How to Create & Optimize an Amazon Product Detail Page

So, you’ve found a high-demand, low-competition quality product that you sourced at a profitable landed cost. Now that you have an in-demand product that satisfies your criteria, you must ensure your customers can easily find it. 

This is why product detail page optimization is so important. Your product may not sell as expected if you don’t optimize your listing with relevant keywords, compelling content, quality images, and a fair price. 

The good news is that we’re going to show you everything you need to know about optimizing your product detail page so you can be successful in selling on Amazon

  • What is an Amazon product detail page?
  • How to create a new Amazon product detail page
  • How can you optimize your Amazon listing page for profit?
  • The elements of an Amazon detail page
  • Which elements of an Amazon product detail page can you optimize?


What is an Amazon product detail page?

Your Amazon product detail page, aka your Amazon listing, is what customers navigate and explore to purchase your product. It is best to include everything you want your potential customer to know about your product on your product detail page. 

Amazon provides plenty of space for you to write about and show off your product in your title, bullet points, description, images, and more.


How to create a new Amazon product detail page 

Creating a new product detail page in Amazon Seller Central is simple. Follow these quick steps to have your new product listing ready to go. 

First, go to the Inventory tab and click on “Add a Product.”


If you are selling a brand new product on Amazon, click on “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon.”


Next, choose your product’s category. 


Now you’ll be able to fill in all of your product’s vital information and images!



How can you optimize your Amazon listing page for profit?

Not only do you need potential customers to find your product, you need them to actually purchase your product. How do you get them to do that? It is all about how you optimize your product detail page for clicks and conversions. 

There are many factors that influence a purchase on your product page and each needs to be carefully considered when optimizing.

If every aspect of your product detail page is the best it can be, it can benefit your business tremendously — increased click-through rates, conversion rates, organic traffic, profitable PPC campaigns, and hopefully, positive reviews. 

First, let’s quickly go over each component of your product detail page and show you which parts you can optimize.


The elements of an Amazon product detail page


Title: Product-identifying information, this is what customers will see when scrolling through the search results.

Images: Up to 7 product images can be shown on your detail page, including your main image. 

Product video: Videos present your product in even more detail and give the customer a much better idea of your product and how it works. 

Brand name: Your product’s brand. If you have an Amazon store, your customers can go directly to it when clicking on the brand name.

Product reviews/rating: This number is found underneath your title and brand name; it shows your product’s overall rating and how many reviews it has received.

Price: The amount of money your product costs. 

Variations:  If you have multiple variations such as colors and sizes, customers can choose the option they want. 

Buy Box: This display has the Add to Cart button that customers can click on to add the product to their cart. A product needs to be eligible to win the Buy Box.

Bullet points: Each product is allowed up to five bullet points of information to describe your product’s features and benefits. 

Best Seller and Amazon Choice badges: The Best Seller badge shows customers the top-performing product in a particular subcategory. The Amazon’s Choice badge highlights highly-rated, well-priced products.

Frequently bought together: This feature shows products that customers often purchase together in the same transaction. Seller tip: This can give you a good idea of what to sell next. 

Special offers and product promotions: This section displays any deals and coupon codes you create, such as a “buy one, get one free” promo. 

Product description/A+ Content: This is additional space where you can go into more detail about your product. If you are brand registered, you can create A+ Content with images and custom templates. 

Product details: Found below the description, these show product specs, the date first available, best sellers rank, manufacturer, ASIN, and reviews. 

Customer questions & answers: If someone has a question about your product, they can ask it here. Previous customers and current sellers are invited to answer questions asked on the detail page. 

Customer reviews: This is where visitors can read reviews left by previous buyers. 

Competitor ads/related products: Customers can see competitor product ads and sections such as “Products related to this item.”


Which elements of an Amazon product detail page can you optimize?

Amazon gives its sellers lots of freedom to customize the content and images (within their ToS, of course). Let’s go over what and how to optimize your Amazon detail page. 


Since customers cannot physically see and touch your product, they need an excellent visual representation of what it is and what it does. Creating high-quality images and infographics for your product detail page will help your customer understand your product’s benefits and picture themselves using it.


Product videos

Want to stand out from the competition? Adding a product video to your detail page is an excellent way to differentiate. Videos improve the customer experience and may even help increase your product’s sales and conversion rate. 


Title, bullet points, and description

These three sections are the critical aspects of your listing. Include relevant, highly-searched keywords and create compelling copy that sells your product. Make sure to include all essential details about your product, so the potential buyer isn’t left looking for more. 

To find the most relevant keywords for your product detail page, you can use a reliable tool such as Keyword Scout to ensure you have fully optimized your page for search. 

Check out our in-depth YouTube video on listing optimization here:


A+ Content

If you are enrolled in Brand Registry, you can create an A+ Content Description. This content helps you stand out from the competition as you can create a description filled with images and compelling content from customizable templates. 



Another vital aspect of your product’s success is your price. If you price a product too low, you might suggest your product is cheaply made. If it’s priced too high without good reason, you may repel customers. Having a proper pricing strategy will help you stay both profitable and competitive. 



While you cannot directly change your review count or product rating, you can put practices into place to help grow your review count on Amazon. Customers rely on product reviews when purchasing products. 


Use a tool such as Review Automation to send out review requests to your customers automatically. Watch our webinar on how to get Amazon reviews here:



Customer questions & answers

If you receive any questions on your product detail page, make sure you promptly respond to the question so the potential customer can decide whether to purchase or not. 

Also, if you see frequently asked questions in this section, answer customer questions and add that information to your listing content. Customers often ask questions when they cannot find the answer within your listing. 


In stock rate

Proper inventory management is another significant factor that contributes to your success as an Amazon seller. If your product is constantly going out of stock, you will not only be missing out on sales, but your organic keyword ranking and Best Sellers Rank can be negatively affected. 



Buy Box eligibility

Is your product eligible for the Amazon Buy Box? Factors such as having a professional seller account and account health both contribute to Buy Box eligibility. If your product is not in the Buy Box, it will be more difficult for a customer to purchase. You also cannot use Amazon Advertising to promote your product.


Example of an optimized Amazon product detail page

This hammock detail page is an exceptional example of an optimized Amazon listing. They have quality images, a product video, an informative title, detailed bullet information, and a fair price. 


Example of an Amazon product detail page that needs optimization

While the title on this product detail page looks pretty good, they only have one image, no bullet points, and no description. Without filling in the other attributes on the listing, this seller misses out on potential sales and keyword ranking. 


Optimization tips from the experts

Here are some tried and tested ways you can further optimize your product detail page that are non-negotiables for the expert sellers at Jungle Scout:

Take your time when optimizing your product detail page. Conduct proper keyword and competitor research to identify what you should focus on with your listing. And if you have to, go back to your listing to make edits and refresh content.

Don’t keyword stuff your title, bullets, or description. Keyword stuffing looks unprofessional and Amazon does not like this strategy. You have plenty of space to include all relevant keywords. Make sure the readability of each listing component is high.

Take advantage of the space Amazon allows. For example, Amazon permits up to 200 characters in your title. Use this space to include as much information as you can, without keyword stuffing, of course.

Hire a professional photographer/graphic designer. A few years ago, sellers may have gotten away with taking amateur product photos but with today’s competitive landscape, you need to produce professional assets to stand out.

Add a product video to your listing. Again, hire a professional to produce a short 15 to 60-second video to add to your detail page. Videos help sell products and allow the customer to get all the information they need without reading.


Build an Amazon product detail page that sells!

There isn’t just one factor that contributes to your success as an Amazon seller. Making sure you optimize each component of your product detail page for sales will help you reach your goals.

Use this article as a guide for what you should focus on when optimizing your Amazon product listings. 

Do you have more questions about optimizing your Amazon product detail page? Let us know in the comments!


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