Which is Right for Me?


Selling on Amazon is becoming a more competitive enterprise: hundreds of me-too sellers are entering your niche with 1,000's of the same widgets. Don’t be Seller 1,001 selling a product that is doomed to fail.

That is the risk if you don’t have the best software to help guide you through your Amazon product research.

Just as there are more sellers offering similar private label products, many clones have popped up offering product research software. Don't launch your business based on poorly constructed and inaccurate data. Don't make your most important business decisions without industry leading software and support.

The truth is, launching a business on Amazon can be a profitable endeavor with the right tools at your disposal.

Jungle Scout is that one tool that
you need in your corner 👋🏽


Here are 5 ways to help you determine whether Jungle Scout or AMZScout is the better fit for you.

Jungle Scout was made for you if any of the following apply:

I want to launch a real business

Launching a business on Amazon can be highly profitable. Trust us, we have launched dozens of products. And we have shared every detail of how we sold over $350k of product here.

The secret to this success? Doing thorough product research, with the best tool available: Jungle Scout.

If you decide from the outset that you want to make your Amazon business soar to untold heights, you need to have the best data, analytics, and business insights available. This only comes from Jungle Scout.

I value (data) Integrity

Before Jungle Scout, there was no alternative to product research aside from tedious manual work. Finding a product took hours.

Now with Jungle Scout at your side, the process of finding a profitable product has been redefined. We have spent years gathering millions of data points every day, refining our sales estimates, and fine-tuning our software. These millions of data points consist of actual Amazon sales. And, with a talented group of responsive engineers on the team, we’re always improving and moving forward with the times.

This attention-to-detail and accuracy of sales estimates is not possible to those who are using old methods and old data. Basing business decisions on inaccurate data can be costly in time, money, and aggravation.


I value smart investments over saving money

Quality is the best plan when it comes to making business decisions. While you could save a few dollars upfront by choosing the cheaper alternative, those so-called “savings” could set you down a costly path later on down the line.

Plus, wouldn’t you like to have a team of experts on your side? In choosing Jungle Scout, you get access to the best resources, education and courses in the industry, as well as the most friendly support team with super fast response times.

Jungle Scout customers can attest to this:


On average, 97% of people who talk to our support team give us great ratings!

Here's some of the lovely comments we get every week:

“Everything with handled with one email, fast and professional.”

“The support team has been exceptional. Any questions or concerns I had with using Jungle Scout were thoroughly answered quickly.”

“You are a very lucky company to have such a wonderful employee.”

“You guys have been amazing, keep up the great work!”

“To say you was a big help is a major understatement.”

I value my time and money

Simply put, if you wish to build a profitable Amazon business in a time and capital efficient manner using data-driven decisions, Jungle Scout is for you.

The Jungle Scout tools are trusted by thousands of Amazon’s top sellers to launch and grow new products every day.

Scott Voelker

Jungle Scout is the ONE tool I cannot live without. A must-have tool for any Amazon seller!

Kevin Rizer

Jungle Scout is how I start all of my product research. It saves my team and I countless hours each and every month. Honestly, I don’t know what we did without it!

Robert Kiyosaki

My team loves Jungle Scout as it is the best Amazon software out there. I love Jungle Scout’s creator, Greg Mercer. He has a teacher’s heart. He doesn’t just create a tool. He educates his users all about succeeding on Amazon and using Amazon as a tool for personal success

How Jungle Scout Can Help You

This is your trusted sidekick that will help you build a lucrative FBA business by showing you the exact products that are profitable to sell on Amazon.




Browse your Amazon marketplace and find products of interest.


Click Jungle Scout's Extension and see the data generate before your eyes.


No need to rely on intuition, with comprehensive metrics on sales, revenue, reviews and more.


Jungle Scout will answer the most important questions that you need to know before investing time and money into your Amazon business:

  • Is there actually demand for this product?
  • Are there too many competitors?
  • What will my profits look like?

Using other tools can result in making important decisions on inaccurate, or worse, fabricated data. Don’t rely on misinformation that can doom your business before you even start.

Launch and scale your FBA business confidently.

Get Jungle Scout to set yourself up for success from the start.


Put simply, Jungle Scout is the premier Amazon product research tool, with the most accurate data that is constantly updated, the most features and the best support and free resources in the industry. Join our community of expert sellers to join the hype!



Jungle Scout is for you if…

  • Accurate data and the biggest Amazon catalog is important to you
  • You want to save time, and ditch confusing spreadsheets
  • Eliminating the risk of launching an unsuccessful product is your ultimate priority


The Web App Pricing Plan

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Our most advanced version of Jungle Scout for veteran Amazon sellers and teams.

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Core Jungle Scout for Sellers that are gearing up for greatness!

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Start Up

All of the basic Jungle Scout features at the lowest price.

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The Chrome Extension Pricing Plan

Risk Free. 100% Money back guarantee. Keep it for life!


Everything you need to start selling.

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More power for profitable sellers.

$197/Annual fee

Our products are more powerful together

When you combine Jungle Scout and Extension, you increase your chances of launching a successful product.