The Best Amazon Seller Forums

The road to success as an Amazon seller can be long, complex, and lonely. Though when things become challenging, determined sellers find ways to figure it out no matter what. 

One of the best ways to solve your problems or difficulties as an Amazon seller is to seek advice from those who are more experienced. But how are you supposed to reach other Amazon sellers?

Through Amazon seller forums and online communities, you can ask questions, seek advice, and learn from experienced sellers on how to succeed with your Amazon business

Keep reading to learn about the best Amazon seller forums and communities to follow into 2024. 

 The top Amazon Seller Forums and communities 

Many Amazon and ecommerce sellers start their journey as a one- person team, but luckily there are some great places on the internet that allow you to connect, network, and learn from some of the best sellers in the world. 

Let’s review the best Amazon seller forums to help you grow your business. 

1. Amazon Seller Central forums 

If you’ve ever logged into Seller Central, you’ve likely noticed the “Seller Forum” section. This Amazon seller forum is one of the largest Amazon selling communities, as every Amazon seller has access to it. 

In the Seller Forums, you will find some of the most experienced (and candid) Amazon sellers in the game. If you have a question about your business, there is a high chance that there is already an informative thread about that very topic. 

If not, go ahead and create a new thread with your questions, and within hours or even minutes, you’ll have the answers you’re looking for. 

A great feature of this forum is that Amazon representatives will chime in on some threads if you are having trouble with your account or answer a specific Amazon selling question.

Though many topics you may find within the forums are common problems that lots of sellers face, before creating a new thread, search for your issues or question and there will likely be a thread about the very same thing.

2. Discord groups

You may be surprised by how many discord groups there are for Amazon sellers and ecommerce in general. These communities are a great way to connect with other sellers as you engage in an ongoing discussion about building an Amazon business. 

Most of these communities have different channels within the main discord to discuss different topics such as Brand Registry, PPC, listing optimization, general discussion, and so on. 

Keep in mind that many of the groups you come across may require a paid membership but there are plenty of free communities you can join on Discord as well. For example, the one from the screenshot above, ‘Amazon FBA’, is from the official server for the r/FulfillmentByAmazon subreddit. 

Another way to find these free groups is to go on Google and search “free amazon seller discord groups” and you’ll see many that pop up. Join a few and see which community you get the most value from. 

To get the most out of these seller communities in Discord, and other suggestions, is by actively participating. Ask questions, answer questions, and engage with the other members.

3. Amazon Seller Facebook groups

Not exactly “forums,” but Amazon seller communities that can be extremely helpful for beginner sellers. If you search for “Amazon sellers” or “Amazon FBA” on Facebook, you will see tons of large groups filled with new and experienced sellers like yourself. 

Facebook groups are a great way to connect and collaborate with other Amazon sellers and to learn new selling techniques that could positively impact your business. 

Did you know that Jungle Scout has a private Amazon seller Facebook group? It’s called the Amazon FBA Competitive Edge group. With over 60,000 members, it is a unique place to interact with and learn from other Amazon sellers. 

Join our community and other Amazon seller communities on Facebook! If you don’t have a Facebook account, I suggest you make one because the value you can get from some of these free communities is immeasurable. 

Here are some of my favorite Amazon seller Facebook Groups:

Join a few different groups and see which ones you get the most value from. 

4. Amazon seller subreddits 

You find a subreddit on nearly any topic on Reddit, Amazon selling included. Reddit can be a very useful resource for selling on Amazon and ecommerce in general. Need some advice or having trouble figuring out a particular problem? Search for that topic on Reddit or ask the community a question. 

To find subreddits about selling on Amazon, simply search for “selling on Amazon” or “Amazon FBA” and click on the communities tab. Here you will find numerous forums where you can ask and answer questions from other Amazon sellers. 

Get involved in the community and watch your Reddit Karma grow. 

5. Jungle Scout resource center

While not a forum, the Jungle Scout resource center is filled with tons of free valuable information about selling on Amazon perfect for beginners and advanced sellers. On each article, readers have an option to leave comments that someone from Jungle Scout will reply to. 

We have articles on nearly every topic you can think of when it comes to selling on Amazon. Have a question about your business or a problem you can’t solve? Head over to the Jungle Scout resource center and search for the topic you’re interested in learning more about. 

You can also answer other readers’ comments and interact with other sellers. 

6. Warrior Forum 

Warrior Forum is a forum for learning about all things digital marketing, ecommerce, and even selling on Amazon. On the homepage, you can browse through various topics or search for a particular topic you’re interested in learning about. 

This website is filled with experienced sellers in ecommerce and can be a good place for you to learn about selling on Amazon. 

Get involved in Amazon Seller communities!

If you want to grow and succeed with your Amazon business, networking with other sellers is one of the best ways to do so. Learn from others’ wins and losses and take your business to the next level. 

What’s your favorite Amazon Seller forum or community? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. Amazon these days is making policy changes frequently that has made things alot difficult for the new sellers. but i would say all these supporting community forums made things easy for me to go through the initial verifications and now i am running my kitchen through selling on amazon. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for posting the article about Forums. It is unfortunate that Amazon is now posting the business name and addresses of posters. So many of the old time posters will now delete their posts.

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