Amazon PPC Masterclass

The ultimate, exclusive guide to crushing your PPC campaigns and shooting to the top of Amazon search pages


Troubleshooting Your Campaigns

Covered in this lesson:

  • Zero impressions

    If your ads are getting no impressions, you need to look at things like the Buy Box (ensure you have it!) or seek out other potential errors in your campaign.

  • A few zero impression keywords

    If you have a handful of keywords with no impressions, you could have issues with relevancy or with the way your listing is written. Make sure the keywords you're targeting appear throughout your listing.

  • Examine your budget

    If you're getting very low impressions, chances are you may need to spend a bit more. Very low cost campaigns don't tend to generate a lot of results.


In Conclusion

Covered throughout the course:

  • The benefits of Amazon PPC

    It can help you drive a ton of sales and increase your organic ranking. This is one of the best tactics for kickstarting a new product.

  • Analyze your data

    Amazon has a powerful system for letting you see your results. Do a lot of digging and use what you learn to improve future campaigns.

  • Smart listing and budgeting

    You need to ensure your listing is well written and includes all of the keywords you want people to search. You also need to adjust your budget to maximize your spend, without losing money!

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