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Million Dollar Case Study: Pencils of Promise

This article contains expert-led insights from a previous season of the Million Dollar Case Study.

MDCS is a free, comprehensive video series by Jungle Scout in which veteran Amazon sellers show budding entrepreneurs how to succeed on Amazon—by actually doing it. The series takes viewers step by step through the process of launching a real product on Amazon in real time—from product research to finding a supplier to advertising.

Check out our most current season here for the latest information on selling on Amazon. 

In this episode, we update you on our non-profit partnership:

  • We interview CJ Stanfill, the Director of Learning and Evaluation at Pencils of Promise.
  • We donate 100% of our product proceeds to Pencils of Promise.

We’re covering this today in the 14th episode of the Million Dollar Case Study. Watch the video, keep reading and don’t forget to check out our other cases studies linked near the end of this blog post!

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What is The Million Dollar Case Study?

Amazon selling is an incredible way for average, everyday people to become entrepreneurs and start earning money on their own terms. But it can be a complicated process. So, in 2016, Jungle Scout launched The Million Dollar Case Study (MDCS) to create a blueprint for people who were new to Amazon.

Each series is an in-depth account of the selling-on-Amazon process. We launch a real product in real time, using real money and setting real goals. Plus. everyone and anyone can follow along for free.

For us, it’s a real passion project!

Our goal for this study, and studies past, is to generate $1 million in revenue. However, we don’t/won’t keep the profits for ourselves! All of the product proceeds are donated to a deserving non-profit.

For MDCS 4, we partnered with Pencils of Promise.

Why are we donating 100% of our profits?

The Million Dollar Case Study is about education, and our educational mission extends far beyond Amazon.

Jungle Scout and Pencils of Promise are committed to increasing access to quality education for children in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. Together, we have an amazing opportunity to make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of children around the world.

What Jungle Scout has done so far…

  • In 2017 we broke ground on a school in Ghana.
  • We have delivered $70,000 for two schools, but we’re not done yet!

Since we started the MDCS, we have launched three products in two marketplaces, sharing every step of the process along the way. We are now launching our fourth product.

You can find recaps of each episode from our first and second US launches, and from our European launch, on our blog. All episodes are also featured on our YouTube channel.

Help us reach our goal of donating $500,000.

  • We may have given $70,000 to Pencils of Promise (PoP) so far, but we want to increase that amount to $500,000 (at least!). So, to help us meet that lofty goal, we’re opening up donations to our Freedom Builder community.
  • A $75 donation provides a student with one year of education and the ability to join Unicef’s WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) program.

We’re hoping you’ll join us, as changing a child’s life is as simple as making a donation via our campaign page. Even a few dollars goes a long way!

The best part of donating is that 100% of online donations go towards supporting PoP’s educational programs. That means every cent you give goes directly to helping kids who need it most.

Please consider sharing this page with your friends and family so they can learn more about Pencils of Promise and our mission.

Thank you for inspiring us, and joining our efforts to make a difference. We hope to see you along our journey!

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