The Million Dollar
Case Study

The Overview:

We will build a business, from scratch, and share every gritty detail of the journey. We’re anticipating a mixture of learning experiences and challenges, lots of fun and a bunch of unknowns mixed in. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about?


We have already completed one case study, but that was a while ago (one year is a long time, these days!). A lot has changed on Amazon, and the path to success may have changed as well.

Our goal: $1,000,000 in sales.

Why Should This Matter to You:


We have succeeded at selling products on Amazon for years, but each product is different.
And each product launch has new lessons that you can use in your own business.
Whether you are just starting out looking for your first product, or a seasoned seller, there will be actionable takeaways that you can learn from to help you grow as an entrepreneur.
We will share everything here, entirely for free. This is all about learning and growth, together.



We, your friends at Jungle Scout! Plus, we will invite a bunch of experts along the way to share insights and strategies to help us.








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Here’s the plan for how we will get to $1 million per year

  • Connector.

    Find an untapped opportunity

  • Connector.

    Sell on Amazon

  • Connector.

    Build A Niche Site


We will start our product research in February.
We hope to have an active product listing by April. Boom, it’s now in writing!


Here are some of the fun things that we will cover in depth along the way:

People love our case study!

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Included in this ebook are:

  • The criteria and process for uncovering the best opportunities to sell on Amazon
  • 3 advanced strategies to reverse engineer the success of the most successful sellers
  • A complete list of additional free resources and education to forge your path to becoming a bit-time Amazon seller.

Session #22: Inventory Management Best Practices


Inventory Management is one of the unspoken heroes of a profitable Amazon business. Don't fall victim to poor inventory management. Watch this session to learn everything you need to know to stay in stock, and profitable!

We value your privacy and would never spam you