Amazon PPC Masterclass

The ultimate, exclusive guide to crushing your PPC campaigns and shooting to the top of Amazon search pages


Intro to Amazon PPC

Covered in this lesson:

  • What is Amazon PPC?

    Amazon PPC is one of the fastest ways to get customers to find and purchase your product. It's like Facebook ads, only for Amazon! It's triggered

  • What can PPC do for me?

    This is one of the fastest ways to drive growth for your Amazon business. Your marketing strategy relies on PPC to help kickstart your sales and bring people

  • What will I learn in this course?

    In this course, we'll cover how PPC works, how to make the most of your PPC campaigns and some awesome hacks for creating high-growth campaigns.


The Benefits of Amazon PPC

Covered in this lesson:

  • What are some of the benefits?

    Amazon PPC is about more than just selling your product. It also helps you validate your listing, increase your sales velocity and upping your overall visibility when it comes to customers finding you.

  • Understanding your market

    Sponsored Product campaigns are a way for you to understand your target market and see what keywords customers are searching for when it comes to your product. It helps you better your marketing strategy overall.

  • Improve your organic Amazon search ranking

    Yes, Sponsored Product ads do generate sales for you. But, those sales still contribute to your overall organic sales!


Ensuring You're Eligible

Covered in this lesson:

  • What you need to know to participate

    In order to be eligible to run PPC campaigns, there are a few key marks you need to hit. You need to have an active Amazon Professional Sellers account, the ability to ship to US addresses and a valid credit card.

  • A few more considerations

    There are a few more things you need to know in order to run Sponsored Product ads, like your product can't be considered "adult" and you need to control the Buy Box.

  • Some PPC terms

    We'll cover some of the most important words and terms you'll need to know as you start building your campaigns.

Lesson Two: