How to Find the Best Amazon FBA Coach for 2022


In college, you take courses taught by experts in a particular field of study. In sports, you’re coached by those who have played the game well and know it best. What makes getting a coach for your Amazon business any different?

The idea of Amazon FBA coaching may give off a negative connotation from YouTube gurus trying to give you the hard sell on a course or spammy ads you see on social media. But when guided by a true expert and educator in the field, coaching can be an effective professional service that helps catapult your FBA business to new levels. 

You don’t need a coach to be a successful seller on Amazon. But if you have the budget, want to skip through the learning process on your own, and achieve success faster, then coaching may be right for you. 

In this article, we’re going to go over:

  • How an Amazon FBA coach can help you
  • What to look for in an Amazon selling coach
  • Tips from the experts here at Jungle Scout
  • Jungle Scout programs and coaching


How can an Amazon FBA coach help with my business?

If you want to be the best or excel at something, why not learn from someone who has years of experience? Hiring a coach for your Amazon business can help you set yourself up for success and avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that new sellers often make. 

Let’s go over how a coach can help you when starting or growing an Amazon FBA business. An experienced coach can guide you through:

Creating an Amazon seller account can be a tedious process for many new sellers. Do you need to have a registered business? Did you need a business bank account? How do you answer all of these interview questions? A coach can help walk you through the process so you can create your account correctly and efficiently. 

  • Product research techniques

One of the biggest challenges for new Amazon sellers is finding the right product to sell. There are so many factors that go into determining whether a product is a viable option. Is there too much competition? Is there enough demand? At what price can you purchase the products? How do you contact a manufacturer? 

A proper Amazon coach will guide you through the product research process to show you best practices and avoid unproductive moves.

For example, many new sellers may think they have found a great product idea because it is popular on Amazon but fail to realize that the niche is way too saturated. They won’t stand out amongst the wide range of competitors, thus losing their investment. 

A coach should guide you in choosing the right product to sell based on the current competition, sales history, and other historical data. 

  • The expansion of your business or product line

Coaches are not just for new sellers. Experienced sellers often set aside a budget to invest in professional coaches to help them stay on top of current trends and strategies and help them further grow their business. Instead of elevating your business alone, you can engage a coach to help you with your next development, such as scaling your operations, extending your product offerings, or diversifying your online presence. 

  • Product sourcing 

Finding the right supplier for your product can be a difficult task. The time difference, the language barriers, the logistics — there’s a lot of obstacles. Coaches can help sellers contact different suppliers, order and analyze samples, negotiate, and ship their products. 

Ordering products from overseas can be intimidating and expensive. Having an expert guide you through this process will save you tons of time, money, and guesswork. 

  • Advertising and marketing

Another challenge sellers face is how to market and advertise their products on Amazon properly. You may have the best product in your niche, but how will customers find it if your listing is not optimized correctly? 

On top of that, a brand new product will likely not show up on the first couple of pages in the search results. Sellers need to utilize Amazon PPC advertising to get their products in front of customers actively searching for their product type. A coach who specializes in Amazon PPC and brand marketing will offer guidance with long-term benefits. 

  • External advertising techniques

A coach can show you how to advertise on Amazon using Sponsored Products ads and how to enhance your efforts with social media marketing and advertising off-Amazon. This strategy will help accelerate the growth of your product sales and even organic ranking in the Amazon search engine. 

  • Amazon Brand Registry 

Once your product begins to sell well on Amazon, creating a trademark and enrolling in Brand Registry is the next step. Brand Registry unlocks many new selling features, including Sponsored Brands ads, Video ads, Amazon Stores, and much more. Coaches can help walk you through the process of obtaining a trademark and applying for Brand Registry. 

  • Amazon’s Terms of Service 

When signing up for a seller account, Amazon expects all sellers to thoroughly read their terms of service before selling on their platform. To no surprise, not many sellers do so. A proper Amazon coach will be well-versed in Amazon’s terms so you can be sure that you don’t break any rules and get your account suspended. 

  • Prevention of costly mistakes

A good Amazon coach will teach you what you should be doing and what you should avoid, preventing you from making critical errors. These mistakes can include investing in the wrong inventory, purchasing too much stock, and overstocking in FBA, resulting in long-term storage fees and much more. Coaches use their own experiences to prevent you from undergoing the same issues. 

  • Deciding which business model to pursue

When selling on Amazon, you can choose from different business models. Depending on the coach, they may teach just a specific business model or help you determine which is best for you. 

Wholesale means you buy in bulk from a brand at wholesale cost and resell on Amazon. You can purchase products from a retail store and resell them on Amazon at a higher price with retail arbitrage. With private label, you can create your own branded products.

Most coaches you find out there will provide training on creating and sourcing your very own branded products with private label. It is the most popular business model on Amazon as it usually comes with the most significant profit margins and is better for long-term growth. You can find a coach for the other business models as well. 

The right Amazon coach will be there for anything you need regarding your Amazon FBA business. Having a coach by your side can help you navigate the ups and downs of selling on Amazon.


What to look for in an Amazon FBA coach

It may seem silly to say, “I am looking for a coach for my online business,” but it is a significant matter, and investing in the wrong coach could cost you thousands of dollars.

Now that you know what a coach can help you with, what should you look for when hiring an Amazon coach? Here are some questions to ask:

Are they an expert in the field, or are they just trying to sell you a program? 

Do some research on the coach before jumping in and investing your hard-earned money. Any reputable Amazon coach will likely have content on various social platforms and may even have others talking about them and referencing their work. Is there proof of their seller experience — and success — on Amazon? 

See how they conduct themselves in other pieces of content online. Do they present themselves as a subject matter expert? Do they offer free, valuable resources such as YouTube videos, a blog, or a public Facebook group? If you can’t find much information on this person, there’s a possibility they could be what is known as a “fake guru”. You can skip this coach candidate and move on. 

Do they have social proof of their credibility?

A person’s reputation is everything. See what other sellers say about a coach through reviews and comments to ensure their services are legitimate. Look on YouTube or search their name followed by “testimonials” on Google and see what the search results yield. 

Be wary of blogs or YouTube videos that are advertisements disguised as positive testimonials. These will often include an affiliate link, meaning the presenter will get a cut for each program they sell. 

Are they genuinely interested in helping other sellers?

Many self-proclaimed “experts” will say and try just about anything to sell unsuspecting people a coaching program. If a coach or Amazon FBA course creator flashes around money, houses, and cars to sell you on a dream, you should probably stay away from them. 

Look at their platform and gauge if their clients’ needs come first. Have they created an outline for their coaching program that makes sense to you as a seller? Do they identify expected outcomes and clear takeaways from their program? Are they transparent about their coaching structure, methods, and strengths? Do they offer follow-up reviews or check-ins after the program is complete? 

Look for coaches or mentors that seem genuinely interested in helping you grow your business and not just interested in taking your money.

Do they offer free resources?

Many ecommerce coaches or mentors will create some kind of free content that is available to everyone. This content can include YouTube videos, Linkedin posts, webinars, Facebook groups, and so on. 

Digest some of their free content and get a feel for how this person teaches. Will they be a good fit for you? Are they engaging? Is the content they provide valuable? Can you take immediate action on the advice they give? 

Free and active Facebook groups run by the coach are typically a good resource. You can see how other group members interact with the coach and other sellers and get an idea of the value they may offer you as your coach.

Instead of jumping right into a program, get to know the person first through their free content before deciding.


Tips from Jungle Scout’s Amazon Experts

Let’s hear from some of the Amazon experts here at Jungle Scout when it comes to searching for an Amazon FBA coach:

Tip: Make sure you get to know the coach and like them before you commit.

“I have talked with many Amazon brand owners who have tried a variety of different Amazon courses and FBA coaches before finding the right one. I always ask what they didn’t like about the other coaches they’ve worked with.

More often than not, the answer is, “I didn’t like their personality,” or “I didn’t like their coaching style.” It was rarely a complaint about the course material. It was a complaint about the person teaching it.”

Eva Hart, Enterprise Ecommerce Expert


Tip: Hire a coach who has experienced true success as an Amazon seller.

“Look for someone with demonstrated experience selling profitably on Amazon. I’d avoid anyone flashy/guru-esque who projects images of massive wealth. Also, work with someone who agrees on a clear exit goal (like a therapist who asks when your treatment will be complete) rather than someone who tries to bill you indefinitely.”

Ed Carlin, Content and Training Specialist


Tip: Work with someone who understands your challenges and goals.

“It’s important to find a coach who still remembers what it’s like getting started selling on Amazon. I usually gravitate towards those who can break down advanced topics into simple terms just as well as they can teach the basics. Someone who understands an area well enough should explain it in a way that even a beginner can grasp. My ideal FBA coach is both thorough and digestible.”

Jake Zaratsian, Scriptwriter & Presenter


When should you invest in an Amazon coach?

As I said earlier, I don’t believe it is 100% necessary to hire a coach to sell on Amazon successfully. There are countless incredible free resources you can take advantage of to learn the basics. 

If you want to skip the learning process and jump right into selling or learn more advanced selling tactics, then a coach is a great option to accelerate your ecommerce growth. Instead of learning everything on your own, a coach will create a personalized experience based on your goals. 

Now, if you have a limited budget and need that money for inventory, I don’t suggest investing in a coaching program just yet. Work on building up your capital and continue learning on your own. 

If you end up being sold into a program by someone who isn’t an Amazon expert, you could lose all of your money. Be very careful in whom you invest.


Jungle Scout Courses and Coaching

If you want to learn the ins and outs of selling on Amazon, Jungle Scout offers many free and premium resources to teach you how to sell products on Amazon properly. 

Freedom Builder Bootcamp

Freedom Builder Bootcamp is Jungle Scout’s premium course coached by CEO and 8-figure Amazon seller, Greg Mercer. It is a 10-module course that totals over 30 hours of video content and covers everything from researching and sourcing a product to launching your product on Amazon. 

Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout Academy is a comprehensive training program designed for you to follow at your own pace and is part of any Jungle Scout subscription. Academy’s on-demand content breaks down the basics with bite-sized tutorials. 

Jungle Scout’s Amazon FBA Competitive Edge Facebook group

The Amazon FBA Competitive Edge Facebook group is an exclusive community for Jungle Scout customers. With over 50,000 members, you will be able to ask questions and learn from more experienced sellers about running your Amazon business. 


 Jungle Scout offers educational webinars and Tool Tip Tuesdays to teach the basics about selling on Amazon and Jungle Scout tools. 


Do your research before investing in an Amazon coach

Hiring an Amazon FBA coach can be intimidating, but conducting your research before investing your money is a good practice. It can help you find the proper guidance for your business and make a coaching program a most worthy investment. We hope this guide showed you the benefits of hiring an Amazon coach and what to look for in a qualified candidate.

Do you have any more questions about Amazon coaching? Let us know in the comments!


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