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Elevate Your Keyword Strategy With the New & Improved Keyword Scout

Today we’re excited to announce an update to our trailblazing Amazon keyword tool, Keyword Scout, providing you with the tools you need to master your Amazon marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond!

What is Keyword Scout?

Keyword Scout is the Jungle Scout feature used to identify keyword volume (exact and broad), and PPC bids (headline search ads, plus exact and broad). In addition, we offer two scores to help you determine whether or not the keyword is worth it: a relevancy score (the higher the better) and an ease-of-rank score.

Users can search by keyword, or perform a reverse ASIN search to identify the keywords ranking for a specific product.

Check out the following video, as I walk through the updated Keyword Scout feature to show you how it can help power up your 2019 sales.

What’s new in Keyword Scout?

These powerful features and improvements are now a part of Keyword Scout:

  • New Keyword Data: Even though Jungle Scout’s sales data is proven to be the most accurate data available to Amazon sellers, we’re always trying to top ourselves. Keyword Scout’s data is more comprehensive and accurate than ever, with additional improvements to broad search volume and PPC bids.
  • Amazon EU Keyword Data: You asked for it and you got it! Keyword Scout now delivers keyword data for the Amazon EU marketplace. From here on out, sellers active in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France can closely target their regional markets.
  • Historical Keyword Volume Graphs: Want to know how well a keyword has fared over time? Keyword Scout’s historical keyword volume graph details keyword performance (up to two years old), and helps you identify trends.
  • Monthly and Quarterly Trends: Want to know whether or not a certain keyword is on the rise? With Keyword Scout’s 30 and 90-day trends, it’s easy to find that out! Determine if you should be spending money on a keyword. Or even catch a declining keyword trend before your competitors.

How can Keyword Scout help you?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced seller, Keyword Scout is an amazing feature that can help you during multiple stages of the seller journey.

Perform keyword research: Keyword Scout allows you to add in keywords you’re interested in learning about. Discover exact and broad match search volumes, dominant categories, and recommended giveaways for your product launch campaigns. Also view estimated advertising bids for headline search ads, as well as exact and broad PPC matches. We also offer two Jungle Scout-specific calculations–Relevancy and Ease-to-Rank scores. They help you make data-driven decisions based on Jungle Scout’s algorithms.

React to your competition: Want to know the keywords a competitor is ranking for? With Keyword Scout’s reverse ASIN lookup functionality, you get direct insights into your competitors’ ranking keywords, allowing you to add them to your own listings.

Save your work: Once you’ve found the keywords you’re interested in, you can save your keywords to the Keyword List tool.

Improve product research: Keyword Scout is more than just a PPC tool; it’s a product research tool too! It’s one thing to know how well a product niche is selling on Amazon, but it’s an entirely different thing to back up that research with details on search volume and competitor keywords. That’s what enables you to know how to compete in the space.

Getting started with Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is the premier tool every Amazon seller needs to master their Amazon FBA keyword strategy. It helps you find keywords, stay on top of competitive PPC strategies, and manage advertising costs on Amazon. With just a few quick clicks, you can ensure that your Amazon FBA gets noticed on Amazon’s search page results.

And the best part? It’s all part of your Jungle Scout subscription. With just a click of a button, you can load Keyword Scout. Discover powerful keywords that will elevate your keyword strategy without having to leave Jungle Scout.

But if you aren’t subscribed and want to learn more about Jungle Scout, be sure to check out our subscription options. In addition to the learning you’ll be doing, all of the top Amazon selling tools on the market will be at your disposal.


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