How Much Does Amazon Make Every Year?

When it comes to dollars, Amazon deals in billions. Amazon U.S. is the fifth-largest company in the world by market capitalization, a position that translates to a lot of revenue, and a lot of cash. Between Amazon’s own Basics brand, the FBA program that allows individuals to run their own businesses by selling on Amazon, and dozens of other services, including Amazon Prime streaming, it’s safe to assume Amazon makes a lot of money.

But how much does Amazon make in a year? A month? A day? What about an hour? We dive into the answers below.

How much money does Amazon make a year?

In 2022, Amazon earned $514 billion dollars in revenue. Of that, $225 billion was net profit, a 14.01% increase from the previous year. 

So far this year, Amazon has made $404.4 billion in revenue; $127.4 billion in Q1, $134 billion in Q2, and $143.1 billion (+13%) in Q3. Combined with its $149.2 billion in Q4 of 2022, Amazon has generated approximately $553.7 billion in revenue over the last year.  

How much does Amazon make a day?

Based on Amazon’s $143.1 billion revenue at the end of the third quarter, Amazon made $1,555,434,782.60 in revenue every day in the third quarter of 2023.

Based on last year’s profit numbers, they made $616,438,356.16 in profits every day last year.

How much does Amazon make per hour?

Going by these same numbers, Amazon made $64,809,782.60 in revenue every hour in Q3 2023—$1,080,163.04 per minute, or $18,002.71 every second!

These are impressive numbers, but what’s more impressive is how much of Amazon’s revenue is paid out to third-party sellers—over 70% of Amazon sellers make over $1,000 every month, and 17% of SMB sellers (small or medium business sellers) have achieved lifetime sales of over $100,000. Learn more about how much money Amazon sellers make here!

How many people use Amazon?

In 2022, Amazon saw an estimated user count over 300 million. This would be impressive enough by itself, but there’s more to it than that. 51% of U.S. consumers cite Amazon as their go-to site when searching for products, according to the Jungle Scout Customer Trends Report for Q3 2023.

What does Amazon do to make its money?

Amazon has a ton of revenue streams in retail, Prime subscriptions, and various digital services. 

How much does Amazon make in retail sales?

Amazon’s retail business is largely driven by third-party sellers employing various business models. In 2022, Amazon made $220 billion in revenue from its online sales. Much of these numbers are driven by third-party sellers who use Amazon as their platform of choice—58% of Amazon sales are driven by third-party sellers.

Want to learn more about becoming a third-party seller on Amazon? 

How profitable is Amazon Web Services?

In 2022, AWS amassed over $80 billion in revenue, $23 billion of which was profit. AWS comprises Amazon’s cloud storage, networking, and analytics software, and makes up a significant portion of the company’s overall revenue.

How many people have Amazon Prime? How profitable is it?

Globally, Amazon Prime had over 200 million subscribers in 2023, 167 million of whom are in the United States. Today, Amazon Prime is available in 20 countries worldwide, and generated over $35 billion in revenue from the program in 2022.

There are many, many more ways Amazon is able to generate revenue across its massive platform. As one of the largest companies in the world, there is a ton of data to work with, and many ways to take advantage.

If you want access to even more Amazon data, or to begin selling on Amazon yourself and earn a piece of the pie, click below to learn more about Jungle Scout!

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