What Does Amazon’s Choice Mean? How to Get the Badge for FBA Sellers

A good way to tell if your products are successful on Amazon is when you are rewarded with one of Amazon’s coveted badges — specifically, the Amazon’s Choice badge. 

As a seller or brand owner, you want to create the best possible experience and products for your customers. When you do, Amazon recognizes this by how well your product sells compared to similar products and how customers respond to your products. 

Receiving an Amazon’s Choice badge not only enhances your product’s visibility but also instills trust and credibility among customers.

In this article, we’ll go over what the Amazon’s Choice badge is, what it means for sellers, how to get an Amazon’s Choice for your products, and the difference between Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badges. 

    1. Optimize your product listings
    2. Target those same keywords in your PPC campaigns
    3. Price competitively
    4. Fulfill orders using FBA
    5. Increase your product reviews
    6. Monitor your returns

Amazon’s Choice: What it means for sellers

The Amazon’s Choice badge is awarded to select products on Amazon that best match the customer search term and meet specific criteria for high quality, competitive pricing, and availability for fast shipping.

In Amazon’s words:

“Amazon’s Choice makes it easy to discover products that other customers frequently choose for similar shopping needs. Products highlighted as Amazon’s Choice are highly rated, well-priced, and available to ship immediately. They are also, on average, delivered faster and returned less frequently than alternative products…”

Amazon considers what matters most to its customers: review ratings, price, availability, and fast shipping. 

If your product is exactly what customers are looking for after a specific keyword search, it is a candidate for an Amazon’s Choice badge. Basically, it tells other customers that this product is popular amongst other Amazon customers based on that keyword. 

For example, I searched for “protein powder” on Amazon, and this is what came up:

This specific brand of protein powder was awarded the Amazon’s Choice badge for the keyword “protein powder,” even though it is not the “Best Seller” in its subcategory. This could be because it is priced lower or returned less than other better-selling products.

Amazon believes that this product best matches the search term “protein powder.”

Can your Amazon product have multiple Amazon’s Choice badges?

Your product can technically have more than one Amazon’s Choice badge since the badge is based on keywords. 

If your listing is optimized and converts highly for many different keywords, your product will likely have an Amazon’s Choice badge for multiple keywords. Using the same protein powder brand as above, it also has the Amazon’s Choice badge for the keyword “protein powder for men.”

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Amazon’s Choice vs. Best Seller badge

Now that you understand the Amazon’s Choice badge, let’s quickly define what the Best Seller badge is. 

The Best Seller badge is simply awarded to products that are the best sellers in a specific category or subcategory. 

For example, this protein powder brand is the number one best seller in the subcategory “Sports Nutrition Whey Protein Powders.”

And this tumbler brand is the number one best seller in the main category, “Kitchen & Dining.”

The Best Seller badge is based solely on whichever product has the highest number of sales, and it is updated every hour on Amazon. 

To recap, here are the primary differences:

  • Amazon’s Choice: Based on the best keyword match
  • Best Seller: Based on sales performance

Amazon’s Choice: Based on the best keyword match

Best Seller: Based on sales performance

How to get Amazon’s Choice for your products

While Amazon doesn’t give out exact instructions on how to get the Amazon’s Choice badge for your products, here are some tips you can follow to give you the best chance of getting one of Amazon’s sought after badges. 

1. Optimize your product listings 

First and foremost, you need to be sure your product listings are properly optimized with relevant, high-volume keywords so Amazon knows exactly what your product is and when your product should appear in the search results. 

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How do you find relevant keywords to add to your Amazon product listings? Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout tool will help you discover high-converting keywords that customers are actively searching for every single day. 

With Keyword Scout, you can also do a reverse ASIN search of your competitor’s listings to see what keywords they’re targeting and ranking for on Amazon. 

Look for keywords with high monthly search volume (1,000+ searches per month) because you want to target keywords that customers use most. 

For more information on conducting product keyword research for your Amazon products, check out our ultimate Amazon Keyword Research Guide

2. Target those same keywords in your PPC campaigns 

By targeting relevant keywords in Amazon PPC advertising campaigns, you have a chance of showing up high in the search results when a customer searches for that specific keyword. 

This is especially important for newer products that recently launched on Amazon because your product likely won’t show high up in search right away. 

If a customer searches for your type of product, clicks on your ad and makes a purchase, this tells Amazon the specific keyword the customer used matches your product, thus moving your product higher up in the search results.

The more customers purchase your product after a specific keyword search, give your product more of a chance to receive the Amazon’s Choice badge. 

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3. Price competitively 

A big factor in receiving an Amazon’s Choice badge is the price of your products. Amazon wants products on its marketplace to be priced fairly and competitively so that customers are getting the best deal possible. 

Of course, you want to be sure your products are selling profitably, so your price depends on a number of factors, but be sure that your product is competitively priced amongst your competitors on Amazon. 

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4. Fulfill orders using FBA

Another big factor in receiving an Amazon’s Choice badge is fast shipping. If you use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to fulfill your orders, you are one step closer to getting that Amazon’s Choice badge, as Amazon will handle all order fulfillment. 

If you fulfill orders yourself or with a third-party fulfillment center via FBM (fulfilled by Merchant), make sure you ship orders out as fast as possible and with fast delivery times to better your chances of getting an Amazon’s Choice badge. However, your chances are likely much higher if you use FBA.

5. Increase your product reviews

I know, I know. Easier said than done. But sellers need to focus on getting reviews (with the highest possible rating) as much as possible. The best ways to get more reviews on your products is by, of course, selling a high-quality product that customers love and by using Jungle Scout’s Review Automation tool. 

Review Automation is an Amazon ToS-approved solution that completely automates the Seller Central review request process for Jungle Scout users. Simply turn the tool on, and Jungle Scout will automatically send out review requests, increasing your chances of growing your review count. 

Also, pay attention to the overall ratings of your reviews. If you notice lower-rated reviews, make sure you figure out what went wrong so you can try to fix whatever issue customers are experiencing. 

To learn about more methods of getting reviews, check out our How to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2023 guide

6. Monitor your returns

Products that are less likely to be returned by customers have a higher chance of getting the Amazon’s Choice badge. Monitor your product returns and understand why customers are returning your products. 

Amazon now gives sellers return insights within Seller Central to help sellers better understand their return rate and why customers are returning. If you can help reduce the number of returns by addressing any customer issues or complaints, your products have a higher chance of getting that Amazon’s Choice badge. 

To monitor your returns, go to the FBA Returns section in Seller Central and click on “Return insights.” Here, you can see your return rates, the top returned ASINs, and the top reasons why those products were returned. 

All-in-all, you want to be sure your products are highly-rated, ship fast, have a competitive price point and convert well in order to get an Amazon’s Choice badge. 

Have your Amazon products gotten the Amazon’s Choice badge?

As a private label seller on Amazon, you should always strive for the best and ensure your customers are fully satisfied with what they’re ordering, and you will have no problem getting an Amazon’s Choice badge!

We hope this helped answer your questions about Amazon’s Choice badges. If you have any more questions, please let us know in the comments.

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