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Amazon Best Sellers and Trending Products in September 2022

Which products are Amazon’s best sellers this month? Are tried-and-true household staples filling shoppers’ carts, or are trending social media fads flying off Amazon’s virtual shelves? Does one Amazon product category rule all others? 

At Jungle Scout, we dive into Amazon product and category data to identify product opportunities and track ecommerce trends. This article dives into some of Amazon’s best sellers over the past 30 days and their changing product sales and revenue. 

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Top Amazon Product Trends in September 

Amazon’s best sellers are constantly changing in response to the news, events, social trends, and other factors influencing consumer behavior. Some September happenings include:


🏈 Amazon reported its biggest three hours of Prime signups during its first exclusive NFL stream in September.

Social media:

🤳Reports reveal that Instagram is struggling to keep up with TikTok as Reels continue to fall short on the platform. 

Holiday spending:

🎄 More than half (55%) of consumers plan to alter holiday spending plans this year due to inflation — and 30% have already started shopping. 

Retail media:

🛒 Snap and TikTok become the newest partners of Walmart Connect.

Win or #Fail? Peloton and Victoria’s Secret Expand to Amazon 

As retailers continue to battle rising costs, many have shifted focus from traditional customer acquisition avenues to ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon. But is it worth it for retailers? Let’s look at how two popular brands have been performing since announcing expansions into Amazon. 

Peloton and Victoria’s Secret experienced both explosive growth and explosive downfalls. While the reasons for their downfalls are unique to each brand, their move to Amazon marked a new era of opportunity and revival — and it’s paying off. 

Victoria’s Secret is aiming to become an established contender in the beauty category. The brand has seen a revenue increase of 80% in the last 30 days and +119% in unit sales. The top-trending item from Victoria’s Secret in September is this fragrance mist, up 40% in revenue. Meanwhile, as consumers continue to invest in their health and wellness, Peloton has seen massive growth on Amazon. Since joining the platform just last month, Peloton has wrapped up $1,686,465 in revenue and 6,382 in unit sales.

Most Popular Products on Amazon

With the rise of social commerce, and the evolving retail landscape, best-sellers on Amazon are constantly changing. Here, we take a look at some of the most popular products on Amazon from the past month.

Mini Bag Sealer

These convenient bag sealers are the perfect addition to any snack cupboard. Revenue for this product has increased by 7,336% in the last 30 days.



Smart LED Strip Lights

Cozy in and elevate your streaming setup with LED strip lighting. Searches for these lights have increased by 258% in the last 30 days – and saw a 2,892% increase in revenue.



6 Set Travel Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a travel must-have, and these ones from Amazon have grown 1,111% in revenue over the last 30 days.



SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ Wireless Gaming Headset

A third of the world’s population are gamers. It’s no wonder this wireless gaming headset has increased 691% in revenue in the last 30 days.


Mushroom Lamps

These iconic 70s lamps are back in style, with tons of funky colors and patterns to choose from. This product has increased 533% in revenue in the last 30 days.



Pumpkin Spice Candle

‘Tis the season of Pumpkin Spice lattes… and candles. These Pumpkin Spice-scented candles have seen a revenue increase of 487% in the last 30 days.



Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball

Parents are eager to snag this interactive toy for their little ones. Searches for “Magic Mixies” jumped 268% and the product saw a revenue increase of 419% in the last 30 days.



6Ft Halloween Inflatable

Spooky season is right around the corner, and these inflatable decorations are a show-stopper. Revenue for these inflatables has seen a 100% increase in the last 30 days.



Tile Mate

Calling all Android users! This four-pack of trackable tiles has seen a revenue increase of 100% in the last 30 days.



“TikTok Made Us Buy It”: Social Media-Influenced Best-Selling Products on Amazon 

TikTok has quickly become anand effective place for brands to market their products to the modern consumer. Here we take a quick look at some of the top-trending Amazon products on the platform, and the social media content that is pushing them into the national spotlight.

Neck Massager for Neck Pain Relief

Many people struggle with neck stiffness and this hand-held massager just might do the trick. Revenue for the viral product increased by 1,020% in the last 30 days.

@shopfitfirst squeeze, massage, and knead away #neckmassager #neckpainrelief #neckpain #tiktokmademebuyit ♬ original sound – shopfitfirst


Household Double Head Automatic Dumpling Maker

These viral dumpling makers are the ultimate #kitchenhack. Over the last 30 days, revenue has grown 168%.

@newlifehacks01 👆👆👆👆👆 ♬ Up and Away (Vocalese) – GHOSTLAND



Jungle Scout provides powerful data and resources to help entrepreneurs and brands grow successful businesses on Amazon. Jungle Scout data is constantly refreshed to provide users with the most up-to-date information possible to give them an edge over the competition.

Data in this report is representative of the U.S. Amazon market. Products were sourced from trends in traditional and social media along with data provided by Jungle Scout Cobalt, Keyword Scout, and Extension. Product revenue data represents the period of August 10 to September 19, 2022.

For specific data or product insights that aren’t listed here, please contact us at [email protected].

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