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Jungle Scout Alerts: Track Amazon Product Data (Wherever You Are)!

They say a watched pot never boils. And that’s true with watched products, too. But as a new or experienced seller, you want those Amazon product alerts so you can keep an eye on certain products and their many listing details, reviews, pricing changes, and more.

Of course, you’ve got a life to live. It’s not possible to watch your listing (or a competitor’s) all hours of the day. So how do you keep up?

Good news, Amazon sellers: we’ve got a solution to automate that! Say hello to Jungle Scout’s Alerts, your new personal assistant.

What is Jungle Scout’s Alerts?

Jungle Scout Alerts is a new way to keep an eye on Amazon products you’re tracking or selling, allowing you to monitor price, reviews, and more. And you don’t even have to log in to Amazon or even Jungle Scout to do it. 

Check out the following video, as I walk through Alerts to show you how you can get those all-important Amazon seller notifications, and power up your business:

How does it work?

With Alerts, you choose the types of product changes you want to monitor within your Jungle Scout account and how often you want to be notified of those changes.

Then, when certain alterations occur to a product you’re monitoring, Alerts tracks that change and can notify you either in-app or via email snapshot so you can react quickly.

For example, if you’re tracking a product you’re considering selling with the Product Tracker, you can set your alerts to notify you when the product’s best-seller rating crosses a certain threshold, such as 20% above or below its previous value.

This may help you determine the difference between products that have legitimate sales figures and those which have inflated data thanks to giveaways, lightning deals, or other events that could influence best-seller ranking.

Or, if you’re tracking a product you’re already selling, you can receive alerts when you get new reviews, or when you lose control of the Buy Box, or a new seller is added to your listing.

This helps you react swiftly when piggybackers or hijackers try to take control of your listing.

Once Jungle Scout knows which alerts you want, you’ll receive notifications within your Jungle Scout account (a small bell at the top of the page) and/or via email.

As for your snapshots, you can choose whether or not to receive those notifications on a daily or weekly basis.

How can Alerts help you?

Alerts helps a wide spectrum of sellers, from brand new sellers to those who’ve been selling for years.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from these Amazon product alerts:

Customize to your needs. Not every Amazon FBA seller is the same, so why should they all use the same alert system? Whether it is product titles, images, category, Best Seller Rank (BSR), or product rating Jungle Scout’s Alerts allows you to customize the data for which you receive notifications.

Protect yourself from hijackers. A hijacker is another seller who adds their product to your listing, and then low-balls your product’s price. You can set up Alerts to protect you from such occurrences. 

Track your reviews. Reviews are a big part of selling on Amazon, and you definitely want to stay on top of the reviews you get — good or bad — and you can do that with Amazon product review notifications. Alerts lets you track changes to reviews, including new reviews, ratings changes, and deleted reviews on products. This either allows you to either 1) thank your customers for their great feedback or 2) immediately address any concerns they may have.

Receive regular updates. Start your day (or week) with a look at how well your business is doing. Alerts sends you a snapshot of your Amazon business metrics via email with a summary of all your alerts. That way you can review and track changes over time. It also means you won’t have to log in to Amazon or Jungle Scout to know how well your listings are doing. 

Monitor critical business metrics. Not only does your snapshot provide a roundup of your alerts, it also provides updates on other metrics like revenue, profit, cost, and inventory. You’ll always have a clear idea of how your Amazon business is performing.

Review past alerts. The Alerts feature keeps a log of all the alerts it sends you based on your criteria. This enables you to go back through the list and address any alerts that you may have forgotten about or couldn’t get to when you first received the notification.

How to get started with Alerts

Alerts is a feature of Jungle Scout, so if you’re already a member you can access it by simply logging into your account and clicking ‘Settings’ near the bottom of the tool bar. Once the settings options are displayed, click on ‘Alert Settings’.

From there, you can then adjust the alerts you wish to receive.


Options include: 

  • product title changes
  • price changes
  • product category changes
  • new seller on listing (piggyback/hijackers)
  • product reviews (new and deleted)
  • product star/rating changes
  • Buy Box owner changes (with name of owner provided)
  • product dimensions/weight changes
  • best-seller ranking changes
  • product image changes






And once an alert is raised, based on your criteria, you will receive a notification within Jungle Scout itself (the bell at the top your account) and/or by email.

Then, when your snapshot arrives, it looks like this:

Amazon Product Alerts: image of alert email


So if you aren’t already using Jungle Scout and want to learn more about Alerts, be sure to check out our subscription options.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re running a 10-figure business, Jungle Scout is a groundbreaking all-in-one tool that acts as your Amazon FBA command center. Get started today!



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