Best Amazon Scanner App for Retail Arbitrage Sellers in 2024

It’s a great time to be selling on Amazon compared to just a few years ago. Many advanced tools and apps are now available that can help sellers find profitable products for their business. 

With an Amazon seller scanner app, retail arbitrage sellers can quickly and efficiently find profitable products in nearly any store.

With so many now to choose from, how do you know which scanner app best fits your needs? Continue reading to learn more about what Amazon scanner apps are, why you should use them, and some of the best ones we recommend.

What is an Amazon seller scanner app?

An Amazon seller scanner app is a tool retail arbitrage sellers can download on their smartphones to help them find profitable products to resell. By scanning a product’s barcode using one of many available Amazon seller scanner apps, sellers can view important product data such as sales rank history, current price, number of sellers, profitability, and much more. 

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With this powerful information right in the palm of one’s hand, sellers can make a quick decision about whether or not to purchase inventory of a particular product to resell on Amazon. 

Let’s break down the best scanning Amazon barcode scanner apps to find profitable products to resell on Amazon.

Why use an Amazon seller scanner app?

First, why even use one? You need to be armed with the right tools when sourcing products to sell. Without a barcode scanning app, you will waste hours manually looking up products with your phone.  

  • View products data in an instant. After scanning a product barcode, you will get an overview of how that product sells on Amazon. View data such as current price, average price, number of sellers, if Amazon is a seller, and potential profit.
  • Quickly scan through products in a store. Instead of manually searching for products on and comparing store prices, a scanning app allows you to scan products in-store and receive data within seconds. With this information, you can quickly sort through unprofitable products. 
  • Input your costs and view potential profit. An Amazon seller scanner app allows you to input your buy costs, shipping costs, and any other costs associated with the purchase so you can quickly determine your potential profit. Within seconds, see your ROI, profit margin, and profit amount. 
  • List products on Amazon from the app. Many Amazon scanner apps, including Amazon’s Seller App, can list products for sale right from the app itself. If you are an FBM seller, this is an excellent option for you, so you can even list a product for sale before leaving the store!

In short, Amazon seller scanning apps save you time and are designed to help you make money. 

The best Amazon barcode scanner apps

Let’s go over the best Amazon arbitrage scanning apps, their features, and pricing.

1. Amazon Seller App

The Amazon seller app puts Amazon Seller Central in your pocket. Created by Amazon, it’s free to use if you are a registered seller. Simply sign in using your account information to manage your Amazon business from your phone, and use it to scan products.


  • It’s a basic scanning tool to view:
    • Current selling price
    • Number of sellers
    • Estimated profit
    • Seller eligibility
    • Current Best Sellers Rank
    • Conditions a product is sold in, such as new or used
  • Easy to use by tapping the camera button in the top right corner
  • Great for beginner sellers with a limited budget
  • List products for sale right from the app
  • Scans barcodes and product packaging
  • See estimated profits for both FBM and FBA fulfillment methods


A customer must have access to Wi-Fi or data to use it. It cannot view the following: 

  • Sales rank history
  • Average selling price
  • Custom fees or taxes
  • Which offer has the Buy Box

Price: Free

Compatible with: Android and iPhone

If you are just starting as a seller or simply don’t want to pay for a more advanced scanning app, the Amazon Seller app is a good option. 

2. Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is a paid yet affordable scanning app with live lookup connected to Amazon’s API, so you have the most up-to-date results. See everything you need to know about whether or not to buy the product on one screen. You can also view historical sales rank and price graphs which is highly valuable when determining if a product is good to sell or not.


  • Quickly scans barcodes 
  • It shows you which offer has the Buy Box
  • Calculates profit based on 15 factors, including Amazon fees, weight, taxes, cost of goods, and shipping
  • Connects to your Seller Central account so you can list an item from the app
  • Provides sellers with accurate product and sales data
  • Great to use for all categories, including books and media

Advanced features:

  • You can connect a Bluetooth scanner to the app for lightning-fast scanning
  • Receive restricted item alerts for items your account is not allowed to sell
  • Crystal clear profit calculations
  • Connect Keepa and CamelCamelCamel to the app to view historical pricing and sales data
  • Highlights Amazon’s offer so you know if you will be competing against Amazon themselves


  • It uses a lot of battery power 
  • It relies on an internet connection to work

Price: $9.99/month

Compatible with: Android and iPhone

3. Scoutly

Scoutly, formally known as FBAScan, is an advanced Amazon seller scanning tool that features a downloadable database so you can scan items even without Wi-Fi or data signal. Quickly find profitable products in any category no matter where you are scanning. 


  • Provides you with vital product information such as sales, price, sales rank, number of sellers, and more
  • Shows you all FBA offers, all used offers, and all new FBM offers 
  • Provides you with accurate profit calculations by enabling you to enter your costs of goods and other costs
  • Great for scanning books and all other Amazon categories

Advanced features:

  • Optional database mode puts the complete Amazon catalog on your phone 
    • You can redownload to get the most up-to-date information
    • Allows you to scan products even without an internet connection
    • Brings up any items in less than a second
  • Switches between live mode and database mode for accurate sales data
  • Connects to eBay
  • Integrates with Keepa and CamelCamelCamel so you can  view historical pricing and sales data


  • According to reviews, it crashes often
  • The interface is not as intuitive compared to other apps

Price: $9.95/month with live mode only

$35/month for live mode and database mode

Compatible with: Android and iPhone

4. ScoutIQ

ScoutIQ is another great scanning app built for selling books on Amazon. Though you can scan many categories, it works best with books. Similar to Scoutly, you can download Amazon’s product database on your phone so that you can scan products without an internet connection. 


  • Fast scanning capabilities
  • Brings up products within seconds
  • You can set buy triggers within the app
  • You can list products to Amazon from the app
  • See what your estimated profit will be per sale

Advanced features:

  • Offers live mode and database mode to scan without Wi-Fi or signal
  • Connects to a Bluetooth scanner so you can scan hundreds of products quickly and efficiently
  • Speed mode keeps your camera open at all times and shows you product data at the top of the screen
  • Set “accept or reject” triggers with sound notifications 
  • Integrates with book buyback websites to get an immediate quote
  • Features an “eScore” that measures the number of days that have registered a sale in the past 180 days 
  • It helps you understand the historical demand of a book


  • It can be a little clunky
  • The database takes a while to download

Price: $14/month with live mode only

$44/month for live mode and database mode

Compatible with: Android and iPhone

5. Scoutify 2

Scoutify 2 is a scanning app that is included with your subscription to Inventory Lab. This easy-to-use scanning tool shows you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision. 


  • Scans much faster than the Amazon Seller app
  • Provides detailed information within the search results 
  • You can search by barcode or by typing in the product name
  • Shows you your net profit and ROI
  • Shows all new, used, and FBA offers

Advanced features:

  • Enter specific search criteria, and Scoutify will give you a green thumbs up if the product is a good buy
  • Extremely accurate profitability calculator
  • Integrates with Keepa and CamelCamelCamel to view historical pricing and sales data
  • Keeps track of your scanning history 
  • Links to eBay and Google to compare prices


  • Only available with an Inventory Lab subscription

Price: $69/month

Compatible with: Android and iPhone

6. Keepa

Keepa is a well-known price and sales data chart extension amongst Amazon sellers. It provides sellers with accurate historical data about most products on Amazon. It is also available as a mobile app to view historical product data while sourcing for products. 


  • Provides detailed price history charts
  • Provides detailed sales rank history charts (with paid subscription)
  • Shows you multiple data points such as new offers, product rating, review count, and if Amazon is on the listing
  • See historical data since the product entered the market

Advanced features:

  • Track products overtime
  • Search for deals on Amazon
  • View the best selling products on Amazon
  • Scan barcodes or search for products


  • The app is still a little clunky, and the customer experience could be smoother 

Price: Free with the basic account but minimal features

  • €15/month for a premium subscription

Compatible with: Android and iPhone

7. ScanPower

ScanPower is not just a barcode scanning app, but a full Amazon FBA business management system where sellers can manage inventory, create shipments, and scan products. Since it is more than a scanning tool, the software is fairly expensive compared to some other tools.


  • Use the ScanPower Mobile to scan products
  • Find current market pricing and demand for any product on Amazon
  • Accurate sales data
  • Shows detailed information such as product title, image, rank, offers, 5 lowest New, Used, and FBA offers
  • Bluetooth scanner compatible

Advanced features:

  • Set up an accept/reject profile to alert you if a product meets your criteria or not
  • Shows your historical sales rank and pricing data
  • View the average Best Sellers Rank for 20, 180, and 365 days


  • Expensive
  • Some reviews state that the layout of the app can be awkward to use

Price: Starts at $79/month

Compatible with: Android and iPhone

Get out there and start scanning!

We hope this guide on Amazon seller scanner apps has helped you better understand the different apps available to help you scan products to sell on Amazon. 

If you are just starting, we suggest using the Amazon Seller app as it is competent and free to use.

No matter which app you choose, get out there and start scanning some products! 

Do you have any questions about Amazon seller scanner apps, or do you have a favorite one you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Hi Brian,
    Thank you for the provided information. I am wondering what the process of reselling items on Amazon is. For example, I found a good product (with a scanning app) with a potential profit on Amazon. What will be the next step? Do I need to buy that product, store and to resell it on Amazon? If you can point me to those resources, I’ll much appreciate it.

  2. Hi Brian – If signing up as an individual instead of a professional, do you recommend opening a business bank account or can it be a personal bank account? Also, since there is no actual business, do you use your home address?
    Great read btw.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      When first starting out, you can use a personal bank account. But I recommend setting up a new account to not mix your personal and business spending.

    1. Hi Christine,

      Search for bluetooth scanners on Amazon. There are a bunch that will work well with each scanner app mentioned.

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