Protect Your Private Label Asset by Registering Your Brand with Amazon

Greg MercerPrivate Label Product Launch, Product Listing Optimization4 Comments

An increasing cause of concern for many private label sellers that I hear about is their fear of having nefarious competition attack their Amazon listing. This could come in many forms, whether someone “hijacks” a listing, buys items at a discount and resells it on your Amazon listing, or leaving phony negative reviews to hurt the product’s rating. I have seen all of these happen, and at times valid concerns, but they are also beyond your control. As I am launching my own private label product, Jungle Stix, I am looking to register my brand now as well.     One thing that is within your control, however, is protecting your brand. After all, the beauty of the private label business model on Amazon is that you create your own proprietary brand, build your own customer list and following, and scale a unified brand around a line of related products. When you invest your time and resources around building your brand, there are a few things that you can do, which I will cover.   Register Your Brand With Amazon Registering your brand is one thing that I highly recommend. The brand registry is available to any private label sellers, … Read More