Amazon PPC Masterclass

The ultimate, exclusive guide to crushing your PPC campaigns and shooting to the top of Amazon search pages


Understanding Amazon's Search Term Report

Covered in this lesson:

  • What do I need to do?

    Export the report from Amazon, they are updated every week. From there, you can analyze the data in a program like Excel.

  • How do I calculate my net profit?

    We outline a formula in the video that shows you how you can subtract the total amount of sales you generated from your advertising costs

  • Use data filters

    Using filters in a program like Excel or Google Sheets allows you to drill down into data and do something like, exclude all ads that didn't get clicks, for example. This helps you analyze data faster!


Understanding Amazon's Campaign Performance Report

Covered in this lesson:

  • How is this different from the Search Term Report?

    This report isn't focused on keywords, but campaigns as a whole. It looks at things like sales, clicks and engagement from customers!

  • What should I do with this?

    Like the Search Term Report, it's important to examine your results in a spreadsheet to determine what works and what doesn't!

Lesson Four: Understanding Your Data