What is Amazon Pet Day & How Can FBA Sellers Prepare?

What is Amazon Pet Day & How Can FBA Sellers Prepare?
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What is Amazon Pet Day?

How to promote your products on Amazon Pet Day

How to find profitable pet products to sell on Amazon

Everybody loves their pets, right? Of course. Pet owners will do everything possible to ensure their pet is happy and healthy. 

Amazon is holding a 48-hour event that features thousands of on-sale pet products to help pet owners feed, pamper, and play with the pets in their lives.

How can you, as a pet product seller on Amazon, take advantage of this 2-day event? Keep reading to learn more about what Amazon Pet Day is and how to set your business up for success. 

What is Amazon Pet Day?

Amazon Pet Day is a two-day sales event that features thousands of pet products from food, toys, health supplies, beds, cages, and many more. This sales event takes place on May 7-8, 2024. 

Amazon states that during this sales event, consumers can find discounts on popular brands such as Purina, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Petmate, Genius Litter, and more.

At this point in time, it is too late to set up a Lightning Deal specifically for Amazon Pet Day, but it doesn’t mean that you still can’t take advantage of this sales event. 

Let’s review some ways pet product sellers can promote their products and offer deals on Amazon Pet Day. 

How to promote your products on Amazon Pet Day

There are plenty of ways you can offer discounts and promotions for your products during this sales event. 

  • Create a deal. Go to the deals section of your Seller Central account and see if you have any recommended deals available to create. If there are no recommendations from Amazon, you cannot create a deal at that time.
  • Amazon Advertising. During this sales event, you should increase your daily budget and keyword bids to ensure you get proper visibility. Coupled with some kind of discount, you may see a jump in conversions. Also, make sure you are targeting the right keywords. Conduct fresh keyword research in Keyword Scout to ensure you have the right keywords in your listing and in your PPC campaigns.
  • Prime Exclusive Discounts. Sellers are able to create a discount that is exclusive
  • to Amazon Prime members. Offers with a Prime Exclusive Discount will show the discounted price with the original price crossed out. You can choose the dates you want this deal to run, so set this up for Pet Day.
  • Social media promotions. Make sure to promote Amazon Pet Day and any deals you are running to your social media audience. In Seller Central, you can create a custom social media promotional code that customers can use when shopping for your products on Amazon.

  • Influencer marketing. Reach out to Amazon Influencers and offer them exclusive deals or discounts they can offer their audience. Influencers are a great way to reach a new, highly-targeted audience.
  • Create a coupon. Create a coupon to display on your listing. Offer a discount during Pet Day to encourage customers to make a purchase. Coupons are a great way to target certain audiences, such as cart abandoners or repeat customers. 

How to find profitable pet products to sell on Amazon

Pet products comprise one of the most popular categories to sell on Amazon! If you are interested in selling pet products but don’t know where to start, many top Amazon sellers use Jungle Scout to find high-demand, low-competition products to sell on Amazon. 

Your first step would be to use one of our product research tools, such as Product Database or Opportunity Finder

For this example, let’s use Product Database. Make sure you choose the pet category and set the search criteria.

Product Database will display hundreds or even thousands of products to sort through. 

When you find a product you are interested in, add it to your Product Tracker by clicking the three dots next to the product image. Product Tracker will track the product’s sales over time so you can determine if it is a viable product to invest in. 

To learn more about how to conduct proper product and keyword research, check out our in-depth Product Research Guide

Increase your Amazon sales on Pet Day!

We hope this article gave you some ideas on how you can increase your sales and ensure your customers are getting the best deals on Amazon Pet Day! 

Learn more about how you can use Jungle Scout to start, run, and grow your Amazon business.

Brian Connolly is an Amazon seller, ecommerce expert, and writer for Jungle Scout. He lives in the New Jersey Shore area with his wife and cat. When he isn’t writing advice online for aspiring and experienced Amazon sellers for Jungle Scout, he spends his free time boating, fishing, and selling boating-themed items on his Amazon business.

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