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My Favorite Amazon Seller Tools

When I started selling on Amazon, all I had to work with was an Excel spreadsheet. Now there are hundreds of apps, services, and Amazon seller tools to help you build a successful Amazon FBA business.

Below is a list of 38 carefully curated Amazon seller tools that I use and love. They’ve helped me boost my Amazon sales over the years; hopefully they’ll do the same for you.

31 Amazon Seller Tools to take your Amazon FBA business to the next level.

Product/Price Research Tools

1) Jungle Scout.

Might as well discuss the elephant in the room first, right? In the close-to-four-years that Jungle Scout has been active, it’s become synonymous with Amazon FBA.

In fact, a recent study showed that nearly 70% of people who searched for “how to sell on Amazon FBA”  immediately followed up the search with “Jungle Scout.” 

That’s because Jungle Scout has everything you need to sell on Amazon FBA. From product research tools to product idea generators, price trackers to automated email services, Jungle Scout has it all!

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn how Jungle Scout can help you get started on your journey to becoming an Amazon FBA seller.

2) Jungle Scout’s FREE Sales Estimator.

If you’re just starting out, or are on the fence about becoming a seller, you can always look into Amazon sales risk-free by trying Jungle Scout’s Sales Estimator.

The estimator is powered by the same data science engine as the other Amazon seller tools in Jungle Scout’s Seller Tools suite. Just enter an Amazon product’s Best Seller Rank (BSR), choose its parent category and marketplace, and the Estimator will tell you the estimated number of units sold in one month.

3) Keepa.

Another cool tool you’ll want to check out is a little free app called Keepa. It’s similar to the Amazon seller tools available through Jungle Scout, in terms of how it works, but there are key differences.

Keepa actually puts a widget right on each Amazon product listing page and gives you information on the product’s historical BSR, average price (used, new, and Amazon’s), lightning deals and other helpful information.

Plus, their main website is a great place to find deals!

So while Keepa isn’t ideal if you’re planning to use the Amazon FBA private label business model, it is useful for arbitrage and wholesale sellers.


CamelCamelCamel is another free Amazon seller research tool that provides users with info regarding product rank and price history.

Like Keepa, this tool works well for arbitrage and wholesale, as it tracks pricing trends, which will help you be competitive once you launch.

Online Shopper Tools

Honey. Even though this one is a little more consumer-facing than other Amazon seller tools, Honey can still help by letting you keep track of price changes. It allows users to compare sellers to find better prices. Plus, like Keepa and CamelCamelCamel, it gives you a detailed analysis of a product’s sales history.

Amazon Extension. Naturally, Amazon has its own set of Amazon seller tools. One such tool is Amazon Assistant for Chrome. It lets you compare products while browsing to find the best deals. This is another tool that’s useful for wholesalers and arbitrage sellers.

Pricescout. Like Honey and the Amazon extension, Pricescout searches for discounted products on Amazon. However, its real strength lies in comparison shopping between Amazon and other sites like Ebay, Target.com, Walmart.com, etc. It’s a great tool for Amazon online arbitrage sellers.

Invisiblehand. InvisibleHand is similar to Pricescout, letting you comparison shop products between Amazon and other online sites. Again, this tool is excellent is you’re using the online arbitrage business model.

Fakespot. If you’re a frequent online shopper, then you probably know that reviews are easily manipulated. That’s where Fakespot comes in. Fakespot uses its data analytics engine to spot phony reviews on popular websites, including Amazon.

Fundraising Tools

Kickstarter. Need help getting people interested in your idea? Or maybe you don’t even have the funds to get started! Fortunately, there’s a solution for that.

Kickstarter, which is a crowdfunding platform, has been around for more than ten years and has helped hundreds of thousands of ideas become a reality. The platform lets you publicize the benefits of your idea and, if people like it, they’re able to buy your product in advance–before it’s even made.

How does that help you? Well, if you’re one of many who don’t have the capital to get started, those advance purchases means you’ll have the money to get your product manufactured.

IndieGogo.An alternative to Kickstarter, IndieGoGo is another crowdfunding platform that lets product designers and project runners generate excitement around their ideas before they are completed and manufactured.

The biggest difference between IndieGogo and Kickstarter is that IndieGogo allows you to keep the funds you raise, even if the project isn’t fully funded. Kickstarter, on the other hand, is all or nothing. It requires you to meet your pre-set goal by the end of the campaign, or you will not receive any of the funds raised.

Funded.Today. Of course, just getting your project up on a crowdfunding platform isn’t enough to make it come to life. You’ll have to market it, too. And if you’re not a copywriter or full stack marketer, that can be difficult.

Good thing there’s Funded.Today! Marketing projects on crowdfunding sites is exactly what they do. And they can help your project, too.

Educational Resources

Seller University. As a prospective Amazon seller, it probably feels like there’s a whole lot that you need to learn before you can jump in and start selling on Amazon. It can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! Jungle Scout Seller University offers over 200 hundred articles, and just as many videos on selling on Amazon. And it’s all completely free. In fact, our YouTube video ‘How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners’ has had over 1,000,000 views alone.

The Amazing Seller Podcast. Scott Voelker, the voice behind the incredibly popular Amazing Seller Podcast, has been an Amazon seller since 2015. With hundreds of free videos on YouTube, Scott has helped thousands of sellers start their own Amazon FBA businesses. And even though he’s got thousands of followers, he still takes plenty of time to answer each and every question that comes his way.

CPC Strategy. For advanced practices and marketing techniques, CPC Strategy offers up amazing articles on how to succeed on Google, Facebook, and especially Amazon FBA. While they do offer paid services (which, frankly, are a steal considering everything you get for the price), all of the informational stuff on their blog is totally free.

Sourcing/Importing Tools

Alibaba. Once you’ve discovered an awesome product you want to sell on Amazon, you’ll need to source your product. One option is Alibaba, which is sort of like the Amazon of China. But it’s so much more than that! It also gives you direct access to thousands of suppliers and manufacturers around the globe. The site has been around as long as Amazon has too, and they vet each and every manufacturer on the site.

Supplier Database. You can either start your search for a manufacturer using Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database, or you can use it to validate your choice of the manufacturer you found on Alibaba. It displays real import data for suppliers who have shipped to the States, and you can even see the names of their customers…that means you can see who your competitors use to make their products!

Flexport. After you make a deal with a supplier, you’ll need a logistics company to help you import your product. Flexport can help you find the best shipping prices, not to mention that they can also help you deal with all the customs, tariffs, and everything else that goes into bringing in products from foreign countries.

Forecastly. Part of the Jungle Scout Seller Tools network, Forecastly helps you keep track of your products as they are being shipped. In addition, Forecastly directly integrates with your Amazon Seller Central account to let you know when you’re running low on inventory, how profitable your products are, and when to put in new orders based on lead times.

Payment Processing Tools

Alibaba Trade Assurance/e-Checking. One of the best ways to pay for your Amazon private label products, Alibaba Trade Assurance/e-Checking is a payment processor that works directly with Alibaba. Trade Assurance/E-Checking is also one of the most inexpensive payment processing tools too, costing a flat rate versus a percentage of each sale. Plus, should you run into an issue with a vendor, Trade Assurance protects you from scams and bad deals.

PayPal. As one of the most accepted online payment processors in the world, PayPal is always a good option when it comes to processing payments for your product. With nearly 20 years under its belt, PayPal insures transactions and protects against fraud. There is a fee for that insurance (as of this writing, the cost is 2.9% of the total transaction plus $0.30), but for the peace of mind that comes with that protection, it’s well worth it.

WorldFirst. If you’re looking for another way of sending money overseas, WorldFirst specializes in international money transfers. According to WorldFirst, they send 1,000,000 wire transfers per year. And according to many review sites, they have high ratings across the board.

Payoneer. Similar to PayPal, Payoneer specializes in global transactions to assist business owners, freelancers, and professionals. Payoneer is available in over 200 countries and has close to four million users as of this writing.

Off-Amazon Brands

Shopify. If you’re ready to take your Amazon products to the next level, then you’ll definitely want to create your own website. Probably the easiest way to do this is to use Shopify, a content management system (that’s a fancy word for easy-to-use website builder) specifically designed to help e-commerce. How easy is Shopify to use? You can have a storefront up and running online in 15 minutes!

WordPress. For more advanced users, especially those who want a little more control of their off-Amazon sites, WordPress is an awesome content management system. Trusted by major websites all over the world, including CNN.com, Sony Music, Variety magazine, TechCrunch, and even Jungle Scout, WordPress can help you reach your business goals.

AppSumo. Once you’ve built a website, you’ll need some awesome tools to help promote it. That’s where AppSumo comes in. Started by one of Facebook’s early engineers, AppSumo creates incredibly useful plugins that easily integrate with both Shopify and WordPress to help you collect email addresses, drive conversions, and boost social media accounts.

Gleam. Another tool that’s quickly become popular over the years, Gleam lets you create “viral” marketing campaigns and contests that encourage your fans and shoppers to share your product in exchange for rewards. A similar marketing strategy was used by the creators of popular men’s shaving brand Harry’s Razors to create a mailing list of 100,000 people in just one week.

Listing Optimization Tools

One Hour Translation. Eventually you might want to expand your Amazon FBA brand into different markets. After all, Amazon has marketplaces on nearly every continent now.

But in order to sell in some of those markets, you’ll need to have your products and landing pages translated. Introducing One Hour Translation! With hundreds qualified freelancers working around the clock, you can have all of your product’s copy and information quickly translated and ready to go.

Jungle Scout Market. Need product photos? What about help optimizing your listing? Maybe you’re not great at copy writing, or perhaps you have questions about accounting. No problem! Jungle Scout Market has you covered. 

Jungle Scout Market is the first peer-to-peer marketplace that connects Amazon-specific freelancers with Amazon sellers. And each and every freelancer on Jungle Scout Market is vetted by our staff.

Splitly. If you ever wonder whether or not you made a mistake with your product’s pricing, or that your title for your listing could generate more sales if you changed it, give A/B testing a try. 

For those of you who have never heard of A/B testing before (also known as split testing), it’s when you experiment with two different scenarios to see which will outperform the other. You can do it by hand, but running a split test that is accurate is time consuming. Why bother doing it yourself when Splitly can do it for you?!

Amazon FBA sellers who perform A/B testing discover thousands of dollars in potentially lost profits when they split test aspects of their listing to see which variation had a higher conversion rate.

PPC and Advertising Tools

Keyword Scout. The easiest way to advertise your listing is by using Amazon’s own internal advertising platform, Amazon PPC. Of course, just having ads running isn’t enough. You will need to find good keywords, too. 

And the best keyword research tool anywhere is Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout. It actually pulls real search data straight from Amazon, letting you see exactly how customers are searching for products like yours. All it takes is a few minutes and you’ll have thousands of high-volume keywords at your disposal.

Launch. When you first launch your private label product on Amazon, it can be difficult to let people know about your product or get those first reviews. That’s why I highly recommend that you use Jungle Scout’s Launch feature to create quick, simple and effective email campaigns and promotions

Not only will Launch help you get your product in front of more shoppers, but it also offers an automated email follow-up service to encourage shopper engagement.

Google Keyword Research. Amazon is probably the best place to start your keyword research, since more than 80% of people shopping online start their searches there.

However, Google is the granddaddy of all search engines, so you can also search for keywords using the Google Keyword PlannerSince Google offers up information on its own keywords, you can see monthly search volume, seasonal trends, and even advertising costs for those keywords. And it’s all free!

Accounting/Profit Tracking Tools

Sales Analytics. Amazon’s business analytics is a useful back end tool for Amazon FBA sellers, but it doesn’t include important things like the cost of your product or any other costs outside of Amazon. And, frankly, it can be a little overwhelming. 

Fortunately, we have a feature called Sales Analytics that takes all of that data and makes it easy to understand. It’s incredibly easy to use, integrates directly into your Amazon Seller Central account, and tracks your Amazon FBA profits.

Selling Your Amazon Business

Empire Flippers. One day you might decide that your Amazon business has grown beyond your ability to manage it. At that point, you’ll have two choices: keep it going and invest in it full-time, or sell it. But how do you sell a business that exists only on Amazon FBA? 

The folks at Empire Flippers can help you do exactly that. They make it easy for you to list your Amazon FBA business and find prospective buyers willing to purchase it at a competitive rate. They help you through the whole process, too, from start to finish.

Flippa. Another marketplace that will help you sell your Amazon FBA business (as well as other types of e-commerce business) is FlippaIt’s been around a little longer than Empire Flippers, so they’ve got a bigger base of buyers and shoppers.

Amazon Seller Tools for Your Phone

Amazon Seller App. Warning! If you download Amazon’s seller app, chances are you’ll become addicted to checking it once every 10 minutes. I know I do! The Amazon seller app lets you see your Amazon orders the moment they come in. You can also check your inventory levels, sales history, seller communications and more. But yeah, you’ll definitely get addicted!

Profit Bandit. If you decide to become an arbitrage seller, then Profit Bandit is probably the most helpful tool you’ll ever use. It actually lets you scan products you find in stores, cross referencing the price in the brick and mortar store with its current price on Amazon. Then, it will tell you how much profit you stand to make if you buy that product in the store and resell it on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

Hopefully, this definitive list of Amazon seller tools will help you, regardless of which stage of the Amazon FBA sales process you’re in: beginner or expert, garage-entrepreneur or enterprise owner.

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