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Let Love Grow: Pride Month, Inclusive Ecommerce, and Brand Loyalty

Have you ever used the word “Kleenex” instead of tissue? “Coke” instead of soda? How about experiencing “Zoom fatigue” when you’ve actually been on too many Skype calls? Brands have the power to shape the way we shop, the way we interact, and even the way we talk. As consumers celebrate Pride Month, brands should reflect on all the ways they shape our society — particularly the role they play in fostering inclusivity.

Building an inclusive brand is not only a matter of principle, but also makes sense for the growth of your business. Consumers invest in the brands that reflect and celebrate their experiences — not just through their purchases, but through the conversations they have about your brand, the reviews they leave for your products, and the recommendations they make to friends, family, and social media followers.

Consumer Perspectives on Inclusivity and Brand Loyalty

  • 49% consider themselves brand loyal
  • 43% view brands more positively when they are active in social change
  • 24% are loyal to brands that represent a lifestyle they identify with
  • 22% are loyal to brands that represent the ethical standards they support

Read on to learn more about how inclusivity benefits both your brand and your customers, as well as insights on this year’s Pride Month shopping trends.

Pride Month Shopping Trends

Searches for “Pride month” on Amazon have ballooned by almost 2,000% since early May — but what purchases are those searches leading to?

LGBTQ+ Pride Apparel

What better way to celebrate Pride than to wear it on your sleeve (or head or chest or wrist)? Pride shirt women up 1044%. Pride shirt men up 990%. Pride tshirt up 657%. Pride clothes up 574%. LGBT pride apparel up 542%. Pride accessories up 535%.Unit sales of Pride Month apparel jumped 144% in the first week of June, and Amazon searches for keywords related to Pride clothing and accessories are up significantly over the past 30 days.

Amazon product listing for a Nautica brand Pride-themed shirt with a rainbow colored sailboat graphic

Shirts are some of the most-searched-for Pride swag, so it’s no surprise that unit sales of this Nautica Pride graphic tee were up over 900% in the month leading to June 6.

Amazon product listing for a Pride ally shirt that reads no one should live in a closet and features rainbow icons of Harry Potter's glasses and lightning bolt

LGBTQIA allies are proudly displaying their support, too; search volume for the phrase “Pride ally shirt” jumped 693% in the same 30-day period, and revenue for this Potter-inspired proud ally shirt climbed 2,359%.

Amazon product listing for a pair of Pride-themed shorts

Shoppers looking to complete the outfit are also scooping up other Pride apparel. Unit sales of these Adidas Pride pacer shorts are up 450% in one month.

Many consumers celebrate and support Pride Month by shopping for limited Pride product lines. One of the most popular Pride collections consumers are shopping for this year is Disney’s, with searches for “Disney Pride” growing 422% since early May. 100% of the profits from the collection benefit a range of LGBTQIA organizations across the world, and Amazon shoppers are getting on board in a big way.

Amazon product listing for a Pride-themed Disney shirt featuring Ursula

Between May 7 and June 6,  revenue for this Disney Villains Ursula pride tee grew 877%.

Amazon product listing for a Pride Mickey Mouse tank top

And there’s no shortage of love for the classics; revenue for this Mickey Mouse Pride tank is up 1,344%.

Pride Accessories and Beauty Products

Beyond tees and tanks, shoppers are getting decked out in Pride accessories from head to toe.

Amazon product listing for a rainbow cape, headband, and sunglasses set

Revenue for this Pride glasses, headband, and cape set is up 274% in one month.


Amazon product listing for a set of fuzzy, rainbow-colored Ugg brand slipper sandals

Revenue for these UGG Pride slippers, part of a collection the brand released in conjunction with a donation to The Trevor Project, jumped 765% in the 30 days between May 7 and June 6.

Amazon product listing for a Pride-themed set of socks

And revenue for this Happy Socks Pride gift set, sales of which support InterPride and The Phluid Phoundation, rose nearly 3,000% in the same time period.

Amazon product listing for Hempz moisturizer in a rainbow-themed bottle

Shoppers are grabbing up special edition Pride beauty products as well. Revenue for this Hempz Limited Edition Express Yourself Pride moisturizer is up nearly 600% since the beginning of May, and a portion of each sale supports Resource Center, a North Texas LGBTQ+ community and advocacy center.

Amazon product listing for a Pride-themed set of Every Man Jack beard products

Every Man Jack’s Pride collection benefits Rainbow Railroad, a global organization that helps LGBTQIA people facing violence and persecution. Revenue for the brand’s Pride beard box is up 642% on Amazon in 30 days.

Family Pride Fun

Pride is best celebrated together — and shopping trends show that consumers are buying for friends, family, and chosen family. 

Amazon product listing for a set of two rainbow-colored woven bracelets

Unit sales of this 2-piece handmade Pride friendship bracelet set were up over 631% in the month leading to June 6.

Amazon product listing for a Pride themed baby onesie

At the same time, revenue for this baby Pride rainbow bodysuit jumped by nearly 2,500%.


Amazon product listing for a rainbow-themed Mickey Mouse plush toy

A cuddlier way for little ones to celebrate this Pride Month is with toys like this Just Play Mickey Mouse Pride plush, which has experienced a revenue increase of 1,981% in 30 days.


Amazon product listing for a rainbow-colored dog collar

Fluffier family members are joining in as well. Leading into the week of June 6, searches for “pride dog collar” were up 403% over 30 days. Over the same period, unit sales of this Pride flag dog collar rose 242%.

Amazon product listing for a set of rainbow-shaped cat toys

There are plenty of ways for kitty to celebrate, too. Searches for “rainbow cat toy” rose 56% from May to June, and sales of this set of catnip rainbows increased over 200%.

Pride Decorations

Pride just isn’t complete without parties and parades, most of which are making their comeback after going virtual for the past two years. 

Pride decorations up 1,346%. Pride month decorations up 747%. Pride decor up 474%. Pride banner up 446%. Pride party decorations up 356%.

Search trends on Amazon show that the excitement among consumers is real.


Amazon product listing for a set of miniature Pride flags on sticks

Shoppers stocked up on plenty of Pride flags and rainbow decor for this year’s celebrations. Revenue for these mini Pride flags rose 606% in the month leading up to June 6.


Amazon product listing for a large outdoor Pride flag

Revenue  for this outdoor Pride flag was up 1,562% over the same period.

Amazon product listing for rainbow-colored decorative bunting

And revenue for this rainbow bunting increased by over 500%.

Pride Party Supplies


Between Pride Month, upcoming Juneteenth celebrations, and the peak of summer, overall revenue for bulk party supplies is up nearly 90% since early May. So what are Pride party-planners and parade-goers most excited to hand out?

Amazon product listings for a set of Pride flag enamel pins

Between May 7 and June 6, searches for “pride pins bulk” jumped 465%, helping boost revenue for these enamel Pride pins, which jumped 1,381%.

Amazon product listing for a set of Pride-themed stickers

During the same time period, searches for “Pride stickers bulk” jumped nearly 400%, and this 205-piece Pride sticker set saw unit sales increase nearly 800%.

Amazon product listing for Pride-themed Oreo cookies in rainbow colored packaging

No party is complete without celebration-worthy food. Some shoppers are even searching directly for brand name Pride edition treats: searches for Pride Oreos are up 84% over 30 days. Pride snackers better grab some milk, because revenue for the cookies is up almost 400% over the same time period.

3 Tips for Creating Inclusive Shopping Experiences

Here are some top tips for creating an inclusive experience for your customers — on Amazon and across your brand’s entire ecommerce presence.

1. Create listings that reflect your customers

Empathy is the foundation of inclusivity, and, as an ecommerce brand, there are many ways to get to know your customers.

  • Read product reviews to understand the way that your products fit into customers’ lives.
  • 38% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that reflect diversity in their ads. Test different messages and imagery for your Amazon ads to gather insights on who your customers are and what they respond to.
  • Include information like detailed sizing guides and alt text for images in your listings to ensure an accessible shopping experience for customers of all sizes, capabilities, and backgrounds.

Amazon product listing for a tank top showing a detailed size chart

2. Don’t be shy about inclusivity

While Pride Month is a great time to celebrate diversity with special products and promotions, consumers are looking for brands that make inclusion a year-round priority.

  • If your brand is committed to inclusivity, don’t be shy about it — make it an ingrained part of your Brand Story through A+ Content and your Amazon Storefront. Beauty brand Good Light does this by incorporating inclusive language throughout their storefront and within their mission statement.

Amazon Storefront for the brand Good Light, with text highlighted that reads all skin types, beauty beyond the binary, and gender-inclusive brand

  • You can also partner with influencers through Amazon Vine to help your brand connect with a wider range of audiences.

3. Expand product ranges and revisit packaging

Inclusivity goes beyond your product listings. Inclusive design and expanded product options make your products more accessible to a broader audience.

  • Consider offering additional sizing options for clothing, more shades for beauty products, or other expansions to existing product lines.
  • Review packaging for accessibility and inclusivity. Skincare brand Victorialand Beauty uses raised symbols and embossed QR codes to make their product packaging more accessible — and highlights these features in their product listings.

Amazon product listing showing an image of Victorialand beauty products with brail labels and a scannable QR code on the packaging

Inclusivity Equals Future Success

Making inclusive shopping experiences a constant priority benefits consumers and brands alike. It’s not just about responding to current consumer desire for inclusivity, it’s also about setting your brand up for future success. 

A majority of millennials say they are more likely to choose one brand over another if that brand demonstrates inclusion and diversity in their promotions, experiences, and product range. Nearly half of Gen Z-ers have already stopped purchasing from a brand because it did not represent their values. Creating an inclusive brand can help you generate long-term value by building a stronger connection — and deeper brand loyalty — with consumers who will be shopping for your products for decades to come.


The product data in this report is representative of the U.S. Amazon market. Market insights on Amazon products were sourced from Jungle Scout Cobalt, an industry-leading market intelligence and product insights platform powered by more than 1.8 billion Amazon data points every day. 30-day search volume, unit sales, and revenue increases are comparisons of the period May 8, 2022 – June 6, 2022 and April 8, 2022 – May 7, 2022.

Contact [email protected] today to see how Jungle Scout Cobalt can help you explore sales data and provide strategic insights into consumer behavior on Amazon.

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