Consumer Trends Report | Q4 2021

Quarterly changes in consumer behavior

This quarterly study of 1,000 U.S. consumers explores spending and ecommerce trends, with key insight into holiday gift shopping and the lifestyle changes that will inform purchasing in 2022.

Key Insights

4 out of 5 consumers shop online for holiday gifts — and most shop on Amazon.

78% of consumers shop online for gifts (46% shop only online) while 54% of consumers shop in stores.

67% of consumers shop on Amazon for holiday gifts, while 48% shop on

Plus, 47% of consumers who get gift ideas from social media will take inspiration from influencers.

More holiday shoppers search for specific brands on than on Amazon.

Most consumers (68%) search for types of products (i.e., “scented candle”) for holiday gifts, but many also use broad search terms (i.e., “gifts for moms”) or search for specific brands.

48% of shoppers search for brands (i.e., “Yankee Candle”) when shopping for holiday gifts compared to 38% of Amazon shoppers who do the same on Amazon.

Consumers look forward to “treating themselves” in 2022.

68% of Americans say they want to have more fun in 2022 and 55% of American consumers plan to “treat themselves” to make up for lost time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

46% of Americans say they are already making travel plans for 2022.

Consumer Spending Tracker

View consumer spending trends over time with Jungle Scout’s quarterly Consumer Trends Reports. This tracker is updated on a quarterly basis, and detailed past reports are linked below.

What consumers are buying:

What consumers are buying:

Where consumers are shopping:

Where consumers are shopping:

Explore how consumer behavior is changing.

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Amazon Dominates Holiday Gift Shopping In 2021

More consumers will shop on Amazon for holiday gifts than at any other online or in-store retailer, including Walmart, Target, and Etsy.

Where consumers shop for holiday gifts

Top holiday gift options for 2021


of consumers shop on Amazon for gifts


of consumers shop on for gifts


of consumers shop in-store at Walmart for gifts

How consumers search for holiday gifts online

On & Social Media, Brand Names Matter

When searching for gifts on Amazon and, consumers search for…

Top influences for gift ideas from social media

1. Posts by friends or family – 56%

2. Ads or posts by branded accounts (followed) – 55%

3. Ads or posts by branded accounts (not followed) – 51%

4. Ads or posts by influencers (followed) – 47%

5. Posts on Explore/For You pages- 45%

Brands that consumers don’t follow on social media are nearly as influential as brands they follow.

Download the full report

In this report, you’ll find:

  • A snapshot of consumers: their shopping and ecommerce spending, their preferred retailers, and the products they’re searching for now
  • Extensive insights into the top retailers, products, and strategies shaping the holiday gift shopping season, plus the priorities that will inform consumer spending in 2022
  • Trends in consumer behavior, preferences, and attitudes toward online advertising

Fun & Funds in 2022

Many consumers will prioritize socializing and self-improvement in 2022 — as well as making changes with work and personal finances.

What consumers are buying:

Top lifestyle changes for 2022

Consumers are eager to travel and resume in-person activities in 2022, though many will take precautions to mitigate their exposure to COVID-19.

54% will visit relatives or family

28% plan to watch a movie, concert, or other event in-person at a public venue

17% will host a wedding

73% of consumers plan to examine their spending and budgets in 2022.

About the report


Between October 8-9, 2021, Jungle Scout conducted an anonymous survey among a panel of 1,007 U.S. consumers about their buying preferences and behaviors. Respondents represent every U.S. state, all genders, and ages 18 to 75+, as well as all employment types and varying income levels.

Using the data

We invite you to explore Jungle Scout’s 2021 Consumer Trends Report, and to share, reference, and publish the findings with attribution to “Jungle Scout” and a link to this page.

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