How to Sell on Shein

How to Sell on Shein
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What is Shein?

Is Shein legit?

How do you sell on Shein?

How to apply to sell on Shein

Will you sell on the Shein Marketplace?

Over the past couple of years, Shein has become one of the biggest fashion retailers in the world. This Chinese-owned fast fashion retailer is known for its huge selection of low-priced apparel and dupes of popular upscale clothing. 

With sales reaching $30 billion in revenue in 2022, Shein is quickly becoming the place to purchase apparel, beauty products, and other accessories for women, men, and children. 

Until recently, Shein was just an online retailer, but in order to expand its product offerings and market share, Shein has recently launched an online marketplace for third-party sellers — like Amazon. In fact, 60% of Amazon’s sales come from third-party sellers. If you sell products on Amazon, you may want to consider expanding your business over to Shein. 

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about becoming a seller on the Shein Marketplace. 

What is Shein?

Shein is a global online fashion retailer that is known for its trendy clothing and accessories at affordable prices. Over the past few years, it’s become wildly popular, especially among Gen Z, for its vast selection of styles that are constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends. Here’s what Shein offers consumers:

  • Fast fashion. Shein churns out new products incredibly quickly, with some items being available for only a few weeks before they’re gone forever. This means you can always find something new and exciting to buy.
  • Trendy styles. Shein is always on top of the latest trends. You can find almost any style you’re into and at a price that won’t break the bank.
  • Affordable prices. One of the biggest draws of Shein is its incredibly low prices. You can find dresses for under $10 and tops for even less. This makes it a great option for people who are on a budget or who like to update their wardrobe frequently.
  • Wide selection. Shein offers a massive selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, and even home goods. You can find everything you need to assemble a complete outfit, all in one place.
  • Online only. Shein is an online-only retailer, so you won’t find any brick-and-mortar stores. This can be a downside for some people who prefer to try things on before they buy them, but it also helps to keep prices low.

Is Shein legit?

Yes, Shein is a legitimate company — It’s a major global ecommerce retailer that’s been around since 2012 and ships to over 150 countries. They have millions of customers and fulfill countless daily orders by working with various factories and supply chain partners to help fulfill customers’ orders as fast as possible. 

While there is some speculation online that Shein is a “scam” due to poor customer service claims, or low product quality, Shein is certainly not a scam. Customers receive what they order, even if some believe the quality to be poor. 

Here’s why you can consider Shein legit:

  • Established company. They’ve been in business for over a decade, which suggests some level of stability and reliability.
  • Widespread reach. They operate in a vast global market with a large global customer base, indicating a successful and legitimate business model.
  • Customer satisfaction. Shein focuses on meeting customers’ needs and delivering a high-quality shopping experience. 
  • Supply chain management. Shein works with thousands of small to medium-sized supply chain partners and contract manufacturers to help source quality products and fulfill orders on time.  

How do you sell on Shein?

In mid-2023, Shein launched the US marketplace that allows sellers to offer their products to Shein’s large 72 million monthly active user base. 

To get started, first you will need to apply to become a seller. But before you apply, let’s make sure your business would be a good fit for the Shein Marketplace. 

What products can you sell on Shein Marketplace?

You may be thinking, “Do you have to sell clothing on Shein?” Well, there are actually 10 marketplace categories you can sell on the marketplace. 

Currently, you can sell under the following categories:

  • Apparel & accessories
  • Shoes & luggage
  • Beauty & personal care
  • Baby products
  • Toys & games
  • Sports & outdoors
  • Pet supplies 
  • Electronics
  • Home & kitchen 
  • Office & school supplies

If you sell products in any of these categories, you can apply to sell on Shein! With Shein being such a new marketplace to offer your products, this can be a great opportunity to get on the marketplace before your competitors. 

Why sell on Shein Marketplace?

Besides there being less seller competition on the marketplace compared to marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, or eBay, let’s go over some other benefits to selling on the platform. 

  • $0 monthly fees. This already is an advantage compared to a marketplace such as Amazon where sellers are charged $39.99 per month for a professional seller account.
  • 0% marketplace fees for the first 3 months. To entice sellers to join Shein Marketplace, they are offering 0% seller fees for the first 3 months of selling! After 3 months, Shein charges a fixed 10% marketplace fee.
  • Access millions of shoppers. Shein has a large customer base with over 72 million monthly active users who are highly interested in fashion, beauty, and other trending products.
  • Expand your reach in the US. Don’t put your eggs in one basket! Expand to as many marketplaces as you possibly can to maximize your potential customer base.
  • Increase your sales. Shein offers free promotions so you as a seller can reach more customers on their platform.
  • Seamless integration. Shein states they make it easy for sellers to list their products on the marketplace. 

How to apply to sell on Shein

Applying to sell on Shein is a simple, straightforward process. First, visit the Shein Marketplace page to apply and click “Apply Now”. 

Next, enter the details about yourself and your business.

After you apply, it can take up to 7 days before you hear back from Shein. If you are accepted as a seller, Shein provides you with dedicated onboarding support to help you set up your shop. 

Will you sell on the Shein Marketplace?

If your current Amazon or ecommerce business is successful and you are looking to expand into other marketplaces, Shein may be a great place to offer your products! With it being fairly new and an easy application process, we think it is a no-brainer. 

Will you offer your products on Shein? Let us know in the comments. 

Brian Connolly is an Amazon seller, ecommerce expert, and writer for Jungle Scout. He lives in the New Jersey Shore area with his wife and cat. When he isn’t writing advice online for aspiring and experienced Amazon sellers for Jungle Scout, he spends his free time boating, fishing, and selling boating-themed items on his Amazon business.

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