become an entrepreneur as a beginner in the FBA game. I have to write down my plan to begin my process. I commit to doing that this week. I’m only just beginning but I’m very excited to have found jungle Scout and the million-dollar case study. I look forward to continued contact and sharing my successes.
    Thank you,
    John Coble

  3. My family have been in America for decades and have never made enough money to take a vacation. I see my father’s health deteriorating everyday as works like a dog to make ends meat. If I become a successful Amazon Entrepreneur, he can finally relax and spend time with his family.

  4. Hi everyone! I just subscribed to JS $49/month plan and registered to watch the MDCS season 4. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn for free as I can not afford to pay $499 or more for some guru’s course. I will stop watching all those FBA videos on YouTube because I got info overload and now just confused about the how, what, where and when of all this. I tend to believe I can learn everything I need to know right here. My family hopes I’m right.

  5. Hi there,

    I found some product niches using junglescout and also found potential suppliers on Alibaba. However, I’m a bit confused how to judge product safety certificates by manufacturers especially for food related items eg Tupper ware or silicon molds or products for kids like baby blankets etc. I read that as an importer it would be my responsibility to ensure product safety. How do you make sure your imported products comply with fda and/or cpsc? Do you get product safety certificates before selling or what the common procedure besides importing and cashing in after selling on Amazon? It would be awesome to get some advice as a newbie since I’d like to be compliant with product safety requirements.

    1. Hi Mia,

      Great questions! I recommend picking up the help of a local logistics company in the US. Not only can they help out with these tough questions, but they can also negotiate down rates for your shipping and make the process a lot easier. Plus, they’ll get you bonded, which can save you from any potential legal issues that might (but very rarely!!) arise when doing international shipping.

      I hope that’s helpful.

  6. Hello,
    I have a question about the MDSC criteria for product selection. I am brand new to Amazon selling and trying to find my first product.

    I signed up for the Web App and Chrome Extension last month and watched all of season 4 of the MDCS.

    But I am confused about applying the criteria of low star ratings (+/-3.7). If I have found a few product ideas that have high demand and low competition, several in the top 10 of the niche with fewer than 50 reviews, but the star ratings are all 4 stars or above, is it not recommended to proceed? In other words, should I always as a rule of thumb pursue only products I can improve upon, or is it perfectly fine as an entry level seller to select a product that already has favorable reviews, just not so many?

    1. Cynthia,

      Great question! Star ratings are just one way of many to look for a product opportunity and a “rule of thumb.” So you’re not beholden to it. Improving upon a product is always a good idea, but there’s “more than one way to skin a cat.” Consider, too, the reviews themselves. Even in the products that are doing well with good reviews, what are the reviewers saying could be better? That will help guide your decision, too.

      Plus, is every possible variation of that product available for shoppers? For example, are all the “widgets” black or silver? But there’s no blue or gold? Etc.

      Hope that’s helpful!

  7. Hello Together,

    i bought yesterday the bundle for 499. Now i want to learn with the MDCS.

    Should i start with Season 4 or Season 1?
    Is Season 4 enough or would i learn more if i would watch all 4 Seasons?
    What is the difference between the Seasons from Workflow?

    Best Regards

  8. Hello!

    My name is Fabiola Urdiales I have joined your case study and I would like to get involved with the Homework.

    I’m not very tech savvy, but once I get it, I’m good. Please send me instructions on how to get logged on to the group.

    I went to my facebook but could not find your group.

    Also what time is your live Video on Tuesday and Thursday AMA.

    Fabiola Urdiales

  9. Parece que es un poco tarde para empezar?tengo 62 anos, y nunca he incursionado en las ventas por internet.a veces me frustro por no entender algunas cosas,pero las ganas de triunfar aqui, son mucho mas grandes.De hecho tambien estoy en el aprendizaje del idioma ingles,y creo que es mucho trabajo junto.Gracias por la oprtunidad de poder aprender de jovenes emprendedores como ustedes.gracias,gracias,gracias

  10. Hi Greg and Rolando, I love your video you created on MDCS. I am a new entrepreneur in doing the amazon business. You asked about, what I would do if I make an extra 3000 – 5000 USD per month? Well! Its a bit versatile question as human mind. But I think myself to do something on tropical disease research and innovation. By the way, in my professional career I am a researcher in malaria.
    Anyway, I am interested to do some business as well to get some funding and as I can fund the research wing.
    Hopefully the Amazon business will best fit myself accordingly.

  11. Thank you for what you are doing. I’m from Ukraine. In your paid version, is it possible to change the language to Russian? .Because my English is very weak.

  12. Greg,
    I have been working on several products to launch on Amazon, but I have not launched because I not been able to find the right product with a reasonable margin. In fact, I just bailed on launch because after looking at competitive pricing I don’t feel I can compete. I am almost 60 and we have had series of situation that kept us from saving for our future. So, I am hoping for a solution for my retirement years….

  13. do you have to list a product through brand registry when starting out or can you just create a new product listing?

  14. I have a two step plan with the money. 1 – Pay off my giant student loan debt. 2 – Quit my job and focus on my travel blog…which means traveling full time!

  15. This is exciting. Looking forward to learning and hopefully start a new chapter in my life. Thank you for opening this door of opportunity for me.

  16. Hi. My name is Damir and I’m from Croatia, Europe. Will be the problem for me to sell on Amazon, depending of my location? Thanks in advance for your answer. Greetings from Croatia.

  17. I am very excited to learn all the new tips and tools…I really like to know if you like to invest in one category and have your own brand,how to get that brand popular and noticable and how you can find good products in that category

  18. Hi Greg

    Thank You so much for bringing another series and I cant wait till it start. I am looking for financial freedom which will give me peace of mind and abiliy to give to the world to most needed.

    Thanks for your work


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