How To Ship Your Amazon Products via Ocean Freight

Greg MercerImporting & Shipping, Private Label Product Launch, Sourcing35 Comments

ocean freight to amazon warehouses

When I was covering the importing aspect and logistics of bringing my private label product into the United States, there were a lot of questions about the minutiae of how this works. I thought that it would be helpful if I shared some of my own experiences importing, at a high level, and lay out some of my best practices and takeaways from personal experience. I realize that there isn’t a lot of good information about shipping and logistics online, and frankly it is an unsexy PITA (pain in the ankles) so I’m not really surprised.   While I love to dig in and explore Amazon sales trends and data, there is no data if you can’t get your product into the Amazon warehouses. Say hello to our little pesky friend, Logistics! Not my favorite cup of tea, but vitally important….so let’s get in to this!   A few caveats. First: there is a lot involved, more than I can cover in one post, including your freight option (air, ocean, ground, etc), customs brokerage, tax regulations, and documentation galore. This post won’t be fully comprehensive, but perhaps the first of several posts covering this topic. Second, I am writing this from my … Read More