Jungle Scout vs. Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer: Which Tool Wins in 2024?

Jungle Scout vs. Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer: Which Tool Wins in 2024?
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What is Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder?

What is Product Opportunity Explorer?

Opportunity Finder vs. Product Opportunity Explorer: Similarities

Opportunity Finder vs. Product Opportunity Explorer: Differences

Will Product Opportunity Explorer replace Jungle Scout?

When searching for a product to sell on Amazon, you want to be sure you have the best data available to determine demand and competition. 

Jungle Scout has mastered the product and keyword research space (and much more), with hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers trusting our data and metrics to discover and launch products on Amazon. 

Amazon recently introduced a new product research tool within Seller Central called the Product Opportunity Explorer, which is similar to our Opportunity Finder tool. 

But how does it stack up against Jungle Scout’s functionality? Let’s find out.

What is Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder?

 Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder is a product research tool designed to help Amazon sellers identify profitable product opportunities. It analyzes various data points, including market demand, competition levels, and search trends, to provide insights into which products have the most potential for success on Amazon. 

Here’s what Opportunity Finder offers:
  • Niche analysis. Identifies niche markets with high demand and low competition.
  • Search filters. Allows users to set specific criteria for product searches, such as price range, sales, and search volume.
  • Keyword insights. Provides data on keyword search volume and trends to help sellers understand what potential customers are looking for.
  • Seasonality trends. Highlights seasonal trends to help sellers plan their inventory and marketing strategies.
  • Competition analysis. Evaluates the level of competition for specific niches, helping sellers find less saturated markets.
  • Niche score. A score of 1-10 is determined by demand, competition, and quality of listings within the niche. A high niche score indicates a strong opportunity.

With Opportunity Finder, you can see the niche score, average monthly units sold, average price, monthly search volume, search trends, competition levels, and seasonality.  

Overall, the Opportunity Finder is a valuable tool for Amazon sellers who want to identify and capitalize on profitable product opportunities.

What is Product Opportunity Explorer?

Product Opportunity Explorer is a research tool created by Amazon that lives within Seller Central and helps sellers evaluate product demand and discover new opportunities on Amazon. 

What are the features of Product Opportunity Explorer?

The Product Opportunity Explorer within Seller Central is similar to the Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder tool, but there are some key differences. 

Here’s what you can do in Product Opportunity Explorer:
  • Search for opportunities by category and subcategories
  • Search by keyword or ASIN
  • Analyze the results in a niche view or ASIN view
  • Total niche search volume (past 360 days)
  • Niche search volume growth (past 180 days)
  • Product return insights
  • Purchase Drivers (positive and negative)
  • Customer review insights
  • Top search terms within the niche
  • Click data

Opportunity Finder vs. Product Opportunity Explorer: Similarities

Both of these tools have many similarities and differences. Let’s first review their similarities. 

1. Filter by category

Similar to Jungle Scout, sellers can search categories and choose specific filters when searching. While Jungle Scout has more comprehensive filters, Product Opportunity Explorer does allow you to search within subcategories, and Jungle Scout does not. 

Product Opportunity Explorer filters:

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder filters:

While you can’t search by subcategory in Jungle Scout, you can narrow your search down within the main category by including relevant keywords in the “Include Keywords” filter. 

2. View top developments in a niche

Both tools show you the top products within a niche. This information is useful for determining your top competitors. 

3. Sales metrics

Both tools show similar metrics, such as average units sold, search trends, and average price. The biggest difference here is the date range for these metrics (we’ll explain below.)

Both tools give you the ability to search for product opportunities on Amazon. 

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Opportunity Finder vs. Product Opportunity Explorer: Differences

While each tool’s main focus is discovering product opportunities, there are more differences than similarities between them. Hint: Jungle Scout does it better. 

1. Filters

Jungle Scout’s tool has more advanced filters, so you can really narrow down your search. We also have some preset filters to make your search easier.

2. Seasonality chart

Jungle Scout shows the seasonality of a niche, whereas Opportunity Explorer does not. This is useful when launching a new product, as you know when customers are searching for it the most.

Product Opportunity Explorer allows users to search by ASIN, which then allows you to see rank over time for that ASIN and some limited keywords for that ASIN. While Opportunity Finder does not have that functionality, using Jungle Scout Product Tracker, you can see not only Rank over time but also Sales & Inventory data. Additionally, using Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout, you get far more Keywords than the limited set in Product Opportunity Explorer.

4. Data by time period

With Opportunity Finder (and other Jungle Scout tools), sellers can view sales data, such as average monthly sales, search volume, etc., from at least the past 30 days. With Product Opportunity Explorer, you can only view the past 360 days for most metrics (some are past 90 days.) Having the 30-day data allows you to really hone in on a product’s performance in the current time. 

(Product Opportunity Explorer)

5. User interface

Jungle Scout is much more user-friendly than Product Opportunity Explorer. The data is easier to visualize, and we provide more important metrics, such as the niche score and built-in graphs for the search volume. 

6. Return insights

Product Opportunity Explorer does include return insights for each niche, whereas Jungle Scout does not. This information is certainly useful when deciding which product to sell. 

7. Click data

Product Opportunity Explorer provides click data, showing you which products customers click on the most. Opportunity Finder does not have this feature, but Jungle Scout Cobalt does provide users with product click data. 

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8. Customer review insights

Product Opportunity Explorer has customer review insights within this tool, while Opportunity Finder does not. However, Jungle Scout has an AI Review Analysis tool that will provide you with more detailed insights based on product reviews. 

9. Connect to other tools

While both tools allow you to discover product ideas, Opportunity Finder can work in conjunction with other Jungle Scout features. For instance, you can add product ideas from Opportunity Finder into our Product Tracker feature to track sales performance over time. Plus, we have other features such as Keyword Scout, Product Database, Rank Tracker, Supplier Database, and AI Review Analysis to really figure out if a product is a right fit for your business. 

Will Product Opportunity Explorer replace Jungle Scout?

No. While it is nice to have that feature built into Seller Central, Amazon’s tool does not have the same functionality as Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout provides sellers with more detailed metrics and information about each product so you can make an informed decision when launching a new product. 

With a Jungle Scout subscription, you have access to all of our tools to help you run and grow your business. 

Use Opportunity Finder to discover profitable niches on Amazon.

Brian Connolly is an Amazon seller, ecommerce expert, and writer for Jungle Scout. He lives in the New Jersey Shore area with his wife and cat. When he isn’t writing advice online for aspiring and experienced Amazon sellers for Jungle Scout, he spends his free time boating, fishing, and selling boating-themed items on his Amazon business.

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