Greg Mercer

FUN FACT: Greg launched Jungle Scout on Friday the 13th.

Gen Furukawa

FUN FACT: In his free time, he loves playing basketball, and enjoying the comic relief of Dave Chapelle, Louis CK, and his 10 month old daughter.

Jared Kalef

FUN FACT: One of the worlds formost connoiseurs of greasy American Pizza, yet somehow manages to stay in shape.

Shane Stinemetz

A former Infantry Plantoon Commander in the US Marines. Shane has surfed waves on every continent

Az Hopkins

FUN FACT: Az once travelled to 25 countries in one year, he can fly a plane(!), and if you ask really nicely, he can show you a traditional Maori Haka.


Diederik loves spending his free time outdoors with his wife and dog. His origins remain a mystery to many, but it’s probably somewhere in Scandinavia.

Kaia Olson

FUN FACT: Kaia’s favorite place to sleep is in a tent, she has a dangerous obsession with packing cubes, and she’s happy to help with any of your Latin or Ancient Greek translation needs.

Regan L

Ardent animal devotee. Active funny bone. Water-sport and nature junkie. Adventurous creative streak

Hon Lam

FUN FACT: Hon has competed in dragon boat for ten years as a paddler, coach, and team manager. He can play the drums, and is very interested in learning guitar.

Alan Maule

Josh Davies


FUN FACT: Paui has watched all episodes of The Simpsons. TV Series junkie. Used to play basketball. Musician at heart.

Lenny Smith

Claudia Zuniga

Claudia is a geek at heart. She is learning to code, loves comic books, regular books, video games, and horror movies. She has 4 cats, loves nature and to travel.

Mike Abbott

Amelia Clay

Rogelio Sevilla

Rogelio loves dogs, videogames and movies. When he’s not playing the Legend of Zelda, he’s at the movie theater watching the latest premieres with his wife.