How To Ship Your Amazon Products via Ocean Freight

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ocean freight to amazon warehouses

When I was covering the importing aspect and logistics of bringing my private label product into the United States, there were a lot of questions about the minutiae of how this works. I thought that it would be helpful if I shared some of my own experiences importing, at a high level, and lay out some of my best practices and takeaways from personal experience. I realize that there isn’t a lot of good information about shipping and logistics online, and frankly it is an unsexy PITA (pain in the ankles) so I’m not really surprised.   While I love to dig in and explore Amazon sales trends and data, there is no data if you can’t get your product into the Amazon warehouses. Say hello to our little pesky friend, Logistics! Not my favorite cup of tea, but vitally important….so let’s get in to this!   A few caveats. First: there is a lot involved, more than I can cover in one post, including your freight option (air, ocean, ground, etc), customs brokerage, tax regulations, and documentation galore. This post won’t be fully comprehensive, but perhaps the first of several posts covering this topic. Second, I am writing this from my … Read More

Is Your Private Label Product Actually Profitable?

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Selling private label products on Amazon is a great way to generate thousands of dollars in sales in a scalable and sustainable way. But is it a profitable way to sell online? What are your expenses associated with generating sales? And most importantly, does your topline revenue exceed your expenses, so that you are selling profitably?   If you have been following the launch of Jungle Stix, the private label bamboo marshmallow sticks that Greg has launched, there are various expenses encountered along each step of the way, whether getting sample products, importing your shipments, or advertising and promoting your products. It was easy to get a snapshot of the revenue that has been generated, but a bit more (sobering) work to account for the costs.   We have had many people ask for the spreadsheet calculations that we used in the blog post covering all of our expenses. So to help you get a snapshot of how much you have invested in your FBA business, or just plug in some numbers to run some estimates, we have uploaded a spreadsheet for you to use.   CLICK THIS HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PROFIT MARGIN CALCULATIONS   This is intended to be … Read More

The Breakdown of Selling Private Label Products On Amazon: Jungle Stix Update

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Selling private label products on Amazon requires a good bit of flexibility and reactive decision-making, which is where the true fun is found. When I started this collaborative product launch with you guys, I wanted to share every aspect of launching and selling online with full transparency, which I anticipated would include various challenges along the way, with suppliers, importing, competition on Amazon and more. Until now (can you hear me knocking on wood?), we have had good experiences with our supplier, just a few hiccups importing (our products were caught up at US customs for a few days), and now we’re seeing some increased competition with new sellers in the niche. Bring. It. On!   This is a long post and I tried to be as detailed as possible. Take your time to work through the numbers, and tweet at us with any questions. And please share this article too, I know a lot of people want to see the real numbers behind Amazon private label products. Before we go any further, some high level overview:     Our product went live on Amazon on December 7th . From that date until today, February 3rd, we have sold 471 units … Read More