Greg Mercer

FUN FACT: Greg launched Jungle Scout on Friday the 13th.

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Greg is the founder and CEO of a suite of tools to empower Amazon sellers as well as multiple physical product brands. He loves to think and write about Amazon sales, big data and building company culture for a remote team of 20+ employees.

Liz Mercer

FUN FACT: Yoga fanatic, coffee phene, spanish student, and wine lover. Elizabeth has wandered her way through 38 countries and counting.

Liz travels the world and heads up the Customer Success team, whilst working very closely with the developers. She also keeps our books, plans our company retreats in awesome places around the globe and day dreams how to make our apps even better by chatting with Amazon sellers.

Gen Furukawa

FUN FACT: In his free time, he loves playing basketball, and enjoying the comic relief of Dave Chapelle, Louis CK, and his 10 month old daughter.

A digital marketer and Amazon seller, Gen spends his days thinking of strategies and content to help Amazon sellers succeed. He studied business and entrepreneurship during his MBA at Cornell University, and did his undergraduate studies at Brown University.

Jared Kalef

FUN FACT: One of the worlds formost connoiseurs of greasy American Pizza, yet somehow manages to stay in shape.

Jared was the first software engineer to join the JS team and started building the apps from the ground up. He has a passion for building cool apps and seeing the businesses built around them succeed. He works hard to constantly help expand and lead the JS dev team.

Az Hopkins

FUN FACT: Az once travelled to 25 countries in one year, he can fly a plane(!), and if you ask really nicely, he can show you a traditional Maori Haka.

An entrepreneur at heart, Az has been an Environmental Engineer, an Executive Chef, owns a development agency, a cafe and runs an Amazon FBA business. He now spends his days as a manager in the engineering department at Jungle Scout.


Diederik loves spending his free time outdoors with his wife and dog. His origins remain a mystery to many, but it's probably somewhere in Scandinavia.

From uncovering the earths minerals to uncovering unexplored lines of code. Diederik started his professional career in mining engineering but soon found his love of coding more alluring than that of precious metals. He now spends his time building awesome software and managing the engineering team.

Josh Davies

FUN FACT: Josh has the nickname Senior Developer Josh not because of his skill level but because he likes to tell people what to do. (He’s still nice though)

Josh graduated from Computer Engineering and started his career in 2001. Since then he has worked in almost every area of software, including big corporations like Oracle and IBM as well as startups. He then moved into the freelance development world looking for more creative projects, before finding his role as Senior Developer Josh at Jungle Scout. In his spare time, he likes boxing, snowboarding and tattoos.

Regan L

Ardent animal devotee. Active funny bone. Water-sport and nature junkie. Adventurous creative streak

After nearly 10yrs of running her own business, taking care of animals, she went searching for a job that would allow her to work from home. That's when she came across Jungle Scout, got lucky and was hired, and now she's helping Liz manage the Customer Success team.


FUN FACT: Maryna was born in Ukraine and lived in Lebanon for 5 years before immigrating to Canada with her parents. She somewhat speaks 5 languages and is currently learning Spanish.

Maryna started learning design by watching youtube videos and practicing in Illustrator. Fast forward 2 years later, she's building pretty landing pages and evolving in the fast paced design world. Her motto is to never stop learning, and be inspired by everything!

Alan Maule

Handsome Man's looks speak for themselves

Hon Lam

FUN FACT: Hon has competed in dragon boat for ten years as a paddler, coach, and team manager. He can play the drums, and is very interested in learning guitar.

Hon is a software engineer who specializes in programming the visual elements and user interface for Fetcher. As an avid gamer in his teens, he became deeply curious about software and he loves to dissect the building blocks. Before joining Jungle Scout, Hon had been a digital marketer, website manager, and software engineer in industries ranging from financial services, real estate, and SaaS.

Lenny Smith

Lenny is an Aussie filmmaker and Amazon seller. He found a love for storytelling at high school, where his first films received awards and placed at a state film festival. He’s since worked on many short films as a writer, director and editor, as well as numerous other projects from music videos to feature films in varying roles. Today, Lenny’s dedicated to developing his skills as a filmmaker and crafting his skills, making cool videos for Jungle Scout!

Kaia Olson

FUN FACT: Kaia's favorite place to sleep is in a tent, she has a dangerous obsession with packing cubes, and she's happy to help with any of your Latin or Ancient Greek translation needs.

Always looking for new challenges and adventures, Kaia started developing websites as a way to fund her nomadic archaeology career – until her passion for coding eclipsed her love of old buildings. After years of traveling and freelance development work, she now focuses her energy on innovating and improving Jungle Scout with the rest of the engineering team.

James Andrews

Addicted to coffee and loves scuba diving.

A data guru with degrees in BSc Physics and MSc Financial Mathematics, James likes Thai food, scuba diving and all things SaaS.

Andrew Browne

Can swallow his tongue.

A Software developer and Amazon seller from Ireland. Constantly searching for travel adventures, greasy burgers, and all things tech.

Shane Stinemetz

A former Infantry Plantoon Commander in the US Marines. Shane has surfed waves on every continent

After becoming an Amazon FBA seller himself, Shane left the silicon valley tech scene. Now he spends his time travelling the world and working on Fetcher, an Amazon Analytics platform that helps sellers fully understand their financials. Shane is a science fiction nerd and jiu jitsu fighter.


Kym loves cats & has lots of tattoos (some of which are of cats)

With 7 years experience in Marketing, including 4 in ecommerce, Kym has specialized in all things digital and spends her time working on content, SEO and email marketing. She has a keen eye for photography and loves nothing more than to help others towards success with informational content!

Dan Brasoveanu

You can call him an Eco-fanatic – Dan tries to recycle anything he can. He believes numbers hold the ultimate truth.

Having been in digital marketing for more than 8 years, Dan is passionate about digital media channels and loves to slice and dice data and code in order to see patterns and trends. Since joining Jungle Scout he has been creating user personas and catering to their needs with traditional or native advertising. He thinks that there is no such thing as a bad ad, but only poor matching by a brand. Loves to snowboard and ride his bike long distances.

Claudia Zuniga

Claudia is a geek at heart. She is learning to code, loves comic books, regular books, video games, and horror movies. She has 4 cats, loves nature and to travel.

Claudia worked for almost 8 years in a big company then had the opportunity to make a complete change.. and took it! Started to look for remote jobs that would allow her to travel and move full time to the beach, then she found Jungle Scout. Now she's working her way into making happy customers, improving the platform learning new things everyday and is loving it!


FUN FACT: Paui has watched all episodes of The Simpsons. TV Series junkie. Used to play basketball. Musician at heart.

Paui has been in the Customer Service industry for more than 10 years where most years were spent with corporate Tech companies. After spending 5 years in Singapore, she decided to go back to Manila and took interest in remote work to spend more time with her family and businesses. After 3 months of freelancing, she came across Jungle Scout and is now living her dream!

Rogelio Sevilla

Rogelio loves dogs, videogames and movies. When he's not playing the Legend of Zelda, he's at the movie theater watching the latest premieres with his wife.

Rogelio has been a software engineer for more than 6 years, mostly working as a remote developer for USA based companies. He's also an internet marketing enthusiast and a gamer. After finding a product to help his brother sell goods through amazon and falling in love with the service, he applied as a developer and finally became a happy member of the JS team.

Adam Wilson

“A passionate product and experience designer, Adam is a new addition to the Jungle Scout team for 2017, and in charge of UX and design. With a background in industrial and product design, Adam has spend the last 8 years creating physical and digital experiences that have touched the minds of tens of millions of users. His clients include corporate Goliath's like Nike, Shell, Disney, and Bloomberg, as well as startups like Seamless, Hootsuite, and Jungle Scout. His work has received numerous awards and has been highlighted by the App Store, Play Store, Time Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Fast Company, Tech Crunch, and on stage at both Google I/O and Apple's WWDC.”

Mike Abbott

Mike creates exceptional products. His goal through product design is to empower users to accomplish otherwise daunting or time-consuming tasks through the use of technology. Mike has led the design for R&D projects with some of the world’s largest companies (including Fortune 100 clients), worked on innovative software solutions for multiple industries, and has introduced emerging technology to contemporary companies. His work has been featured by Apple, in both the iOS Store as well as at WWDC.

Amelia Clay

Living and working around the world, Amelia developed a passion for bringing products through Ecommerce back to her home country of the United States. A beach addict with a passion for yoga any day spent near the ocean, selling online is a great one!