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Amazon Seller Verification in 2022

Amazon is a massive online retail platform with billions of shoppers across 19 worldwide marketplaces. And not only does Amazon have its own selection of first-party products, it also supports more than 6 million third-party sellers, too. With the recent boom of ecommerce, aspiring entrepreneurs have looked to Amazon as a way to build a profitable business in 2022.

So, in the interest of protecting both its sellers and shoppers, Amazon requires all sellers to go through a strict verification process

The current Amazon seller account verification process was enacted between 2016 and 2017, and the major difference is that Amazon now requires two forms of identification in order for a seller to be cleared to sell on the platform.

Amazon’s verification process exists for three main reasons:

  • Protecting customers from “bad actors” who focus only on profits, rather than quality products and a positive customer experience.
  • Protecting sellers from harmful “black hat” sellers who employ unethical tactics to win sales.
  • Keeping counterfeiting, money-laundering, and other illicit practices off of Amazon’s platform.

This article covers everything you need to know about Amazon’s verification process, including what you need to know to get verified as a seller yourself.


What is Amazon’s verification process?

Amazon’s seller account verification process consists of two parts. 

  1. First, you must answer a series of questions (via an online form) about your business and yourself (or whoever the main contact for the business will be).
  2. Second, you must provide information that proves you are who you say you are.

What information does Amazon need?

  • Your business information, including:
    • Legal business name
    • Business address
    • Contact information
  • Email address for the company account
  • An internationally chargeable credit card
    • If the credit card isn’t valid, Amazon will cancel your registration
  • Phone number
    • Amazon may need to reach you during the registration process
    • Also, Amazon uses your phone number to verify your account
  • Federal Tax ID; this can be:
    • Your social security number
    • Your business’ Federal Tax ID number
  • State Tax ID (if you are a U.S. seller)

Do I need to have a business entity (e.g., LLC) to sell on Amazon?

No. You can sell on Amazon as a sole proprietorship. However, we do recommend that you form one down the road, especially if you are serious about selling on Amazon.

What do I need in order to verify my identity/my business’ identity?

In order to sell in the North American marketplaces (the United States, Canada, and Mexico), Amazon requires sellers submit two types of documents to the Seller Identification Verification (SIV) process.

  1. National ID card
  2. Credit card statements, bank statements, or utility bills

Amazon goes into further detail about the type of information that they accept, as well as the format in which you must submit this information, on their service page.


Does Amazon’s verification process work?

In early 2020, we spoke with Amazon suspensions expert Cynthia Stine, who shared that, for the most part, the process has been a success for Amazon. 

For instance, many of the “bad actors” on Amazon — those signing up to sell on Amazon for unethical reasons — were immediately removed from the platform once the program was introduced. 

In some cases, however, some tech-savvy sellers have been able to get around Amazon’s verification process, leading to “white hats” getting caught in the crossfire, but Amazon is continually working to prevent this.


What are common issues that new sellers run into during the Amazon seller account verification process?

According to Stine, the most common reasons new sellers fail the verification process include:

Format/resolution of supporting documents submission

Amazon has very specific guidelines for how they want the two types of documents submitted. Sellers who send in poor scans, or incomplete and/or incorrect information, are sometimes rejected automatically.

Billing and residence information do not match

Another common issue new sellers run into is mismatched information. Billing and residential information must match. 

For example, let’s say a seller’s ID card has their previous address listed, but their billing information shows their new address. If they send that information as is, Amazon will reject their application due to the discrepancy.

Sellers aren’t sending full documents

Sometimes, sellers submit only part or a single page of a billing document or bank statement. Amazon wants to see the entire document including all of the small print pages

Amazon knows that the first couple of pages of a utility bill or a bank statement are easy to forge. That’s why they require new sellers to send in every single page of their document.  

However, Amazon doesn’t make this requirement clear in their guidelines, which is why we’re highlighting it here.

Sometimes, it’s just unknown

Warning! Amazon doesn’t necessarily publish all of the nuances and rules sellers must follow in order to be verified; sometimes, sellers are rejected and aren’t sure why. 

Sellers may attempt to contact Amazon for further insight, but should first review every known step and all documentation carefully to ensure the discrepancy wasn’t on their end.


Will “grandfathered-in” sellers have to go through the same verification process?

Currently, sellers who sold on Amazon before the verification process changed do not have to prepare the two forms of identification like new sellers do. However, Stine fully expects Amazon to begin verifying grandfathered sellers as it continues to crack down on bad actors.

For that reason, we recommend that sellers with older accounts prepare their verification documents now. 

Amazon could drop this on sellers without notice, meaning grandfathered sellers who are caught off guard could be suspended or even banned. But, if sellers get the documents they need to verify who they are now, they won’t lose precious time and sales later.


3 best practices for Amazon seller account verification

Use the following three tips for getting through the Amazon verification process smoothly:

1) Prepare for verification now

Sometimes, it can take weeks or even months for a seller to make sure their “ducks are in a row.” This is especially important for existing sellers whose livelihoods would be affected by a sudden change in Amazon’s terms of service.

2) Make sure all forms of identification match

All of the materials you plan to submit should match and prove that you are who you say you are, and that your Amazon business is under your purview.

3) Remember: Sellers are suspended during the verification process

For those who aren’t aware of this rule, Amazon suspends active sellers during verification. And while that may not seem like much of an issue, sometimes Amazon’s verification process can take weeks, or even months. 

However, if you have all of your identifying documentation ready to go, the faster Amazon will move you through the process — and the faster you can get back to selling!



173 comments on “Amazon Seller Verification in 2022

  1. Hello my name is Lacey Alford, I’m currently in the process of becoming a seller on Amazon, and waiting for what I think is a verification number. I ask, is there such a number, and what time frame should it take?

  2. Dear Brian,

    I got below message after I applied for the Seller Central account:

    “Your request has been rejected
    We are unable to verify the documents you provided. As a result, you may not sell on Amazon. We cannot give you more information about this matter, and we may not reply to further e-mails about this decision.”

    I tried to email the customer support to fix the issue. No matter what I wrote about. Their reply is the same:

    “We were not able to verify the documents you provided. As a result, you may not sell on,, and”

    I got really hopeless here and don’t know what to do. Would you please help? Thank you!

  3. I completed all verification and the video call but it’s saying they will mail me a post card with a OTP code? Is this accurate or am I going to be waiting for nothing? And I can’t start doing anything Until then??

  4. I was approved back in July but can’t list – I continue to receive this error:

    Problem with your Seller Account

    You’re currently unable to add or edit listings because either the credit card on file is invalid or the credit card is in the process of validating, which could take up to 24 hours. Please ensure that you have a valid credit card uploaded in Account Settings.

    My credit card is still valid and is the same card that’s been on my account since I started. What causes this error?

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Have you tried contacting Amazon seller support? They may be able to help you with this issue. You shouldn’t have an issue if your credit card is valid and the information is correct.

  5. Hi, I’ve been trying to get verified all week.

    “We were unable to verify the identity document you provided because the personal name on the document does not match with the personal name entered in seller central.”

    How Can I check the personal name that I entered in seller central?

  6. Hi I have completed the ID verification and video call with success, just to find out my sellers application still has to be approved. My concern is my license lists my suburb as my city and my other documents list my major city as my city, either work as my address and I explained this in the optional comment section. Do you foresee this being an issue? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks for the info.
      I have two question please:
      1- I am currently living in Europe and want to create my seller account as business ( LLC) from here because I have all the bank documents required.
      However, in 5 months I will move to another country. The question is, can I update the payment method ( credit card) and the residence adress or I will have to pass verefication system again ? its too risky?

      2- can I create my seller account as individual while the LLC creation is in process or its better to star as LLC?


      1. Hi,

        I am not sure about the first question, I suggest contacting Amazon seller support with that question.

        You do not need an LLC to sell on Amazon or to create an account, whether it is an individual or pro account.

  7. I am interested to sell on amazon FBA as a sole proprietor but I do not want to provide my home address as amazon will make that public. Can I use a PO box and will Amazon require some type of utility bill verification for that PO box?

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Yes, you can use a PO box as your Amazon address, but don’t add “PO Box” in the address. Instead, use the address of the Post Office and “#” of your PO box. You can also have your utility company mail your bill to the post office address with the “#” in the address.

    1. Hi Maham,

      You need to provide everything that they are asking you for within the account creation process. What else are they asking for?

  8. Hi, I’ve been trying to get verified all week. Finally got my code in to get set up and then I get to the verification process and I’ve been denied 6 times and now getting the “We are unable to verify the documents you provided. As a result, you may not sell on Amazon” I’ve double and tripled checked my documents and I’m confused to why I got denied and now apparently I can no longer sell on amazon before even getting the chance too…. & with no customer service, I’m not sure what to do as I’m not big on the idea on simply making a new account. Any advice?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Hmm, that is strange. Amazon didn’t give you a reason why? Have you had an Amazon account in the past?

  9. Hi,

    Hope you can give me some feedback. I just signed for a professional Amazon seller account, my company is brand new LLC, so I still don’t have bank statement, so I’m stuck in the process. The question is, can I use my personal banking account for verification? as the address is the same for my home and company.
    Thank you

  10. Hello, I’ve created an signed up for a seller central account and gave all the required information, I also did the video call, it’s been 10 days since the video call. I got an email saying that they had finished reviewing my account and that I could start selling on,, and however when I log into my seller central account, I’m still on stuck on step 5. What should I do?

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Are you trying to sign in from the Seller Central homepage? Are you still not able to get into your account?

  11. Hi, a friend from of mine who has a Uk Amazon business account tried to set up a USA based one but for some reason the verification failed and he’s now locked out in Amazon USA. Any idea how to unlock it?

  12. Thank you, Dave, and everyone at JungleScout for providing this insightful information! I am very new to this and will certainly sign up with the JungleScout.
    I can see that JungleScout is a very helpful tool, if one plans to be successful.

    At this point, I find myself in the situation you just described above. Currently, I’m at the fourth stage and trying to pass verification. I want to do everything right and by the book, but I’m stuck.

    I’m an American living in Germany, and plan to start selling in the US Marketplace. In answer to the questions regarding the country of birth and country of citizenship, I put United States for both. For my identity data and document, I used my US driver license and then uploaded copies of both the front and back pages of it. For the additional document required, I uploaded my US bank statement. As for the business address, I entered my German address. I believe I did everything right, yet a day after entering the code Amazon sent me, I got an email stating that, “The country of origin you selected during registration does not match the information in the documents you provided.”

    There was no requirement in the registration process where I was asked to enter a “county of origin.” In the Identity Verification sketch you posted with this article, there is no “country of origin” mentioned. Am I overlooking something? How do I get past this point? Do you have any suggestions for me?

  13. I live on St. Maarten/ Saint Martin I want to start an Amazon sellers account; Can a business license from my Island be approved, or do I have to make an LLC & Resellers License from a USA State?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      You won’t need to have a business license or LLC to sign up for an Amazon seller account from another country.

  14. Will I encounter a problem if my bank statements and utility bills do no include my middle name and my license does? The address matches but my middle name is not included on my bank statement or bills

  15. Ive read that you are unaware of the amazon videocall seller verification. I just signed up and submitted my documents and there is a section to book a call with them. Now i am confused if the website i signed up with is legit. 🤭

    1. Hi Fion,

      That is something that Amazon does now as a way to verify sellers. As long as you signed up on Amazon Seller Central, it is legit.

  16. Hi Brian – I’ve been getting this error message for weeks now, and with multiple contacts to Support, almost daily. They say a “team” is working on it but is there anything else I that can be done? I have a true Credit, not a Debit, in my account settings.

    Problem with your Seller Account
    You’re currently unable to add or edit listings because either the credit card on file is invalid or the credit card is in the process of validating, which could take up to 24 hours. Please ensure that you have a valid credit card uploaded in Account Settings.

    1. Hi Syl,

      I am sorry to hear you’re having issues getting verified. Do you happen to have another credit card to try and see if Amazon will accept that?

  17. Hi Brian,
    I am in the process of opening an Amazon Seller account as an LLC. For bank statement/credit card verification, should I use my personal bank account/credit card that has my home address on it(This is my Residential address) , or my business account that has my business address on it(where I receive all my mails, and I have set that address in the form where it asks for Business Address).
    My Business account doesn’t have many transactions to show so I am not sure what they are looking for in the verification.
    Thanks in Advance

  18. On the Amazon seller central verification process when I click on upload to upload the required documents, an instruction box pops up with the tab continue. When I click on the continue tab nothing happens hence I can not upload my documents. I have tried contacting Amazon 4 times with no response. Anyone have any advice? Thanks

    1. I’m also looking for an answer on this! I’ve been searching everywhere & have reached out to support, but still no response after 24+ hrs. I can’t seem to find any info on this & this comment is the closest acknowledgment of the issue I’ve seen.

      My previous ID address & last name did not match my info, so my application was understandably rejected. I got my license updated & now there’s nowhere to update the pictures of my ID (???).

      If anyone has any advice on this, it would be much appreciated!

  19. Hi Brian,
    I am in the process of creating an Amazon seller account for my company. During registration, details were provided in respect of the company’s bank account held with Payoneer. Shortly after completing the request, I received an email from Amazon saying that the bank statement provided during registration could not be verified by Amazon. They requested me to upload another bank statement.
    I am so confused because I made sure the address details on the statement match exactly the address details provided during registration. The only thing I could think of (but which does not make much sense to me) is that that I merged two Payoneer documents together in one pdf document: a Payoneer bank statement and a Payoneer letter (which is kind of statement tailor made for Amazon verification process).
    Any help would be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Aaron,

      I would send them separately, which may have something to do with it. Did they give you any reason why it could not be verified?

    2. My company address was wrong. 307 instead of 303 and I don’t know how to change it. My card was returned so I am not able to validate my account. Please I need your help

  20. I went through the seller verification process today via video call. The person interviewing me seemed doggy and said they were not allowed to show their identification nor tell me their name. I found this very strange.

    1. Hi Muktar,

      I have never heard of Amazon doing a video call for seller verification. Are you sure you were contacted by Amazon?

      1. I had a video call, too. And it was really weird with someone in a back room with a blanket over a door that kept blowing in the wind.

          1. I have also signed up for sellercentral and after uploading all documents it asks to book a video call. I have not completed the call as of yet because they keep cancelling it with no reason, besides I can’t be verified right now and asking me to rebook.

    2. Today I joined video call with Amazon center I uploaded my bank account statement and they asking me you have to send PayPal account statement for verification

  21. There are not enough spaces on the Indiana Driver’s License form for the street I live on; WELLINGTON GRN DR. “Green” is spelled out on my bank statement. Is this enough of a discrepancy to cause Amazon to decline my FBA application? Is it not something they could allow to slide, since my address has to fit on the form for a driver’s license? If this is a valid reason to decline my FBA application, should I have GREEN spelled out on my license and omit the “DR” portion AND change my bank statement to reflect the same?

  22. Hi, May I please know if the Credit Card statement for seller verification should be the same credit card that is used for monthly amazon subscription payment ? The credit card I used for subscription payment has business address and name and not residential address or my name .I am trying to register as a business with Amazon US.

  23. Hi Dave, May I please enquire with you. We are SG regd business and trying to register in US Amazon. The bank statement we submitted was rejected. During application process, we provided a bank account to receive funds. This is in the name of business and the address is the business regd address. We have also entered a credit card for monthly deduction of subscription fees. This business credit card is in the name of the business owner and address is the same business regd address. In the application form, we have provided both the business name +regd address and the owner name+ his residential address. Will you be so kind enough to help me understand if the bank statement in business name and business regd address will be approved for seller verification ? The credit card statement shows owner’s name but not his residential address. When we Provided this statement it was rejected based on address not available on the statement. I am not able to contact seller forum as once login I am taken to the regn. page. Kindly help.

  24. Hi my name is Subham Roy and i am from India. I want to tell my problem. My Amazon india selling channel is deactive now. Amazon team email me and written me that offering items that may be inauthentic but i send my all documents i show my authorization letter i show my invoices i show my supply chain. But always amazon said your documents its not enough but why i highlighted my invoice. My new account is this Amazon deactive my Account. Really i loosing my hope

    1. Hi Subham,

      Did Amazon tell you what else they need from your invoices? It needs to be exactly what they’re asking for.

  25. I am going through. his right now with the UK marketplace. I was selling for over a year and then all of a sudden my account went into verification mode. 500 units stranded, funds on hold for disbursement, and it’s been over a month. No idea how much longer this will take – can’t get responses anymore. I’m wondering if I should start over with a new account…it seems like I have been lost in the shuffle.

    1. HI Meg,

      I don’t suggest starting a new account as you are only allowed by Amazon to have one seller account. We’re you able to get this issue resolved?

  26. What’s the best way to register with Amazon if you don’t want your personal address to be displayed by Amazon as a seller? I have an LLC setup in California with a registered agent address that I used for setting it up federal/state. I have a personal address in California as well that I live at with utility bills in my name. Is there a way to register this so that my personal address is used for verification purposes but my LLC registered agent address is used for public facing on Amazon?

    1. Hi Brian,

      After you sign up for your seller account with your personal address, you should be able to easily change it to the registered agent address. You can always use a PO Box address.

  27. I want to know can I make my seller account by my self I don’t have bank statement but have account with no transactions

    1. Hi,

      Start the process of signing up for an account and see if Amazon accepts it. They typically need a bank statement so you can also try to find someone else to partner with who has a bank statement.

  28. Hi Dave,

    I’m stuck in the Identity Verification phase. I’ve made sure everything matched, both using driver’s license and password, using photos from my phone, from a scan and different file types (png, jpg, jpeg, pdf). However every time it says “Unable to verify document.”

    Is there anything else I can try or should I reach out to support?


    1. Hi Tony,

      That’s very strange! Are the pictures clear and easy to ready? If so, I’d try to reach out to support.

  29. Hi there
    My Account application is rejected the reaason is: I wanted to open on my LLC company, I uploaded a bank statement from bank of America under my LLC company’s name. Amazon asked me that your name is not on the statement. I uploaded Articles of Organization to proof that it is a sole company I am the owner. But system always sent me same warning. At least they rejeceted my application. Now can I try to open another seller account under my company’s name? How can I pass the same problem again?

    1. Hi Mustafa,

      I suggest using your personal bank account when signing up for the account and then switching to your business account once you’re approved.

  30. Hi Dave, Happy Memorial day weekend !

    Amazon Keep denying my credit card address verification their reason, ” We were unable to verify bank statement that you provided because the document did not contain your address ” even though, I submitted the credit card statement which I highlighted the name and address at the bottom of page 1. my business address is my home address which I was verified through the post card they sent me. my question is : could it be the address on amazon registration suggested address box layout is

    US, 9999 Long Point LN NW, WA, Silverdale, 98383-8369. As you see the State comes before the City and this was the Amazon suggested address to use when I registered.
    the address on my credit card layout have the City come before the State

    9999 Long Point LN NW Silverdale, Wa 98383-8369. could this be the problem? do you see what I see?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Marta,

      Yes, I believe that is your issue with the verification. Don’t use the Amazon suggested address in this case.

  31. since I”m working from home after I get my account verified through amazon can i then change my address if I dont want my address publicly shown on amazon

  32. HI,
    My corporation is not being verified because my name (contact/owner) does not appear on bank statements. In a corporate bank account in Canada only the corporation’s name appears and not the owner’s name. Every time I send them more support, I get the same canned response.

    How can I get verified.?

    1. Hi Aziz,

      You can try to verify your account with your personal bank information and then switch to a business account.

  33. Today I have been asked to send in. HMRC document with my UTL NUMBER I have done this
    One hour later I receive another email asking me to verify my listings to sell
    I don’t understand this
    I already have my listings advertised on my selling account
    What do they mean by verify my listings ?

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Do you already have an active account? I am not sure what they mean by that. Try sending them the ASINs you are selling.

  34. Hi Dave,

    Maybe you’ve answered this, but I can’t tell. I am simply trying to sell as an individual. My account has everything checked off. I get emails from Amazon telling me to start selling. When I see boxes asking me to verify info I have already provided, I verify it. My credit card name and address are exactly the same. Emails tell me that everything is validated and ready to go. But when I try to list a product, I am still told my credit card is invalid. None of the reason they give for this apply. Any clues?


    1. Hi Lucy,

      Are you sure you’re entering your credit card information correctly? Or do you have another card that you can use in your account settings?

  35. We are currently going through the verification process and keep getting the problem that with the Amazon Germany market place that they are not able to verify my credit card and I should contact the bank. I have contacted the bank several times to try and find the problem but everything is OK with my card. Amazon already use this credit card on my personal Amazon account and have no problem charging it. All other market places I receive an email confirmation that the credit card is verified. I just keep going in circles and getting no where with the

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I am sorry you are having issues with your verification! Are you able to contact support to see what the issue is? If not, I would try another credit card if possible.

  36. Hi Dave,

    My driver license has my full name with meddle name and last name. however, my business name and credit card statement has my name, middle initial and last name. I got an email from seller central saying they need more credit card statement or utility bill for address verification my question is, is this gonna be a problem? I am scared to submit all the document although all documents are correct.

    1. Hi Marta,

      No, that should not be a problem for you. If all documents are correct, Amazon should accept them without any issue.

  37. Hi Dave,
    I’m in the process of signing up for an individual sellers account. In filling out the page before verifying my address for the postcard to be sent, there was a screen with a box notifying me that there is a $39.99 fee for the Professional account. Once I receive my code in the mail and enter that, will it give me the option to select individual vs professional? Thx!

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Yes, you should have the option between the two. If not, you can sign up for the pro account then downgrade to individual. If you had to pay for the first month, you can contact seller support and they will refund you.

  38. I don’t think amazon seller verification team works…. I am in the process with them for more than 2 months now. A final of everything was required I have sent on 1st of April. Since then I just get generic answers from account verification team that they are working hard and they can’t give me a time frame. I had to bring home all my inventory as it was stranded and I don’t have any idea how long I need to wait and if anyone is actually really verifying my account. I have sent to them so many message that I have lost count now…. and always just a generic answer…. same answer like a robot. So disappointed of the process.
    Do you have any advice?

    1. Hi Loredana,

      I am very sorry this has happened. What step of the process are you in? Have you heard anything back from them?

  39. Hi, My verification failed and I received the following response. Is there anything else I can do or do I need to start the process again with a new email address?

    We were not able to verify the documents you provided. As a result, you may not sell on,, and

    We cannot give you more information about this matter, and we may not reply to further emails about this decision.

    1. Hi Aneta,

      I am sorry this happened! I would try again with all of the required documents Amazon needs. Are you located in the US or in another country?

      1. Hi Brian- we are a legitimate business having the same issue. We got rejected although the documents we submitted seems to fit all criteria. The issue is if I try to open an account with another email which is what they suggest my company name is now showing as taken! I don’t know what to do because they are saying you can’t appeal the decision but if the account wasn’t approved they should have not taken the company name. HELP

  40. Very useful info. Thanks. Do you know if I can scan, for example,bank statememts downloaded and printed from the bank website or they should be originally sent from the bank by regular mail?. Thanks

  41. Great article.

    Q: i have a Chinese passport:
    Amazon states:
    “If you submit a copy of your passport, please ensure that the passport has the bearer’s signature.”

    Chinese Passports do not have signatures, how should my scan be prepared? Scan of Passport and Sign the Scan?

    Thank you

  42. Anyone who knows how long the verification takes? It says 2 days, but I read it can take months for some people. I am from Norway, and the bills are in a not supported language, but I translated the headlines in pdf. Might that affect the verification process?

    1. Hi Camila,

      It may take a couple of days, up to a couple of weeks. That may affect the process. No way of knowing until you submit your information.

  43. Hello,

    I have a similar problem. I sell in the US, Ca and Europe as a sole trader. This year I started a limited company, I needed a second account for Europe for my new company, EU seller support said no need to ask for approval, then I signed up for a second Eu account, however they automatically enrolled me NA, Japan, Australia plus Europe in global selling system. Now NA in the new account got suspended and needs verification. Mx in the old account got suspended for related accounts, I do not sell in MX. I never asked for a second NA account or Japan or Australia. I downgraded Japan and Australia. I got standard replies, no real contact. I am trying to send documents and get a solution since then. Welcome to the puzzle! Any advice?

  44. good day !

    i followed all the criteria in submitting
    my seller account identification criteria
    – mastercard statement
    – sole proprietor bus number

    but i have been non-varified

    is their a link or other contact info
    to speak to the review team ?

    kind regards

  45. I have begun the process of applying for a Professional sellers account, and have received my verification code. However, I have not entered it into my account because I think it better to use an Individual account.
    Should I continue on with the original application and then change it later to an individual account or start over with the process?

    1. Hi Christine,

      Continue with the process and change it to an individual after. If Amazon charges you for the pro account, you should be able to contact them for a refund.

  46. Hi there, thanks for the great article. I got verified after I opened my account recently from Australia. After I was verified I have been kind of locked out of US account. The link says Authorization Failed! However All other markets are active. Amazon doesn’t provide any answer and support! This is so frustrating! Any ideas?

    1. Hi Negin,

      When signed in to your seller account, Amazon should tell you on the homepage if anything is missing such as a bank account, credit card, etc.

  47. Hello I have a physical address on my LLC , and while signing in Amazon they have rejected my address and explain that the address couldn’t be véridicité I will not be able to use this account .

    My address is a real street address with P.O. Box that can receive packages and mails .

    How can I fix this issue please ???

  48. Hi Brian,
    I was just reject for my new seller account, but with research I think I know why. Where do I go from here?

    Do I just reapply using the same account information? To avoid multiple accounts?
    Or do I email them and ask to start again?

    Any insight you can give me on this would be super helpful.

    Thanks so much!

  49. Hi Dave. I have been an Amazon seller for over 12 years when they started the re-verification process in November 2020. I am a Limited Company.
    The documents I sent in are all the same as the originals way back when but the process is stalled as my wife, who is a beneficial owner, did not have a passport or a driving license. She is partially sighted and suffers from Alzheimers and did not want or need either document. We have been forced to apply for a passport (at a cost of £111.00) and meantime my disbursements have been stopped since November with the usual impacts.
    Is this a legal requirement on Amazons part? What part of the Amazon agreement covers this?

    1. This is something you’ll need to sort out with Amazon. You’ll need to supply Amazon with the proper documents before they’ll allow you to sell again.

      Are you able to change the account to your name?

  50. I do not drive but I have a state of Illinois state issued ID which let’s me go thru the airport TSA.
    Do you think AMZ would accept a state issued ID??

  51. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your interesting and informative post. I have recently created an Amazon business seller account, however I am still stuck at the verification process. Each time I upload a copy of my Dutch passport, Amazon comes back saying they couldn’t verify my Identity and that I need to provide a notarized copy of it. Is a legalized copy of my European passport mandatory, knowing Dutch is one of the supported language on Amazon Seller ? Also, is the page that shows my photo and all the personal details enough, or do they require the back of photo page although it doesn’t contain any information ?

    Any experience from others is welcomed.

    Thank you all.

    Kind regards,

  52. Hello

    So I have been having an issue regarding registering with FBA seller and it states that it had to validate my address and that they will send a postcard. I started the process the 9th of October and still have not received the post card. I have contacted seller support and they said that I can request another but I am not seeing the link and this is very frustrating. I was wondering if I should start the whole process over? I had called amazon and spoke to an agent seller support and she said if I still have issues to do it over with a new email address, but I don’t want to get suspended

    1. Hi Kristine, Have you been able to figure out this issue? Make sure the address on file with Amazon is correct.

  53. Amazon states that they cannot validate my address , this is my residential address for 16 years and the address of my new company
    they state that I must enter a new address but I cannot access my sellers application to see what the problem is.

    Can you help me

  54. Hi Dave!

    thanks for sharing such an informative article about Amzon central seller account verification.

    My Question is that i have been applied for new Amazon central seller account since 27th July 2020 but unfortunately its still showing same status “We have received your information and we may contact you for more information within two business days”

    i want to know that how much more time it will take to verify?

    and it usually happens or i am the only Person facing it?


  55. My account is currently deactivated due to verification failure. I now believe I made a typo when inputting my address on my seller account so my supporting documents do not match the address exactly due to my typo. Because I have been deactivated I cannot edit my address in seller central.


    1. New seller here. I can’t get past the verification process. Sent copy of my passport/state ID/ recent medical bill/recent energy bill/ credit card and checking account recent statements. The names and addresses are same everywhere. I keep receiving an automated message within 15-20 minutes of submitting documents:

      “We have reviewed the document(s) you recently provided but do not have enough information to reactivate your seller account at this time. We were unable to verify the document(s) you provided…………
      How do I reactivate my account?
      Please confirm that there is a valid credit card on file, and provide the requested document(s) in .pdf, .png, .jpeg, or .gif format

      Every document is US based and is in English, I have valid Amazon Prime credit card on file which I use everyday. Any suggestions what they want from me?

  56. UK amazon seller

    i trade AS A Sole Trader

    all my details are for my sole trade

    I have NOW incorporated my sole trade business to a UK Limited company.

    The verication process will stall my sales and cash cash flow and other issues

    Are there any practical ways to minimise disruption

    This must be a common problem

  57. Hi Dave,

    I have similar issues to some of the above. I’ve been battling since June 2020 to get some movement on things like bank statements and Utility bill etc. the .COM platform seem relentlessly interested in NOT allowing seller in the US market. Seems to me they don’t want more seller on the platform. Plus when engaging with anyone who actually knows what a phone is. They wouldn’t have clue what they are talking about and its a total waste of effort. Trust me I have had at least a dozen call with the US team and only one showed a glimmer of interest or knowledge after I had made my simple case clear. So I’m happy to say the EU team however, Not only answered the phone but helped me and resolved the seemingly simple issue in less than 10days. Happily selling on UK / EU platforms now.

    My question… and maybe a suggestion. This seem common. Dave, Why not (with your influence) and with JS support bring these issues to the attention of someone who maybe cares are seller central … We want to sell on your platform… Maybe use your Big Amazon dollars and invest in a simplified system and use some AI …

    Can we get a group count of those not verified and don’t know why? You know there’s even a business opportunity out there … I know there are companies that do consultS for individuals but $1000 is a bit steep.

    Dave, who can we rattle? Who do you know? How can you help with your influence?

    Cheers Jason

    1. Hi Jason,

      I am having the exact same issue with seller verification! This has been going on since August and I have all but given up hope. WHta was the UK number you rang to resolve this issue I cannot find a contact number and my countless cases have all lead to poor responses followed by a quick closure. Hope you can help!!

  58. Hi
    I am stuck on the verification process and am unable to load up my passport back page which i missed initially. I have had several emails back from Amazon but am unsuccessful loading up the final documents. Hope you can help.

    1. Hi Pushpa,

      I am sorry you are experiencing some issues. Have you resolved your problem? There is no way for you to reupload the passport?

  59. Hi Dave
    I live in Austria and have a company here and a credit card for m ycompany’s bank account .But I have an Austrian residence card. Can I register as a professional seller on Amazon with an Austrian residence card instead of passport or driver’s license?

  60. I find it unusual that Amazon is asking for my full nine digit Social Security Number in the account verification process when a transaction takes place that somehow appears suspicious. I received a text naming an “OTP” followed by a six-digit number.

    1. Hi Manuel,

      That is normal. The OTP is “one time password.” It is used as a 2 step verification to sign in.

  61. I am thinking of switching legal entity to a new company name on amazon US. what documentation will be asked if they do a verification on the account. also, can i use a cell phone bill?

  62. I have a pro seller account since 2 year in whole european marketplace. However my application for has been denied so many times due to unverified documents, and now I don’t have any ”UPLOAD DOCUMENTS” option. I can’t even re-upload document basically. What should I do at this point ?

  63. As soon as I registered for a professional seller account, my credit card was charged, but my account status was “deactivated” and since then I’ve sent my internet service provider’s invoice as a utility bill document to verify identity and residence. I haven’t been successful with different formats and resolutions and it’s been 10 days. I always get that “we were unable to verify your…..” form response. I suppose my case is a slightly more complicated in that I have a separate account which previously had a seller account but I didn’t do anything with it and so Amazon deactivated for inactivity. I tried re-activating it but was unsuccessful. Anyway, now it seems that extra account might be interfering with my current identity verification? Also, does the scanner code that verifies the name and address of submitted documents smart enough to account for abbreviations like Road vs Rd, etc? At this point I’m concerned that I’ll never be able to get verified because there’s no human interaction available from seller support at Amazon to resolve this impass.

    1. Hi Jo,

      I am so sorry to hear that! I understand how frustrating it can be. The issue can be that you had an older selling account. You are not allowed to have 2 seller accounts unless you are approved by Amazon.

      Have you heard back from them yet?

      1. Hi Brian, I contacted seller support who deleted two accounts that failed during recent registration attempts. Then I learned about how global market regions are automatically attached to an account upon registration and each marketplace needs verification. I checked my account, and sure enough, aside from North America, I was also connected to Europe and Japan marketplaces despite only being notified about US, Canada, and Mexico when registering. After verifying with Amazon Europe by submitting a copy of my passport, I terminated that marketplace. Now I am in limbo with North America and Japan even though I had no intention of selling in Japan. An Amazon forum member who went through a similar ordeal suggested that I get verification first and then close the Japan marketplace. i.e. you can’t just terminate it. But I haven’t been able to make progress with either.

        I have only one acceptable utility service invoice with which to verify my residential address since my rental agreement covers all others like electricity. And the verification algorithm just will not accept it, despite different file formats and resolutions. Just in case, I submitted a credit card statement and mobile phone bill but they were also rejected. I’m at an impasse until I can speak with a person in the identity verification department. Amazon bots respond 1 or 2 days after a submission but it’s always the same “unable to verify your…” from both Amazon US and Japan. The latter is problematic because the reply email is in Japanese and I have to resort to an online translator to see what went wrong (I have a Japanese name but grew up in Canada). Also, the more documents I submit, the slower the responses become, is what I’ve read in regards to the identity verification process.

  64. my seller account was created back in dec 2019. i provided the passport information , then didn’t logged into the account or sell anything. Now I’m more serious about to be one of the seller on amazon . But i’m going thru seller identity verification . I’m not sure why I have to go thru the Seller Identity Verification process again. It has been more than a week and still under review. It seem more challenging than ever because they never ask me anything . How long is the waiting time … Did I broken any rule without notice :(? please help out !! Thank you

    1. Hi Chloe,

      Unfortunately, you will have to wait until you hear back from them regarding your account. You provided them everything they ask for?


  65. Amazon account verify problem. I apply for a new seller account, but I did every steps same as required but still rejected my verification,said cannot be verify, I never under stand. I sent requested about 50 time each time said the same thing even I did every step corrected. I scan color PDF, clean, clear, and every good image nice. but I got denied.
    Can any one help me? Amazon cannot help anything, not customer support, no phone, no real people answer email, just AI machine auto response.
    My perspective opinion about Amazon seller support was a bad one, the company did not provided help with anything. No CSR at this company. I believed Amazon just want to make money but never want to invest support for their seller( customer). I think Amazon is a bad company to deal with.
    Until now. I still cannot be verify correct. Can you help.
    Surin Poommai

  66. Hi Dave, great insights! I have one question. Which bank statement should I provide for verification as a non-US seller, Hyperwallet or local bank?

  67. I am a new seller applying to Handmade and am getting rejected. The pdf I am using as part of the verification x’s out all but the last 4 digits of my bank account number for security reasons. The last 4 digits match what I gave Amazon in full, so it should be verifiable … yet I keep getting rejected and that is the only thing I can find as a possible reason why. What could I do in this case? It is the only acct statement I have for my business (it is both a cc and bank acct stmt as they are tied together). The only thing On my ID is I am scanning in my drivers license and although it looks clear to me, maybe it isn’t to them? Does the scan or pic need to be a specific dpi to be deemed “clear” to them? I pdf’d the scans before sending.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble! They aren’t giving you any reason why it’s not being accepted?

  68. Hello, I am new to this and I created a professional account in amazon seller central. They asked me to attach my passport and bank or credit card statement. I Attached both and they sent me an email that says UNABLE TO VERIFY DOCUMENT in both attachments. I live in Panama, but I am Peruvian and a resident of Panama for 30 years. I think that maybe they did not like how I scanned the passport but also i think that in my passport does not specify that I live in Panama.

    Will I be able to send more documents in the same attachment, if I can make it up to 10 megabytes?

    What additional documents do you recommend adding with my passport? My USA tourist visa, where it say visa was issued in Panama? or my Panama driver’s license or my Panama id?
    I will appreciate your help in this.

    1. Hi Lilian,

      Try sending in a clearer image of your passport. Are you able to contact support to see what the issue is with your information?

  69. Hi Dave,

    great article and information.

    I have a question about AMZ Account set up and verification:
    I live in Singapore but will be operating my Amazon account under a business entity from Ireland with my team there. I will be the sole owner of the business and a director.
    So, when it comes to verification, will it be an issue if the business provides info on the location of the business with office address and utility bill, and I then provide my home address details in Singapore. does this cause any concern or issues for Amazon verification. Can’t seem to get a clear answer anywhere and I want to make sure I have my ducks in a row before I apply so I can avoid lengthy suspensions etc. Many thanks in advance. Jason

    1. Hi Jason,

      I am not 100% sure on that question but I would assume that the address should match what is on the utility bills.

  70. Hello,
    I am verified as an individual seller, do Amazon make another verification when i become a professional seller?

    1. Hi Mohammed! Based on what I’ve been seeing in the Amazon forums, it’s likely that Amazon will ask for additional verification when you switch from an individual seller account to a professional one.

  71. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for this article, it’s very helpful! Just a couple of questions:

    1 – I created an LLC and have an EIN. Would this be enough to cover the federal and state tax ID?

    2 – I’d like to set up my Amazon account under my LLC name, but my utility bills are all listed under my personal name. Will they reject my application because they don’t match (my LLC is not listed anywhere on my utility bills). If so, how can I avoid this?

    Thank you for your help!

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